The kitchen POP: until now, Scout thinks that being a girl means you can’t do anything but she realizes that being a girl can involve having positive traits.

She has changed and learned to accept the fact that she is a girl and is okay with it. ‘OFF women in Alabama can’t-“.. . (Page 296) Characters: Jam, Scout, Tactics, MISS Maude Setting: The Finch house POP: Scout seemed to be very surprised when Tactics told her that women can’t serve on a Jury. Soon though, she and Jam realize how amusing a trial would be if women were in the Jury. 3. ” Bootleggers caused enough trouble in the Quarters, but women were worse. (Peg 162) Characters: Scout, Reverend Sykes, Jam, California Setting: Scaloppini’s church, First Purchase African M. E. Church Scout’s POP. People keep telling Scout to act more like a girl, but here she learns that they are more sinful than man. This is confusing for Scout. 4. L know now what he was trying to do, but Tactics was only a man. It takes a woman to do that kind of work. ” (Peg 179) Characters: Scout, Tactics, Jam Setting: Finch House Scout’s POP.

Scout believes it is a woman’s Job to instill good behavior into their children, not a man’s. Analysis: Before, Scout hated being a girl, especially because she always spent time with her brother who always told her not to act like a girl. She also did not have a mother figure to encourage her to act like a girl. Later in the story, she changes by being okay with being a girl. She realizes that being a girl is not always bad, like when she etches California in the kitchen and she realizes that there is skill in being a girl.

Author’s Perspective: Society thinks women are better at some Jobs than others. For example, it is more of a woman’s Job to instill good behavior into their children than a man’s as well as cooking. For men, their Job was to take care of the family, and provide money. The author is trying to challenge the stereotypes of society and trying to say that men and women could switch roles and they could still perform tasks as well as the other. It doesn’t really matter what gender they are.

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