There is an increasing trend towards using social media by
tertiary institution students to facilitate their learning process, (Journal of
education and practise, Vol.7, No.3, 2016) We see this trend in the daily
classroom environments, when those students interact in a more social way,
using social media. As a basis of understandings, we see that the introduction
of social media in the classroom, by the introduction of ”Socrative” quizzes
amongst the classroom and the introduction of using What’s App to establish a
group project. We see that social media is changing the landscape of how we
conduct our studies.

As we see, today we are faced with many different tasks, more
specifically those pertaining to the way we learn. First handily Students
academic performance takes important place in teaching and learning process
(Journal of education and practise, Vol.7, No.3, 2016). We see the advantages
and disadvantages of using social media in a study atmosphere. This day and age
we have a phenomenon that there is a considerable public anxiety that social
media distracts from education and reduces social skills. (How social media
changed the world, 2017, page 9). We learned that the major effect that social
media is that, human communication has become more visual without the expense
of verbal and textual modes. (How social media changed the world, 2017, page 151).
There is an anxiety of that social media, along with all recent technological
innovations will bring individualism at the expense of social life. (How social
media changed the world, 2017, page 181). Social media is thought out to be
used as a training aid for students, but as we see it, it hinders their success
not only on a personal level but social. Moreover, In today’s world we see the
students are not giving 100% of their undivided attention to the professor,
those of witch, are more involved in the social welfare of themselves. Rather
then being focused and concentrated with the topic, they are more focused on
their evening plans.




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