History, Future, And Sociological View Of Marijuana. Essay, Research Paper


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To be or non to be: The History, Future, and Sociological View of Marijuana.


Marijuana is a drug that has been around for rather some clip now. It has gone from being legal to turn and smoke to being outlawed and illegal to cultivate. The lone manner person is able to utilize marijuana lawfully is by prescription from a physician. Medicinal Marijuana is now legal in the United States and there are a few people who say it should be legal all together and non merely in medical state of affairss and so there are those whom say it should remain illegal. There are statements on both sides, most Americans would wish to see it legal for medical intents and for nil else, so there are those who would wish to see marijuana legalized for personal usage and as a recreational drug.

To be or non to be: The History, Future, and Sociological View of Marijuana.

Marijuana is a mixture of foliages, stems, and blooming tops of the Indian hemp works Cannabis sativa, smoked or eaten for it s hallucinogenic and pleasure-giving effects ( Encarta 1997 ) . Marijuana was used in cardinal Asia and China every bit early as 3000 BC as a common people medical specialty. Although illegal in most states today, it is still legal to utilize marihuana for medical intents, such as handling glaucoma, cataracts, and easing the hurting of some malignant neoplastic diseases. However, one may non merely smoke marihuana and say that it helps his/her cataracts, there has to be a prescription by a medical physician to formalize the usage. There are some people who believe marihuana should be legal to cultivate personally, as a recreational drug and non merely be used for medical grounds. These protagonists of pot have a few different grounds for legalising it, as do the people who are for maintaining the Torahs the same and merely leting it to be used as medical specialty.

The pattern of smoking marihuana came to the U.S. with Mexican immigrants, who had come north during the 1920 s to work in agribusiness, and it shortly extended to white and black wind instrumentalists ( Musto 1991 ) . With the reaching of the Great Depression during the 1930 s these immigrants became unwelcome, as they were linked with force and with the turning and smoke of marihuana.

The first response to this was to urge acceptance of a unvarying province anti-narcotics jurisprudence, alternatively, the authorities began to revenue enhancement marihuana with the marihuana transportation revenue enhancement of 1937 ( Musto 1991 ) . The measure became jurisprudence, and until the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Act of 1970, marihuana was lawfully controlled through a transportation revenue enhancement for which no casts or licences were available to private citizens ( Musto 1991 ) .

There is no inquiry that marihuana was used during the 1930 s, nevertheless, it was non until Woodstock in the 1960ss that marijuana s image shifted. It is said that marihuana kept the peace at Wooodstock, and is frequently questioned ; what might hold happened if intoxicant was the drug of pick alternatively of marihuanas? A demand for marijuana grew from the 60 s up until 1978, when the favourable attitude towards it reached its extremum. In 1972, the Presidential Commission on Marijuana recommended the decriminalisation of marihuana, this means that it would be legal to possess a little sum for personal usage. The Carter disposal officially advocated legalising marihuana in sums up to an ounce ( Musto 1991 ) .

There are many factors that led to a diminution in favourable attitudes towards marihuanas, three of these are stricter punishments, silence, and hyperbole. At first schools started anti-drug plans to maintain drug usage low, nevertheless, so the schools feared that speaking about the drugs with childs would elicit the childs wonder and do them seek the drugs. Therefore, the soundless intervention was enacted, if you don t talk about it maybe it will travel off, is what people believed

with this signifier of instruction.

To be or non 5

An illustration of hyperbole is an article in the American Journal of Nursing which warned that a marihuana user will all of a sudden turn with homicidal force upon whomever is nearest to him. He will run amok with knife, axe, gun, or anything else that is near at manus, and will kill or maim without ground ( Musto 1991 ) . A end of this unthreatening hyperbole was to depict drugs so detestably that anyone reading or hearing of them would non be tempted to experiment with any of the substances. During the clip of the Depression this was the cheapest and most effectual manner of anti-drug candidacy, alternatively of stating people the truth and allowing them make up one’s mind for themselves whether or non they supported or opposed it.

There are a few things that determine how person is affected by marihuana. These determiners are: the sum of THC ( THC ) in the weed that is smoked, how it is taken, whether the user is taking other drugs, the user s past experience, what the user expects to go on, besides the user itself ( Monroe 1998 ) . THC is the psychotropic ingredient of marihuana that is concentrated in the blossoming tops of the works, and is besides absorbed into the fatty tissues in assorted variety meats including the encephalon. Some people may experience relaxed, high, drunk, or tired from the usage of marihuana. Waffle House employees have likely seen these marks on many of their clients at three-o clock Saturday forenoon when they come in hungry or thirsty as a consequence of the munchies.

Some other effects that come from smoking marihuanas are paranoia, clip seems to go through easy, and users can go captive with ordinary sights, sounds, or gustatory sensations.

To be or non 6

Even fiddling events may look highly interesting or amusing. When such early effects fade after two or three hours users frequently become sleepy ( Monroe 1998 ) . Coming down is the phrase most tobacco users of pot associate with the phase of a high when the user gets sleepy.

One good ground for legalising marihuana is that it is really safer than intoxicant, which is besides a drug, but is legal to purchase. Marijuana is non some manufactured substance put together by geek pharmocologists in a cleft loft, and it hasn t been distilled and set out to age like intoxicant. Alternatively, marijuana is organic to the Earth and grows merely approximately everyplace in nature, merely like maize or wheat ( Mano 19990 ) . Marijuana besides does non do cirrhosis of the liver and ulcers, users do non acquire katzenjammers, nor do they acquire bad breath as they may with intoxicant. Yet, intoxicant is legal, but you can travel to imprison for pot ( Mano 1990 ) . Along with the fringe benefits of marihuana, there are besides a few really minute negative facets associated with it.

Marijuana has non been proven to be physically hooking, intending that when a user is taken away of marihuana he/she will non go ill from non holding it. However, a user can go psychologically addicted to the drug, which means that he/she may believe they need the drug while in all actuality they do non. One

thing that can be really unsafe with purchasing marihuana is a individual may non cognize what they get when they buy weed from a trader they do non cognize. To increase net incomes some traders lace the weed with different drugs, such as LSD, or velocity ( Methedrine ) . Some other negative effects of marihuanas are job with

To be or non 7

Short-run memory loss, deformed perceptual experiences of sights, sounds, clip, and touch, problem with thought, loss of coordination and balance, and increased hazard of anxiousness and panic onslaughts ( Monroe 1998 ) .

There are many different utilizations for marihuana, non merely is it safer than intoxicant, it can besides assist in handling some medical jobs. If you were to look at the negative effects of marihuana mentioned earlier they are some of the same things associated with the usage of intoxicant. However, intoxicant is legal to purchase and imbibe, but weed is non. When people are able to look past all the ballyhoo that the media and grandparents have put on weed we may be able to see marijuana legalized. However, until this happens marihuana will stay illegal and intoxicant will likely stay the drug of pick.



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