Theories Essay There are many important theories that helps us understand why people have certain behaviors. There are five theories that contribute to our life’s and we may not even know about it. Janet Belles explains these theories thoroughly in the book and helps us have a better understanding of them. The first theory is called behaviorism, also known as the blockbuster nurture theory. This theory was B. F skinners belief hat nurture determines the persons behavior.

He believed that feeling and thoughts could not be studied. Babies learn behaviors through rewards and reinforcement. For example, if you tell your child to clean after itself and then reward them with their favorite chocolate, they will most likely continue to behave in this manner. The second theory is the Attachment theory. John Bowl developed the attachment theory. Bowl believed that children need to be very close with a parent or guardian in order for them to have a fulfilling life.

Bowl noticed that when children were separated from their parent’s early in life suffer social problems later in life. The evolutionary psychology theory is next. The belief in this theory is that nature determines how people develop and behave. They look for answers in nature. The next theory is Nature vs… Nurture. This theory centers on the relative contributions of genetic inheritance and environmental factors to human development. Last but not least is Aged Linked theories.

This theory came from Piglet’s Cognitive placement and Erickson Psychological Development.. Piglet’s Cognitive development theory consisted of four stages of intellectual development. Pigged proposed that children’s thinking doesn’t develop completely efficiently. Instead, there are certain points at which thinking “takes off and moves into completely new areas and capabilities. Erickson believed that during each of the eight stages that we faced were different tasks and challenges. These stages happen throughout our life’s and we continue to develop differently.

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The two theories that I can relate to are The Behaviorism theory and the Attachment Theory. Behaviorism is something we see a lot even today. This is a great way to enforce positive reinforcement. With this children tend to behave more and may even make better choices in the future. My little brother is always playing with his toys and likes to leave them in the floor scattered everywhere. When I tell him to pick it up he says later, but if I ask him to pick them up and ill give him gum he quickly does it.

Now I rarely tell him to pick his toys up he does it on his own and sometimes will ask me for gum. For the attachment theory I believe it is very important for a baby to feel the love and attachment of a parent. I believe it makes them feel comfortable. I noticed that baby’s tend to be still when they are surrounded by people they don’t know; but when they are with there parent’s they make lots of noise to get there attention. Although if the parent doesn’t pay attention to them the baby may not feel loved and might end up crying instead of smiling and laughing.


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