To improve the lives of Texans and American families we must concurrently tackle the big issues of our time: inequality and concentration of power, while also building a strong, resilient economy that works for everyone. In Texas and across the nation, inequality is decidedly out of control, with economic (and therefore also political) power becoming ever more concentrated among the wealthiest individuals and corporations. As a first step, we must repeal the new Republican tax law, which intends to create a permanent plutocracy, shunting even more wealth to the top 1 percent of earners and largest corporations, under the bogus theory that trickle-down economics is responsible for broad-based economic growth.  We have only to look at our neighbors in Kansas and Oklahoma to know we can not tax-cut our way to prosperity.But we must do much more than return our tax policy to what it was if we are to ensure our nation’s economy is strong, resilient, and growing with the purpose of putting millions of families on firm economic footing. For generations, American families improved their lives through entrepreneurship, but this is no longer a common avenue for family wealth creation.  Today big businesses and international corporations dominate the marketplace, making it hard for small businesses to succeed. I strongly believe that we must firmly enforce existing antitrust and anti-monopoly laws if we are to bring entrepreneurship rates up from their current 40 year low and ensure that the principle of competition is at the heart of our economic system.  We must ensure consumers aren’t gouged and cheated by faraway corporations in everything from healthcare to telecommunications; distribute more power back to workers and unions; and truly support the independent businesses that are drivers of job creation and community vibrancy. Confronting the incredible power today’s monopolies have amassed is also important to achieving critical working and middle class victories including living wages, safer working conditions, the right to collective bargaining, and family-friendly policies like affordable child care and paid leave, among many others.Both our economy and moral standing as a nation will be stronger when we reduce barriers that keep so many Americans from the opportunity to reach their full potential.  Unleashing the full talent of all Americans will require investing in people.  For example, we must ensure equal pay for equal work, make quality education accessible to all, invest in job training and apprenticeship programs, and secure full political inclusion. To build a strong, resilient economy we must also invest in our physical infrastructure while making prudent use of our natural resources to ensure they remain ongoing sources of wealth for decades to come.  From transportation and broadband to water and clean energy systems, investments in 21st century infrastructure can create job opportunities for American families and raise wages, while fueling economic growth for decades to come. I would support a jobs bill focused on infrastructure and clean energy investments to spur job creation and economic development across all sectors, that maintains public control of public infrastructure and prioritizes investment in the places that need it most.If elected, I will be a leading voice for tackling inequality, reducing the level of corporate monopoly control over our economy, our communities, and families, while also fighting for more immediate policies that ensure our economic growth is rooted in helping to open up opportunity for all.   


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