Some of the things in my life that I think are act uponing my current self-picture would hold to be: me being in school. it’s doing experience more intelligent and giving me more instruction. my girl holding Ulcerative Colitis is developing my personality. intelligence. my societal. and my endowments as a female parent. besides all the adversities I’ve been confronting from life have made my perspective manner out and beyond what I would see normal for myself. I have been through a batch and I have come a long manner. I’ve ever been told how smart I am and that I can make anything my bosom sets out. My personality has ever been caring. and honest. I am a good hearer and friend. I’ve done what I could make for people around me even if I could hardly make for myself.

My societal accomplishments have ever been great throughout my childhood old ages I’ve ever been popular. people ever take a likening to me. and ever inquire for my advice or they merely open up non even cognizing who I am. I’ve been told that I have that unfastened bosom on my arm. My endowments have ever been poesy. and pulling. and dancing. the three most things I truly do enjoy and adore they have helped me out of some bad times and besides good times. physically I do what I can non so much as when I was younger but I still seek to be really active. I do hold a 14 twelvemonth old I need to maintain up with. and by all agencies I try to maintain her active so she can keep wellness and physical felicity. With all this said my current self-picture is non bad of myself I am happy where I am at and I believe things can merely acquire better from here on out.


I'm Niki!

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