Good morning, everyone. My name Is Cackle Lee. I’m very glad today to present to you our design. In this presentation, I’d like to show you the special features and benefits of our design. Also, I’d like to explain how this product will help to promote our company’s business. As you all know, the ready-made gifts in the market cannot satisfy the customers’ needs anymore. So, our company has designed a brand new promotional gift. It can best slut our clients’ needs and lifestyles. This is – a heart rate watch.

First of all, if you look at this paper, you can see that this watch has a function that has never been designed for before – a heart rate monitor. It enables the users to measure their heart rate while doing exercises. Actually. The underlying purpose of this design is to immerse into customers’ daily lives. Let’s imagine that, when you are going to work, you may choose to wear a business watch. Then, how about when you are going to do exercises? Of course a sport watch with useful functions. Besides, It can be a reminder that to remind clients of our company.

And, when they wear our watch while doing exercises, actually, they are promoting our company. Moreover, the watch is very user friendly that it can be switched to heart rate monitor by a little finger press but not a series of complicated operations. Apart from the heart rate monitor, another useful feature is that it can also be switched to a time stopper or a countdown timer. It allows you to record the time or do exercises in a targeted time. It Is also very useful to our clients and fit their needs.

In addition, this watch Is minted with our company logo and a sporty color – indigo blue. It can catch people’s eyes. In other words, it can capture people’s attention and promote our company. All in all, I believe that those features can satisfy our clients’ needs and promote our company effectively. Finally, I’d like to appreciate our company for the trust in the design concept, the clients for their positive feedback on the design, and you all for the support of innovative ideas. Now, I would be pleased to answer any questions you may have about the heart rate watch.

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