Tympani Mrs.. Bitch’s Language Arts 9 May 29 2013 The Rise of Hitler and its relation to Jack Why did Hitler rise to power, how did he rise to power, what did he do to gain the power? These are all questions one may ask, along with how it’s related to Lord of the Flies, let alone a character from the story. Although both of these events share many differences, they can relate in a way. Jack rises to power in a somewhat similar way. After both of them already having a backing of followers, they rise to even greater power.

Hitler already had partial backing from his party the NSAP (Unconventionality’s Deutsche Arbitrative / National Socialist German Workers Party / Nazi Party). (Broacher, The German Dictatorship, 91) He rose to the top of two organizations which only further helped in his path to leadership. (Broacher, The German Dictatorship, 108) Soon after he broke into a gathering of high officials, military leaders, and well known economists, waving a pistol around, with armed guards around him, stating that a “national revolution” had begun.

Hitler began to gain power through various acts of pressure or persuasion. He became known as a dictator and his reign was underway, but his reign came to a screeching halt after his death in 1945. Jack, like Hitler, already started out with a backing of followers, his choir boys. (Gilding, Lord of the Flies, 19-21) He was appointed to keep watch over the fire in the group, but went off as a hunter. He was reprimanded and during the midst of the representation he insisted to be leader of the group, took a vote, lost, and ran off onto the Jungle. Gilding, Lord of the Flies, 126-127) He soon created his own tribe and it began to flourish. Some of the boys in the main group went over to Jack due to persuasion, others out of fear. Soon he became a tyrant and his word was law, he even tried to kill one of the other humans on the island. He was a full-out dictator Both Hitler and Jack rose to power and had a strong backing. They reached total control of a group of people and exercised it with force.

They rose from having a dedicated group of people to turning it into a complete war force of people ready to die for one person. Jack was a bit different, but had the same concept, he started out as a leader of choir boys. Whereas Hitler rose through the ranks gradually until he had complete power over his nation. As both characters in both stories, historical and fiction, are different, they share striking similarities between each other. They are both tyrants and had no mercy for any AT tenet volts. In ten Ana

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Hitler oleo anon Nils reign enema, Wendell Jack was rescued from the island along with all the others living on the island. It seems as if Jack is Hitter’s fiction counterpart in this book, but the book leaves Jack alive. One might ponder if Jack was ever sentenced to his crimes, whereas Hitler would have most certainly been executed, if captured. Bibliography Gilding, William. Lord of the Flies. New York: Berkeley Group, 1954. Print. Broacher, Karl D. The German Dictatorship. New York: Peerage, 1970. Print.


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