Taking a step from high school to college is more of a leap. School offers one a life of security, the moment you enter college you will have to take responsibility of yourself. More than the paperwork required you need to be mentally prepared. It Is not all that difficult. All you need to do is be aware of what Is going on around you. Here are 8 things which you need to be aware of before you start applying to your preferred colleges: 1. Know what course you want You should be focused right from the very beginning. Be well aware of the courses hat you are particularly Interested In.

For example, If you are Interested In biology you shouldn’t end up applying In a college which Is good for a political science. If you do this, It will only mess up your academic career right at the very beginning. So. It Is advisable to be clear about what are the courses you actually want to study and start applying to colleges accordingly. 2. Do not waste any time Applying to colleges is a long drawn process. It will take some time to prepare your application letter and start sending them to the colleges of your choice.

So, in such a ease to have a head start you should not waste any time when it comes to writing out and then send in your applications. 3. Do not miss the deadlines Every college has a target deadline set within which the applications have to be sent. Make a note of these dates and send out your applications well before hand. Missing out a deadline is a costly mistake which you cannot afford to make. 4. Take sound advice In case of any doubt or queries Just take advice from others who are competent to help you out. Ask your parents or your career counselor at school in case you find it official to narrow down on a particular area of Interest. . Your test scores are not the only thing that matters Always remember that you will not be Judged solely based on your academic merit. Your extra-curricular activities also will have an Important Impact on your application. So do not forget to mention them In your application letter. 6. Keep the documents ready It Is true that the test scores aren’t the only determinant, you’ll also need to have the documents ready with you. Your application doesn’t hold good without relevant documents. Keep them ready and submit them along with your application as soon .

Money matters No course in any college is free. So have the fee structure prepared and discuss it with your parents. If the figures are particularly daunting yet the college is one of good repute, try really hard for a scholarship. 8. Be prepared Last but not the least, the moment you enter a college your life will be become different from the one that you were accustomed to. So, always have room ready for change in yourself. Keep these 8 pointers handy, they will really help you when you start applying for colleges. Reference: http://multimillionaires. Com

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