I got into the tent that our three man group had just made. It was dirty, uncomfortable, small and very hot.

I was so annoyed. I had to change into some nice clean clothes in a tight space. I had got up after toppling over my sleeping bag. When I got up, I fell backwards and banged my head on one of the poles to keep the tent up. While the pain was going, I saw that my friends were playing football outside on the pitch, I decided to go out and play with them. After twenty minutes of shocking unsportsmanship, my team won. It was about eight o clock when we had our supper, which was spaghetti bolognaise.

We had one hour to play outside in the night with our torches, nearly the whole of our year went outside to play. Many of us got injured because some of us thought it was funny to wear dark clothes so they can’t be seen and rugby tackle other people without letting them having time to react. But I was clever; I stayed clear from them and dodged them whenever they tried to get me.

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I did have a bad moment in it as well, someone had called me and had run into the woods. So I decided to follow him. I was running really fast, and I was pointing my torch light at the person who I was following. But I didn’t look down. I went flying over a tree stump which was up to my knees. My heart started hurting, I was in agony, I couldn’t play any more. I had to go in. But on the way in people were trying to tackle me down. So, in pain, I just punched them in their faces and pushed them away. I went to sit in my tent.

After drinking some coke, I got better so I went outside and continued playing with them, until my form got called in to do a quiz. Everyone was complaining and saying how they couldn’t be bothered, but what we got for the prize was a different matter.

We got asked loads of questions and our group only managed to answer seven questions correctly. The sixth former we had in our group (no other group had a sixth former), answered ninety percent of the questions that we didn’t know, correctly. While we were all praising him, our form teacher, Mr. P said: “Yeh yeh, now do you want to know what the prize is?” We all said yes in a happy mood. He said: “Well you can’t, you don’t even know which team won yet.” So he told us who the winners were: it was my team.

We got given roughly five chocolates from a box of celebrations each. We had six people in our group. There was only a quarter of the box of chocolates left. We all went back to our tents and, as we were the winners, we ‘stuffed’ our mouths with chocolates. What I didn’t like though, was sleeping in the small tent that we had made earlier that day.

Mr. P told us to go to bed, but we had fifteen minutes to do whatever we liked. Some of us went to brush our teeth, some of us played with our torches again. I played with my torch with some other people. Then Mrs. M (S2M’s mean form teacher), blew her loud whistle. Everyone made a rush to get into their tents; I was pushed over quite a few times.

I opened my sleeping bag into the tent(with a struggle),and came back out to let my friends open their sleeping bags. When they opened theirs, we went inside.

We were boiling hot, so one of my friends took his shirt off(I was sleeping in the middle), so I moved a few inches way from him, then we could hear other people complaining about how cold their tent was. While we were trying to figure out how that happened, one of our teachers shouted to us to be quiet and sleep. We all pretended to sleep, then we decided that we really should, sleep.

So one of my friends was trying to sleep. I said quite quietly just loud enough for them to hear, I have some sweets, and my friend shot up as if he was a bouncing ball. So, with great laughter I took out my sweets from under my pillow.

Both of them shot their hands out. I was just sitting there looking hysterically at both them in a ‘what do you think you’re doing you greedy thing’ look. So I counted how many there were and shared them between all of us. After that they both said that they were still hungry so I thumped them both in the stomach. So they both started punching me and then, basically, it was a big wrestling match, until a teacher shouted through their tent telling us to sleep.

So we just tried to sleep. I couldn’t. Neither could my friend. But the other one was snoring away happily, until we threw a pillow at him. We told him to let us sleep before him so we could actually sleep without being awake all night listening to extreme snoring. It was so uncomfortable.

We could hear other tents muttering away and eating sweets(well that’s what I thought because their voices sounded muffled). So I thought that I would just rest my eyes.

Then I heard a bang. I got up and looked out the entrance zip. I saw one of our teachers (Mr. S) shooting rabbits. I woke my friends up. They were complaining about why I woke them up. I told them to shut up, and look outside; we saw Mr. S carrying the rabbit and putting it on a nearby bench.

We just slept again. But this time when I woke up, I saw a face looking at us from the entrance zip . I got up and shouted in a scared manner. I found out that it was actually my fellow student from a nearby tent. After telling him what an idiot he was scaring me like that. I got up and went outside. That had been a bad sleep, I was exhausted.


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