In Refining Reading and Writing. “Thoughts of Winter” is defined as “Winter is the season that receives most attending from us through our scientific account. our fabulous thoughts and our personal finding. ” ( Santiago. 2008. pp. 82-83 ) . I strongly agree with this statement. In scientific elucidation. winter comes every twelvemonth because of northern hemisphere is twisted off from the Sun. so the universe is equally distributed by the solar radiation. It ever has cold. dark snow everyplace. Second. fabulous ideas make winter so particular. Evaluate to other seasons. there are many good beliefs and memorable myths about winter. Finally. Winter has advantage and disadvantage in our life. It makes us sadden. hebdomad. lazy. and sometimes it occurs skin disease because deficiency of vitamin D could impact in our organic structure. On the other manus. winter has many indoor and out-of-door actions which makes us overjoyed. Harmonizing to the Santiago:

When you think about winter. does it ever come a cool thing in your head? Does the attending of winter shingle somewhat down in your point? In writers parent’s fatherland. the Philippines. winter is a really unusual season compared with what Canadian people understand in here. ( Santiago. 2008. p. 82 ) .

There are many difference between winter in my state ‘Bangladesh’ and Canada. First of all. Bangladesh has a really short winter. but Canada has a really long winter. For illustration. In Bangladesh. winter comes from November to February every twelvemonth whereas in Canada. the coldness of winter starts from September and terminals in April. Bangladesh has no snow. but Canada has batch of snow on everyplace in winter. Second. Bangladesh has many different winter activities than Canada. For case. in Bangladesh. people normally like to see topographic points. make picnic. and weeding ceremonial in winter ; nevertheless. in Canada people like to make skating. skiing. Dog sleighing. Snow Tubing. and they besides like to see indoor topographic points such as Museum and Resorts. Finally. In Bangladesh. there are many traditional nutrient particularly do in winter season. but in Canada. there are non so particular nutrient for winter. For illustration. In Bangladesh. people like to hold assortments bars which we called Pitha. and Plum juice. and fruits that can merely establish in winter season whereas in Canada. people have particular nutrient for Christmas. New Year. and Hollowing party. but non for winter season. In Conclusion. even though Bangladesh and Canada has different winter. the impact is of import for both state.

Winter is the season when Canadian people can take pleasance in their life with natural beauty. indoor. out-of-door activities. and jubilations. Harmonizing to the writer. “Winter has a important impact on our society” ( Santiago. 2008. p. 82 ) . First of all. in winter. people can bask the cool white beauty from outside. For illustration. there is a batch of snow all over that makes the nature bright and attention-getting. In fact. It is the best clip to remain indoors and have pleasance from outside. Second. there are many indoor and out-of-door activities that make people pleased and happy. For case. people can bask their clip with Skiing. snowboarding. and edifice snow adult male. In add-on. it is the clip when people can play with the conditions. Finally. there are many occasions in winter that people like to observe with splendidly. For illustration. Christmas and New twelvemonth are the best jubilation in winter and people ever look frontward these to hold memorable clip. In decision. winter is the season when people can be comfy and do merriment than other seasons.

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Santiago makes a effectual piece of composing that shows how winter season receives most attendings from us through our scientific account. our fabulous and our personal finding. This essay besides can be utile for demoing contrast. In my sentiment. this article is for those people who don’t like winter and ever see the agony and unhappiness about this season. Harmonizing to the author’s position. he wanted to demo us the good things about winter and assist us to cover with it. so winter could be great as other season.


Santiago. Victoria. Ideas of Winter. In G. Dasgupta & A ; J. J. Mei ( Eds. ) Polishing Reading
Writing. ( pp. 82-84 ) . Toronto: Nelson Thomson.


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