Do you believe in engineering? Or do you believe that all innovations of scientists are worthwhile for humanity? Of class. tonss of these innovations are helpful and utile. Besides. some of them have created new periods in yesteryear. They played a large function for coming modernness. However. there are some innovations that seem really effectual but they have brought new jobs for humanity and environment. Particularly. at the beginning of an innovation. people don’t recognize that it will go large job.

Presents. people are taking notice of this sort of things. Nanotechnology is one of these innovations which are needed to be discussed from point to indicate. Today. there are some people who believe that nanotechnology is unsafe ; nevertheless some scientists think that nanotechnology has great benefits because it helps people to contrive new things for the hereafter. Nanotechnology is a immense country which gives chance for other engineerings to make better merchandises. With the benefits of nanotechnology. it will be easy to develop new things.

First of all. I want to explicate a small spot what nanotechnology is. Nanotechnology is taking up the control of affair on a molecular graduated table. It deals with really small constructions which is 100 times smaller. At this graduated table. belongingss of merchandises can be changed. giving one the ability to make new things such as create more precise. cleansing agent. better. stronger and more lasting merchandises. For illustration. today. there are some sort of battery which is produced with nanotechnlogy. much more lasting than earlier.

In add-on. in the hereafter. it will be easy to contrive new merchandises and machines because nanotechnology will play critical function on fabrication. Harmonizing to Angelo ( 2007 ) . “Nanotechnology promises to basically alter the manner stuffs and devices will be produce in the future” ( pp. 256 ) . This can be alter the hereafter wholly. Nanotechnology has contributed so much to progresss in many different countries. Lots of engineerings are affected from new developments in nanotechnology because these developments open a new period for others.

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Medicine is the most of import country which is affected from nanotechnology. Today. there are some diseases which have non any intervention and cause tonss of decease. To exemplify. malignant neoplastic disease is one of these diseases. But with the use of nanotechnology in malignant neoplastic disease interventions. scientists found a manner to handle people. Besides. it looks to be more developments on medical specialty in the hereafter. Another of import country is electronics. Like nanotechnology. electronics is really of import country for new developments. Nanotechnology has contributed so much to electronics. Harmonizing to Miller et Al.

( 2004 ) . Nanotechnology has consequence on the electronic tools and systems and it is acquiring possible to develop on computing machine processing. memory and informations storage and presentation engineering ( pp. 24 ) . With the use of nanotechnology. there are tonss of stuffs which are really little. strong and faster than earlier. The last of import country is textile industry. New developments of nanotechnology besides play critical function on this industry. Today. new fabric merchandises are more lasting to heat. UV beam and chemicals because of the altering the construction of merchandises. In add-on. it seems to be more progress in the hereafter.


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