The problem of this situation is of course plagiarism. It’s usual problem between students. From the first point of view I can say that it’s just a life. Every person chooses his own way how to reach the victory. And many businessmen say that the winner is not discussed. I think that all in our world what goes around comes around. On the other hand of course it is not honestly to plagiarism. There are so many reasons why they did that. May be Ben helped Sue with this assignment and then she would help him with something. Or Just they were best friends and they thought that it was only way how to help her.

I do not exactly the reason why they did so. I think if she did not understand the material she should take extra lessons or ask Ben to explain her. Or if she had not got enough time because she had to fly somewhere she should to have a talk with her teacher and explain the situation. We are all people and can understand each other. In Coleridge it is very strictly with the plagiarism. If you do that you will be failed. I think it is better for us. Because we begin to think in our own way, study how to explain our own opinion and know how to argument our own point of view.

So what about the elution and punishment in this situation. As it is Cue’s first time she could have Just a talk with teacher and be given a chance to do this work again by herself but without opportunity to get the highest mark. Ben older than Sue, it meaner that he more experienced . So he must get a stronger punishment. He was the major in the department. May be he must be taken from this position for one semester as minimum. With regards to Bye, he Just helped them. We can conceder it as a complicity. Fortunately, it is not a crime or something like this that’s why a punishment talk or easy social work for some days is enough for him.


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