There are a few different types of snowboarding, some branch off into park where there are more jumping and rail-based skills, while others tend to lead into off piste snowboarding or open slope boarding. In my opinion the best option is the park because of the vast majority of tricks that can be done each time. For off piste snowboarding, this can be quite dangerous if you do not know the terrain underneath your board. There may be rocks or drops ahead that you may be unaware of, rendering your terrain deadly. Regular slope style boarding is one of the most common due to its open slopes, giving the user a wide-angle view to help them be more alert. This type of snowboarding is a more peaceful type and can definitely help people learn to control the board before they move onto more technical challenges. Some different challenges can consist of moguls, rails, doubles, and all mountain boarding. Moguls challenge the user to test their ability on turning control and accuracy with their hand to eye coordination. Whereas rails, test your ability of balance on a slippery rail that can always go one of two ways. Finally, doubles are always a fun jump to test due the fact of your interpretation on how far the gap is. Some different brands that design snowboarding gear are; Burton, Adidas, K2, and never summer. These are just a few of them as there are many that all branch out into different styles, price ranges and comfort. Some of these brands design their boots with either laces or a twisting retention system. I believe the retention system works the best due to its reliability, and ease of use. Compared to the laces it is far quicker and a lot easier due to the fact you would be wearing gloves most of the time. This retention system works is a small dial that you twist to tighten the sides and tongue of your boot. This twisting retention system is also known as a ‘Boa’. This Boa system uses a wire that is worked around the boot like a normal lace would, except this wire brings a better hold and better comfort than traditional laces.  


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