‘Guilty’ finding of fact has been reached in the test of Tom Robinson. A jury of 12 Whites has reached a finding of fact that Tom Robinson. a black male. raped Mayella Ewell. a white adult female. The rendering of this finding of fact has brought to a stopping point a test that has captured the intelligence and stirred the emotions of this town for several months. It someway seems suiting that this test. for a most atrocious offense. began during the winter months when all of nature is dead. and has ended with the beginning of Spring when all of nature seems to come alive. Tom Robinson. a 25 twelvemonth old black male. stood accused of ravishing a 19 twelvemonth old white adult female named Mayella Ewell. The offense took topographic point in November of last twelvemonth. Both the victim and the accused were womb-to-tomb occupants of Maycomb. County and were acquainted. Mr. Robinson was represented by County attorney. Atticus Finch. a well renowned and respected attorney. Highlights of the Trial The Prosecution’s strongest informant was the alleged victim. Mayella Ewell. Ms. Ewell stated under curse that the suspect. Tom Robinson. was in fact the individual who raped her.

However. there were several disagreements in the testimony that she provided under oppugning and transverse scrutiny. The suspects attorney. Atticus Finch. tried to capitalise on the contradictory statements made by Ms. Ewell. He questioned the informant utilizing a assortment of techniques and seemed to have less than unvarying replies to the same inquiries that were asked in a different mode. At times the informant appeared baffled and became defeated and emotional as Mr. Finch continued to seek and raise a sensible uncertainty among the jurymans refering the testimony that was being given by Ms. Ewell. The Defenses’ strongest informant was the accused himself. Tom Robinson. Lawyer Finch called his client to the base and questioned him about the allegations that were being made about him. Mr. Robinson answered his lawyer’s inquiry in what appeared to be a forthright and honest mode. He denied of all time contemplating or perpetrating such a awful offense. Mr. Finch pointed out that the contusions on the left side of her face were consistent with the hurts that would hold been rendered by left handed individual.

He went on to show through logic that this would about decidedly be the instance. His client had a left arm that was rendered useless as the consequence of an accident sustained while working a cotton gin. The strongest defence part of the instance was the shutting statement that was delivered by Atticus Finch. Mr. Finch appealed to the all white jury inquiring them to present finding of fact based on the facts of the instance that were presented instead than on the footing of the race of his client and the race of the victim. He appealed to the jury by saying that they had the power to allow life or to stop the life of his client. This power that they were given comes with a great duty. The jury is responsible to render a finding of fact that is based in fact and non tainted in any manner by race. credo or sex. In this instance. the jury must use the jurisprudence in a colour blind mode. The Verdict and It’s Consequences: For Tom Robinson. the effects of the test and the rendering of the Guilty finding of fact are rather simple and clear.

For the remainder of us nevertheless. the effects are non so clear and simple and they will non be instantly known to us. A major effect is that the race of the suspect and the victim played a major function in the determination. A jury of all Whites convicted a black suspect on grounds that was far from beyond sensible uncertainty. Emotions ran high and although facts and non emotions should hold been the footing for the finding of fact that was surely non the instance. So this test demonstrates that we as people have a long manner to travel in handling all human existences as peers and protect them with the equal application of the Torahs of our land. We must endeavor to use the jurisprudence in the mode that was defined by our forefather’s. all work forces are created equal and the jurisprudence must be applied to all work forces on an equal footing and non on a footing that is related to their race.

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