This is the proverb which I believed the
most and urged me to think higher for my future right from my young age.  Science is a stream which always fascinated
me with its facts, researches and perpetual innovations. Right from my school
days I always enjoyed studying scientific facts, theories and latest
innovations.  Science is the base of all
the rapid growing fields like biotechnology, biochemistry, bioinformatics,
agriculture industry, and so on.  Though
exposed to several biological process, theories, concepts about science the
term which fascinated me the most were DNA, Gene, Chromosomes, and so on
intrigued me a lot. I used to always wonder and question to myself how such a
small unit gene carries all heredity characters and hold formation build and
maintain their cells and pass genetic traits, how specific gene in DNA is
transferred to other organisms or animals ‘ specific gene in DNA. Such
curiosity and desire to learn more about it I decided to pursue my further
education in biotechnology.

Educated from one of the best school, I
was exposed to diverse culture and education that advanced my interest in
Biotechnology. Learning and exploring more and more about biotechnology during
my school helped me a lot to build a concrete base and understanding for my
future education.

Biotechnology is the heart of new and
rapid innovations in each and every field whether it is food production, health
problems, and even other dimensions of human well-being.  For the continuation of my pursuit, I
successfully got admission into B.Sc. in Biotechnology, from Govt. Holkar
Science College from where I graduated with 72.9%.  Driven by desire to learn more I did my
internship in “In-vitro Fertilization: Semen Preparation and Analysis at Asian
Institute of Infertility and Management during my undergraduate program. During
my college course I have been exposed to various fields of study like molecular
biology, microbiology, genetics, cell biology, protein and enzyme synthesis
etc.  Learning and knowing about these
fields during my under graduate program the two areas which tilted my interest
towards them the most were “Genetics” and “Molecular Biology”.

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Having a desire to learn and explore more
about my interest I did my internship at Genome Foundation at Hyderabad under
Dr. Lalji Singh in different areas like Molecular Biology, Cytology, and
Microbiology. Learning and practicing hand on various techniques during this
program like DNA isolation, DNA sequencing, DNA finger printing, MIC, blood
smear preparation, karyotyping, banding and many more helped me to discover my
interest and inspired me to pursue my Graduate program in Human Genetics.

Apart from my curriculum I have very good
leadership and organizational skills. I am also good at team work and
management. I believe that the knowledge I have learnt till now is compact yet
there is much more to learn, relearn and explore. I am confident that M.S in
your University will definitely give me an exposure and wider view to my
learning’s, experiences and also help me attain a milestone in my career.

My search for the best match in all the aspects- objectives, vision,
dreams and passion had ended at your University with
the best of fundamental research in all avenues of Human Genetics.  I
am very fascinated with the research works that are carried out in the
university and as my interest falls in the same line. It will be greatest of
privilege to me if your university provides me the opportunity to carry on my
further education in the university. My main motive is to train myself
thoroughly in M.S program and proceed further to PhD in _________ and create a
difference to science. As a potential individual I am keen on contributing to
the most rapid growing medical field and give my maximum to help our society
overcome genetic diseases. I request you to consider my application favorably
and provide me an opportunity to pursue my higher studies in your esteemed


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