This about how Women’s suffrage changed American history. Women fighting for their rights filled streets. The acts of men and women protesting for women’s rights helped women gain freedom and rights. Women’s suffrage was a remarkable period in America’s history. It was a significant event because it was a turning point for women’s suffrage.  It put the nineteenth amendment to the constitution. The Women’s Rights Movement was bigger than just a short piece of history because it had altered women’s lives for many years and years to come. Housewives didn’t know that one day they would get rights that would changer their rights. Women’s views of the world had changed too. This will show American women before, after and during to tell what was going on.  Women were strong working people and didn’t get any rights. Women believed enough in each other that they had to believe they would make it.   But women had to stand up if they were to get rights.  Women’s right would change the future and generations of family to come. Women would crowd streets and hold up their signs and stood up for what they believe. They would do this every day. A Housewife’s life before the women’s rights movement. Back then females had to play a role. “They were assumed to learn about homemaking but most women got just a grammar education.” (pg9) Housewives never could go outside by themselves without their husbands. The women’s father picked out her husband. Women weren’t allowed to make decisions for herself. Women also couldn’t speak out loud unless spoken too.  The women had to make sure the men were fine because if they were sick how would they get money. Women had to get married if they wanted to sustain a good life and take care of the family. They had to do everything at the house. Women were hard workers and that’s what they could do was work. They had to tend to the garden if they wanted food that night and fed and took care of the animals. They had to prepare the food by hand. They had to clean the whole house and had to wash clothes. Then they would teach the kids.  “The nineteenth amendment was ratified in 1920.” Women had wanted to be able to run for office. Women wanted to be treated like humans or even the guys. They were upset they didn’t get rights before slaves.  They didn’t think it was right.                         Women’s lives during women’s rights movement were about the same.  However, they still had to clean and do all the chores still but, women started standing for themselves. “The  Women’s Suffrage organizations supported the fifteenth amendment.” They were fighting day and night and sometimes the police would be called if things got too out of hand. Women started to give big speeches. Women were letting their voices be heard. Created by Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Another made by Lucy Stone. In Meghan Cooper’s book (The Women’s Suffrage Movement) it says “On July  19th and 20th of 1848 three hundred men and women went to the first women’s convention in Seneca Falls”. The Women’s convention was an enormous success and many people had come down even men stood by the women’s side.  (pg38) But women were receiving the time to go and join others to protest for Women’s freedom. Women wanted to be capable to run for office. So they kept telling and spreading the word till it became a bigger deal than it was.  Eventually, after there were people on every corner with signs about the women’s movement and with time there were, even more, helping out.    People collected in big groups                               Women’s lives after the women’s rights movement were new and different because they were allowed to do more than they use too and could do things that guys could do. They could walk down the streets without a man. “January 8th, 1870 AWSA started publishing Women’s Journal edited by Stone with her husband Henry Blackwell and Mary Livermore.” They didn’t have to do all the work. Women were getting better educations and started learning more stuff that they weren’t allowed before. Women had been Fought years until they knew that it wasn’t for nothing and they won their rights.  They had a lot more freedom and their lives changed just because some hard working ladies said that they had enough of being told what to do because they weren’t a man. When they got their freedom they could hget jobs and do things the men could do. Women also could run for office and that was one main reason for the women’s movement. Women ended up receiving jobs and they could speak for themselves. They could also start making decisions by themselves. But most women right after took care of the kids. It was different so women began seeing these new rights they had clearer.  After women won their rights they could now change the way youthful women think and it also gave them more options for their life path. The women’s rights movement developed women’s lives for many years and years to come. The lives we have now and all the rights women today have been because some women agreed that women had the power to express what they felt and what they thought they should be able to do. Women tried and tried, and kept pushing for women’s rights and it happened. When women’s suffrage laws were established they knew they had done something good Women knew that they were going to be treated more like a human and that women and men should be equal. This changed America to a better country. Then in 1920 women got voting rights.  Women had gotten what they wanted and they had finally one. When women got rights most of them got better educations. Women never gave up to try and gain their rights as humans and people. Women who could only dream of a good education could finally get one and then the dream job they always thought about but never was possible was possible. Most anything that wasn’t possible for them was starting to be possible.  Even after all the conventions, women stayed strong. So, after all the time it took of people outside protesting and conventions women did make women’s rights a thing. Women gained a lot from the experience too. They learned how to do what they want rather of having a man do it for them.


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