This is something to be aware of when you are working at the Ministry of
Health and where ethical dilemmas could arise. Most of the employees at the
unit of public health and health care have a background in working with
concerning agencies. Working at the Ministry

Rules of conflict of interest apply to all case management and is aimed
at anyone who may in any way affect its outcome. First and foremost, the rules
apply to decision makers and rapporteurs, but also to those involved in the
drafting of a decision, but not in the final decision.

Law concerning conflict of interest of public employees is contained in
section 11 of the Administrative Act and in Chapter 6. 24-27 § municipal law.
The rules refer to when an employee or elected representative is deemed to have
such an interest in a matter that his or her impartiality may be questioned

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6. Ethical
question, connection between theoretical and practical knowledge and reflection


As a member of the European Union, the laws that are
being made will also cover the national law. This means that Sweden has to
adjust their national law to EU law which covers a lot of work at the Ministry.


If a government matter is affecting other ministries then
the ministry need to prepare the matter with the other ministries and
ministers. This is something that surrounds the daily work at the ministry. It
also makes the other ministries aware of what is going on at different units and
that the government offices have been involved in the decision making process.

Joint preparation

The ministry is responsible for a number of government
agencies that carries out activities decided by the Government and the
Parilament. The ministry is responsble for following the work at the agency and
evalute ongoing activities as well as the overall work that the agency is responsible
for. Resources must be utilized is an optimal manner and every year the agency
submit an annual report to the Government containing information about results,
evulation and reports.

Government Agencies

legislation process.
An initiative is always the start off in the legislation process. This initiative
is usually initiated by the government but suggestions could also be made by
the parliament, private citizens, public agencies or by special interest
groups. After an initiative is being proposed, the matter of question has to
analyzed and evaluated. This could be done by officials from the concerned
ministry or a committee. The committee usually consist of expert, public
officials and politicians. After the investigation is made by the committee or
the officials at the ministry the proposal is referred for consideration to
relevant bodies. The bodies could include central government agencies, special interest
groups or other bodies whose activities may be affected by the proposal. The
referral process usually goes on for about three months and provides the
government offices with valuable feedback on the proposal. If a number of
referral bodies respond unfavorably to the recommendation, the government
offices may try to find an alternative solution.  After this period of time, the government
refer the proposal to the Council on Legislation to ensure that it does not
conflict with existing legislation. After feedback from the council the
ministry drafts the bill that will be submitted to the Parliament for approval.

The practical work gathers around four different areas: Joint
preparation, legislation process, government agencies and EU. Even though
public officials work with different issues, they will always touch upon these
areas of work.

5. Practical
public health work


The government sets targets, tasks and resource
allocation for the agency’ activities, but does not consider how the agencies
apply law or make decisions in individual cases. In several areas, the
government also has special agreements with Sweden’s municipalities and county.
Agencies that the Ministry of Health is responsible for include the Public
Health Agency, Medical Product Agency and the National Board of Health and
Welfare etc.

Regeringsformen 7:1


There are also issues and units for coordination and support. The units
for public health and health care as well as other units are preparing matters
before the government makes decisions. This includes work with bills, budget
and governance issues to agencies, as well as development work in the form of
own investigations and inquiries to commissions. The Government Offices and its
main duty is to prepare matters for the Government and to assist the Government
and the minister in their activities REFERENS. The government allocates the
issues between departments. The Prime Minister appoints among Ministers, the
Head over departments.

In the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs there is an expedition
manager and two heads of law who, like the state secretaries, support the
minister with management, planning and coordination of operations. They are
responsible for ensuring that the ministry’s cases are handled according to the
law. In addition, the heads of law are responsible for the drafting of laws and

The state council and state secretaries have a staff of politically-skilled
officers who support the leadership of the political work on substrate,
political assessments, planning and media contact.

The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs has more than 200 employees,
of which about fifteen politically appointed officers. It is one of the
Government Offices ten departments responsible for various issues. Annika
Strandhäll is Minister of Social Affairs. In addition to ministerial councils,
there are state secretaries in the political leadership. These are responsible
for various political areas directly under the ministerial council, and support
the ministers in planning, coordinating and following up the ministry’s

3. Organizational


Lägg till HPV pojkar och
beslutsprocessen mellan SKL och RK

The National Board of Health and Welfare’s report in 2008, which
recommended HPV vaccination for girls, also suggested that at that time there
was no justification for an HPV vaccination program for boys. However, this
position could be reassessed in a better state of knowledge, especially with
regards to the vaccine effect against HPV-related cancer in men and flock immunity.
The effect of vaccination of boys was considered limited, as a very high
vaccination coverage among girls in Sweden could be expected.

The public health agency has the responsibility to investigate and
evaluate vaccination programs in Sweden on regularly basis. It is also their
responsibility to suggest new vaccinations if a vaccination i) efficiently
prevents the spread or reduces the burden of communicable diseases in the
population or in specified groups, ii) is cost effective from a societal
perspective, and, iii) is sustainable from an ethical and humanitarian point of
view. If all of these criteria’s are checked than it should be included in a
national vaccination program according to the Swedish Communicable Diseases Act
(SFS 2004:168). The public health Agency

2. A public health issue

Health care
People must be offered effective, good-quality health and medical care that is
tailored to their needs. This care must be equitable, gender-equal and

Support to children and young people is to be provided to activities
that are conducted based on a child rights perspective. Support may also be
provided to activities that strengthen the international competitiveness of

The objective for central government sport policy are: to give girls and boys,
women and men opportunities to take part in exercise and sport so as to promote
good public health; support a free and independent sports movement; and give
girls and boys, women and men positive experiences of sport as entertainment.

The government is also working on the basis of its long-term objective
to close avoidable health gaps within a generation.

Public Health
The overall objective of public health policy is to create conditions in society
so that the entire population can enjoy good health on equal terms. The
objective of alcohol, narcotics, doping and tobacco policy is a society free
from narcotics and doping, with a reduction in medical harm caused by alcohol
and a reduction in tobacco use. The objective of central and local government
measures as regards gambling addiction is to reduce harmful effects of
excessive gambling.

1. Public health goals
and strategies
The unit I have
been working in, public health and health care, have three goals that they
address in their work.

During my internship, I have taken part in the following tasks below:
– Report on the effects of government policy on gender equality
– Referral of compilation for an EU regulation on clinical trials
– Negotiations with the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions
regarding vaccination.
– Referral to concerned agencies, regions and municipalities regarding a new
vaccination that may be included in the national vaccination program.
– Nominees for Swedish candidates to represent in various committees at the
European Medical Agency
– Guiding of the Medical Product Agency – particularly their work on
– Questions and reply – Replying to other ministries and private people on
their questions, practically questions regarding medicine and vaccination.  
– Introduction course – to be working in the Government Offices.
– Presentation – Due to my work as a nurse I presented the stroke care in
Sweden, our progress and results but also the challenges including the lack of
nurses and equal stroke care among the Swedish population.
– Report for UN regarding preventable maternal morbidity and mortality and
human rights based approach.

I have spent my
internship at the Ministry of Health and Social affairs in Stockholm, Sweden. The
Ministry of Health and Social Affairs is responsible for matters relating to
human welfare. It is about promoting people’s health, but also making sure that
sick people get the treatment that they need. It includes insurance to provide
financial security for those who are sick or elderly, or have young children.
Care for people with social difficulties, with disabilities or older people is
also included. In addition, the Ministry is responsible for work regarding
sport, children’s rights and persons with disabilities, and gender equality.  

Ministry of Health and Social Affairs – Report


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