Settings are given in every novel being of import as it helps the reader understand the narrative better. The scenes in The Great Gatsby are specifically really important as it superbly tantrums with the plot line. The narrative is set in the early 1920s in New York because it focuses on the society of that clip and is peculiarly focused on the factors such as prohibition of intoxicant. the glamor of new York and besides the manner that Tom. Nick Gatsby and daisy all flight from the mid West. a little minded town. and go successful populating the American dream. This is compared to the Valley of ashes. where the lower category lives in battle. What makes the book interesting is that you can acquire a image of these societies doing it so fresh as Fitzgerald describes New York so good. Fitzgerald explores the societal. fiscal. moral backgrounds and uses the scenes in the narrative to spread out on these subjects.

The chief scene of The Great Gatsby is New York City. Long Island where the narrative is based in. The Importance of New York is that it represents glamor. wealth and the societal community. adding to the characters in the book. The narrative would hold non been the same if it weren’t set in New York. as the personal appeal of the metropolis has to be conveyed in the narrative. The American dream for the chief characters is represented in this metropolis as described in this quotation mark. “The City seen from the Queensboro Bridge is ever the metropolis seen for the first clip. in Ti foremost wild promise of all the enigma and beauty in the universe. ” This quotation mark symbolizes how New York is a topographic point where anything can go on. as it is one of the most exciting metropoliss in the universe. The significance of New York is of how the narrative of The Great Gatsby has to be carried out at that place as it is the epicentre of what goes on in the American society associating to concern. economic system and societal community. Furthermore. the metropolis is of import in other ways excessively ; Tom merely interacts with his kept woman in the metropolis. and Gatsby merely sees Meyer Wolfsheim at that place. They both use the metropolis to conceal their goings-on from the people they value on Long Island.

In the narrative. there is a differentiation between West Egg. where Long Island is located. and East Egg on the other side. The people who live in West Egg are considered to be the late developed affluent persons. Furthermore. separated by a long river. on the other side is East Egg where people made of coevalss of wealth live. However. Fitzgerald tells us. in Nicks point of position. straight that East Egg is the wealthier. more elect of the two. Despite all his money. Gatsby lives in West Egg. proposing that he has non been able to finish his transmutation into a member of the societal upper category society. Tom and Daisy are apart of the East Egg society being an illustration of a typical twosome life at that place being overindulged. We learn that Daisy being a female parent is non responsible or mature for her age. She introduces her girl to her friends for a few proceedingss and so claims “ momma wanted to demo you off. ” This shows that Daisy being an East sider has taken a batch for granted. she has a nurse to take attention of the girl alternatively of being a female parent herself. The distance that separates Gatsby from Daisy lies across the span of H2O between their houses – the really distance between West Egg and East Egg. stand foring a barrier between the two lovers.

Valley of ashes shows the less happy side of the American Dream. Wilson despises the American Dream and has fluffed it. fighting as his concern doesn’t work out and his married woman leaves him. The whole country is grubby thought of the Valley of Ashes being one large. Grey world checbk. in contrast to Gatsby’s parties in the more glamourous country. The life of easiness and luxury is contrasted aggressively with the chokehold of poorness incorporating Myrtle and George Wilson or the life from which Jay Gatsby emerged. Furthermore. Myrtle is killed here. doing it a vale of decease. The Valley of ashes is a industrial. waste land which represents the desperation of people who live at that place as shown in the farther quotation mark. “ A antic farm where ashes grow like wheat into ridges and hills and grotesque gardens ; where ashes take the signifiers of houses and chimneys and lifting fume and. eventually. with a surpassing attempt. of ash- gray work forces. who move indistinctly and already crumpling through the powdery air. ” Fitzgerald describes about everything in the Valley of Ashes to be formed by ashes. The definition of ashes is “the remains of something destroyed” typifying that everything over there is of desperation and letdown.

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