Ready? : What A Stupid Question Essay, Research Paper

There is an old proverb that claims it is better to be safe than sorry. Most people populating on planet Earth would hold. The art of readying is a accomplishment every old individual wants the young person of America to possess. Business leaders want their employees to be better prepared. Simple mundane people want to be ready for all sorts of catastrophes that life may hold in shop for them. Person who was seeking to be wise one time said, ? ? Dig the well before you are thirsty? ? . This individual was evidently comparatively smart. Preparation is an indispensable tool for doing life a more positive experience.

First, success could come more easy if adequate work was done beforehand. For illustration, many pupils dislike concluding scrutinies for one ground: the? ? jaming? ? survey method. This method is uneffective, and makes pupils tender and tired. Relationships at all degrees become labored, and everyone is unhappy with everyone else. This state of affairs can easy be avoided with one simple solution. It is readying. If they had reviewed their notes and read their books sporadically, so they would most likely retain all the necessary information to go through any concluding.

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Second, readying can do lives of 1000s more pleasant. Visualize a redbrick edifice that is big plenty for about 1,400 immature grownups. Now, image about 400 excess people. Are at that place any jobs that could lift from this high population denseness? Possibly, there would be troubles switching from room to room. There could be issues with parking, and with that sum of people lunch clip could be spent largely in a line instead than eating. This is mundane life for a pupil at Papillion LaVista High School ; nevertheless, this would non be happening if the citizens of the territory had the foresight for the demand of a new high

school. If they had passed the first bond issue that was proposed, so the lives of pupils, parents, and decision makers would be more pleasant. It is most unfortunate for all parties involved that they have to endure for the effects of a reactive society.

Last, people would hold an overall feeling of security if they were better prepared. The undermentioned narrative will represent how that happens. Once upon a clip there was a immature miss who was 16 old ages old. It had been a few hebdomads since she had received her driver? ? s licence, and she was eager to use the privileges that came with the licence. One twenty-four hours, she became lost while driving. She by chance turned onto the main road in a province of terror. She was terrified because she was lost and had merely been on the main road one time. Our heroine so pulled over to the side of the route a few stat mis subsequently because she had run out of gas. She was lucky that a nice, creepy-looking chap came by and offered her a drive. Unfortunately, it was a drive out of the province. If this miss had been better prepared, she would non hold been in that place. If she had learned the proper drive techniques or had filled her gas armored combat vehicle, so she would non be a jeopardy to herself and the other drivers. If she carried a cell phone with her, so she would hold been safer while on the side of the route.

In decision, being prepared can better the quality of every life on this planet. Peoples could be more successful if they put in a small attempt before catastrophe struck. Relationships would boom. Peoples would non be so dark or tired. The society as a whole could be calmer. Everyone would hold a more pleasant life because they could avoid assorted jobs that could hold occurred otherwise. Preparation radiates a general feeling of security whether it is in driving or any other facet in life.


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