Tivoli is definitely an innovation to television. It is unique, and solves many consumer problems. It changes consumer behavior towards TV and allows Individuals to be more efficient and flexible In when and how they view. After being on the market a few short years, it has attracted a certain demographic, and has a large reach into the markets. That being said it isn’t the growth that was expected, and there are a few hurtles Tivoli will need to overcome to continue to drive success and growth. The product has the ability to become mainstream and change the way we watch TV.

Tivoli hanged consumer behavior with regards to television in a few different ways. First, It allows for freedom to watch the TV shows when It Is most convenient for the customer. If people are busy and are not at their TV at the time the show airs, and they don’t have someone to record it for them on a VS., then they will miss watching the show. Tivoli allows for freedom to watch shows at your own convenience, and also allows customer to watch favorite programs again and again. Another way that Tivoli changes the consumer behavior is it allows for fast forwarding through commercials ND advertisements.

This Is revolutionary, and allows for consumers to save about 33% of their time watching shows (30-Emanuel programs usually have about 8-10 minutes of commercials). This allows customers to watch more shows, and have more control of their time. Based on the information given on strategicbusinessinsights. Com, early adopters fall into a few different VAL’S categories. They firstly and appropriately will fall into the category of “Innovators”. Individuals who have purchased a Tivoli in the first few years can be classified as Ewing quick to change, and easy to adopt new technologies.

They are change leaders and love trying new products. Explained as people that enjoy the finer things In life, Tivoli customers definitely have one of the most innovative and revolutionary products on the market. Another VAL’S category that Tivoli customers fall into is the “Experiences” category. The website says, “Experiences quickly become enthusiastic about new possibilities” which exactly is what Tivoli is, as a newer product to the market. Having Tivoli is also a fashion trend that shows status.

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Current customers alee all these traits, which Is why they are both Innovators, and experiences. Based on the demographic data provided In the case, there Is a lot known about Tivoli customers. The prototypical Tivoli consumer is generally married, middle-aged, and male between the ages of 25-54 (with a majority of these between the ages of 25 and 44). Income ranges tend to be over ask, and about 75% of the individuals completed college. Interests include technology and sports such as golf and tennis. I fall somewhat Into this age group, as I’m over 25 and male.

Other than that my Interests fifer greatly, I scored very differently on the VAL’S test, and so TIVOLI would not be a product that I would be interested in buying. I think Tivoli has a few great options going forward to continue to drive growth in the market. They will need to overcome some struggles such as increasing demand and lowering perceived risks. Ways they can do this would be to offer free trials to customers, or a satisfaction money back guarantee. Other ideas TIVOLI may have to drive Interest are incentives to buy or refer friends. Using these strategies they will be able to overcome some of the negative


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