Three Goals for My Life Life is the characteristic state or condition of a living organism. That’s one of the definitions we can find in the dictionary. But it is not so simple for humans. We humans apart from being alive, have to study, work and have money if we want to live a good life. In the society in which we live, we cannot Just go through life without any goals. Our future is something that will exist or happen tomorrow. We have to propose goals if we want get a future full of good things.

I have three mall goals for y life. The first one is speak English very well. The second Is finding a Job as a teacher, and the third is visit Cuba. Today, more than ever It Is essential learn the English language. Every day It Is used more In almost all cultures and countries. Practically, It can be said that It Is the language of the world. Its possession cannot be treated as a luxury, but Is an obvious need. Moreover, I think that the people that not dominate the language are In a distinct disadvantage.

It would be as If they were numb or Illiterate. To learn English Is for me an essential goal. I know It will be hard, but good things are not easy to get. Teaching is really a pleasure for me. I was teacher in Cuba for nine years. I started as a teacher when I was sixteen years old. At the same time I studied and I became licensed in elementary education. To teach in this country is another goal I have. The road is long, but when we want something we cannot surrender. Visiting Cuba is a dream, it is a need and it is a goal for me.

The people most important in my life there are there. When I have the chance to visit them you can be sure I will. Having goals in life is what leads us on our way. We have to be focused and think positively. Anything can be achieved. We must never say. “l cannot”. We can do whatever we want. That’s why in first place I’m sure I will learn the English language very well. Second I will be a teacher and third, I will visit Cuba. Those are the three main goals of my life.

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