This person ran a school of oratory rooted in the rhetorical tradition and produced an influential twelve-volume textbook on the subject.
Express wonder with the hand turned slightly upwards and the fingers curled
When Hamlet gives his famous “advice to the players” speech, he tells the actors to do all of the following EXCEPT?
The “Science of Applied Aesthetics” was the name given to the research of this theoretician who sought to describe the positioning and movement of every part of the body, creating an extensive list with a description of the corresponding emotion accompanying each item.
The concept of physical objectives and tactics
According to the lecture, what was Stanislavsky’s most lasting contribution to the craft of acting?
To gain insight into why a character makes specific choices throughout the play.
According to the textbook, why might an actor create a “backstory” from the text of a play?
The Moscow Art Theatre was an excellent place to learn the declamatory style of acting.
Throughout history, actors have been highly regarded as valuable members of society.
His ensemble of characters are flawed human beings struggling for personal happiness
According to the textbook, why was Anton Chekov seen as a pioneer of a new kind of play?
In acting, the best measure of success is that the audience perceives a performance as truthful.
According to the textbook, an actor performing in front of audiences and critics in professional theatre is the ultimate test of the actor’s ability and courage.
Modulating your performance to avoid any excess.
How does the textbook define “decorum” as it pertains to acting?
packed on some weight
In an early scene of Fat Pig, Carter thinks Jeannie has ___________.
offers to get weight reduction surgery
In the final scene of Fat Pig, Helen __________________.
In Fat Pig, in what department is Jeannie’s job?
She enjoyed being around her family on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn.
In Fat Pig, why does Helen say she likes war movies?
In Fat Pig, what city did Tom say the business associates he was dining with were from?
a sumo wrestler
In Fat Pig, Carter describes his mother as ___________.
In the end of Fat Pig, Tom proposes to Helen.
In Fat Pig, what is Helen’s last name?

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