To Polyphemus today would be like any. He got up to greet the sun and ventured off into the forest in search of food. The days were all but rowdy on the island of the cyclops. All of the cyclops kept to themselves, and no one entered each others’ cave permission. However, it was something about this morning that seemed different. I heard men across the seashore. I stared into the sea to find a large ship approaching. From what I was able to see, I saw about 10 crew members. Although this was strange, I didn’t think much of it. Possibly just a few shipmates lost at sea. When I arrived back home I was furious. I was only able to catch a measly boar and that didn’t satisfy my hunger at all. I had finished rounding up my sheep to head back to the cavern. I believe that I was hearing their voice, except now it was closer.They’re voices, it sounded to be projected, for it seemed much louder. Ten of the shipmates all standing there as if it’s their home. We cyclops have the decency and manners to never enter another’s without consent. What they had just done infuriated me. I exclaimed with anger. Frightened by my presence, 3 men attempt to make an escape. Instead, are greeted by the serrated blades known as my teeth. After that, I had pushed a boulder the size of the moon in front of my only entrance/exit, so this was nobody else could leave. Very abruptly a valiant, posed man approaches me. I watched as the confidence leaves his body and sweat drips down his forehead.”I apologize. We only seek shelter and Xenia, we did not mean to trespass. ” The human explained. “State your name, mortal! ” I roared.”I go by Nobody, and I am the leader of these fine gentlemen” Nobody replied.I responded fiercely, “I am Polyphemus, Son of Poseidon”AS the sun began to go down I was getting tired of all the extraneous work. I’d come to the conclusion that regardless of how these measly humans ma bothers me, they could never inflict actual harm. So, out of the littlest of kindness in my heart, I allow them to stay.  I made sure as I left to place the boulder by the entrance to secure the humans in my cavern and make sure none would try and escape once more while I go take the sheep outside.As I returned, humbly stood Nobody. He was now holding a glass with a red liquid that flowed like water. For in all my years, I have never seen something like this.”I stand at your knees, Polyphemus, in hopes for forgiveness” Nobody pleaded.”This is called wine and it makes you feel just as good as it tastes.”Nobody had kneeled before me and set the bottle by my feet. In the beginning, I was suspicious of this scheme but the id remembered that I was the only one who was strong enough to move the boulder. I snatched the bottle and chugged it down. The way this wonderful beverage had tingled in my mouth and down my throat was something I had never experienced before.The taste, so exquisite, I couldn’t resist.”More!” I demandedNobody had now given me the remainder of the wine. I engulfed all of the wine. I couldn’t help myself. Soon after, I began to feel like I was hit in the head. It became more and more difficult to maintain my balance, also, my vision became distorted. Suddenly I felt like I had fully lost control of my body and new I was no longer able to see properly so I closed my eyes and collapsed. I woke up to a stinging and burning pain in my eye. I was no longer able to open my eye, I had been blinded.I yelled so loud, the gods could hear me. I threw the boulder out of the way and sought help.”Nobody is going to kill me! ” I pleaded with desperationI could feel the sheep were tickling my ankles as their fur would pass me by. At the time I had no idea why the sheep would just begin to leave on their own.I had suspected Nobody had something to do with this, however, I could not confirm this. Quickly after, I heard a cry in the distance.”Polyphemus, you have been defeated by Odysseus, the Dauntless! ” Odysseus shoutedRight then and there, I was filled with so much rage and hate. I called upon my father to seek for his help.”Hear me now, watcher of the sea, dark-haired Poseidon. If I am truly your son, I am calling upon you to help me seek vengeance on Odysseus. Please prevent him from having a safe passage home and kill all of his shipmates” I Begged to the vast ocean


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