The intent of this research is to place the factors that contribute to the success of international culinary art concern. Factors to be considered in making this sort of concern ; First factor is the customer’s desire for merchandise. The 2nd factor is the placing possible market. The 3rd factor is the research and development. pricing publicity and topographic point of concern. Fourth is the customer’s satisfaction through quality service.

Merchandise is the terminal consequence of the fabrication procedure. to be offered to the market place to fulfill a demand or privation of consumers and is received in exchange for money or some other unit of value. Price is a value that determines what a company will have in exchange for its merchandises. Topographic point an constitution where concern is conducted. goods are made or stored or processed or where services are rendered. many people tend to travel to a eating house in their vicinity. or topographic point that close finishs. Promotional schemes consist of personal merchandising. advertisement. gross revenues publicity. direct selling. and word of oral cavity. Service staff are those who work at a eating house or a saloon attention clients. providing them with nutrient and drink as requested. In any eating house. the lone point of contact that clients have with the company is through the service staff. If you do non choose and develop the right individual for the occupation. it can destroy the customer’s experience. The service staffs are hence entirely responsible to do certain that their clients are happy throughout their visit to the eating house.

Statement of the job
This survey aims to place the success factors for International Cuisine within Marikina City. The survey will seek replies to the undermentioned inquiries: 1. What are the strengths and failings of the International Cuisine Business? 2. What are the chances and menaces to this concern? 3. What selling schemes are used to increase the gross revenues? 4. What are the different sentiments of clients with respects to the strengths and failings of the International Cuisine Business by age and gender? Source – hypertext transfer protocol: //www. investorwords. com

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