To what extent can David Cameron be considered a New Right Leader? New right are a group of Conservatives where positions diverge from those of traditional conservativists. New right came celebrated under the regulation of Margaret Thatcher who was Prime Minister from 1979-1990 and they are known for holding really right-winged policies. To me. David Cameron is a New Right leader and in this essay there will be grounds on why I personally believe that David Cameron is really a New Right leader The Conservative Party has ever been Eurosceptic. most conservativists ( non all of the members though ) are leery of the power and activities of the European Union. Britain pumps into the EU more money than we get out of it and it does non profit us whatsoever. As a consequence of this belief. one of Britain’s functionary policies is non to fall in the Euro currency and it remains being the lone state in the European Union that has the Great British Pound ( the merely state in the universe to be exact ) . This links to the New Right as because the UK is puts so much money into the EU. it is non good whatsoever and does non function in UK’s best involvement. This is Economic nationalism which falls under neo-conservatism which is one of the two parts of the New Right.

Due to the crisis with the Eurozone. most conservatives’ beliefs about non fall ining the EU have been reinforced. Iain Duncan Smith – the Works & A ; Pensions Secretary and a former leader of the party decided to cut benefits and besides has introduced the “Welfare Reform Bill” which has made it harder for any individual household to claim a certain sum of Benefits. Iain Duncan Smith said that the current payment of benefits is back uping “dysfunctional behaviour” . and for some households the impression of taking a occupation is a ‘mug’s game’ . Due to the benefits some people receive they do non do an attempt to happen a occupation and work and this is doing an addition in the dependence civilization ( a civilization where the kids will see their parents populating off benefits and will make the same when they reach maturity. this is one of the things that the new right tried to decreased ) .

There are about 1-in-5 families where no-one plants and as more households claim for benefits. it costs the revenue enhancement remunerator ?9 billion a twelvemonth. It was after the 2010 election that the conservativists restored its onslaught on the turning dependence civilization. This links to the New Right. more specifically neo-liberalism which is another set of rules in New Right. New Right have ever believed that the degrees of public assistance province benefits were excessively high and because of that people were going excessively dependent on benefits and had no programs to happen work – something Iain Duncan Smith besides said. They believed that benefits were seen as a manner for the unemployed to brace themselves whilst looking for work. nevertheless non as a manner to populate and fall under the lower class. The Conservatives as of now and back in the Thatcher epoch portion the same positions on the dependence civilization in the UK. When it comes to low revenue enhancement. the conservativists have ever been for decreased revenue enhancement so it was non a surprise to see that the top rate revenue enhancement ( which is revenue enhancement paid by the really extremely paid ) was reduced from 50 % to 45 % . Besides with force per unit area from the Conservatives’ spouse in the alliance authorities – Liberal Democrats have besides decided that people who earn less than ?10. 000 a twelvemonth do non hold to pay revenue enhancement at all.

However there have been uncertainties if this revenue enhancement cut has made a difference anyhow. grounds for this being that the bulk of the UK earn more than ?10k a twelvemonth and it is merely a really little group of citizens that do non gain over ?10k in a twelvemonth. This links to the New Right because during the clip that Thatcher was in power they quickly reduced income revenue enhancement and merely like what the conservative party have done late since being elected have reduced top rate revenue enhancement from 83 % to 60 % and by the terminal of the 1980s it was 40 % . It is clear that when it comes to cut down revenue enhancement both Cameron and Thatcher shared the same traditional conservative belief. On the other manus there are some points that do province otherwise from my sentiment. Law and Order is one of the points and Cameron’s attack to this is really different from what Thatcher would make. Cameron proposed a more ‘softer’ and more broad attack to offense particularly juvenile offense. less rough sentences being one illustration of these attacks.

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The ill-famed ‘hug a hoodie’ address were Cameron spoke about being less harsh on immature wrongdoers and be more tough on the causes of the offense and on the societal influences and causes which might drive the striplings into perpetrating offense. With the New Right they believe that offense and upset is a affair of “personal responsibility” that if they did it there is no ‘social cause’ and they did it because they are felons who need to be punished for the offense they have committed. Unlike Cameron New Right are much more autocratic and harsher when it comes to sentences. However due to the 2011 public violences. Cameron’s proposed program of being less harsh was scrapped and replaced with more rough attacks – longer prison sentences.

Cameron before he was elected had really one-nation positions when it came to offense. nevertheless every bit shortly as he got into power and was faced with the public violences he scrapped his original program and has become more autocratic merely like Thatcher was. This may propose that possibly Cameron was seeking to demo the British populace that he was non like Thatcher and that he ‘is a one state leader’ . merely to recover the popularity that the Conservatives lost after the landslide win by the Labour party in 1997. when in world he is merely a new right leader. The environment has ne’er been the most of import precedence to the Tories. nevertheless with Cameron it has become the highest precedence. Cameron proposed more environmental policies than other political parties and besides tougher 1s excessively. some of these policies being: whilst in authorities the conservativists will put ?110 million to reconstruct England’s rivers & A ; besides puting half a billion lbs in rural broadband by 2015. The Conservatives changed their logo from a torch which was introduced by Thatcher. to a crayon drawn tree. This might propose to alter the conservativists want to take the bad ‘nasty’ image that the general public assume they are start fresh and demo them that they are different from the Conservatives in the eightiess. Besides unlike the New Right that is wholly against State Intervention. the Conservative party believe that these current environmental jobs need to hold the province intervening as it won’t fix themselves.

The New Right do believe that the environment is of import ; nevertheless it is non the chief precedence to them unlike the economic system for illustration ( which at that clip was fighting ) whereas with Cameron it is the figure one precedence ( though this precedence might hold changed due to the recession ) . The New Right besides believed that environmental jobs have a solution which is engineering that would be harmful to the environment and alternatively of taking the job it would adding onto the job. Even though Cameron has said the environment was the chief precedence. he has non done anything major sing the environment since being in power. Besides some of the policies that have been put into topographic point might be good nevertheless the costs for making these policies are excessively high and besides since the UK is in a recession where would this come from? Despite the London Mayor. Boris Johnson non in favor of the 3rd track at Heathrow Airport Cameron on the other manus – is. as it would convey more tourers into the state intending more money for the economic system.

Even though this is highly bad for the environment Cameron is in favor because of the hereafter investing something the New Right would be in favor for aswell. My sentiment still stands that David Cameron is a new right leader. although he ‘may’ hold had some one-nation policies they all of sudden changed into policies that the New Right would make every bit shortly as the conservativists got into power. Even though there have been some alterations to the conservative party ( the party has now got adult females. homosexual and cultural minorities members and MP intending they have become more inclusive to different minority groups ) and they are non every bit ‘nasty’ as they were seen before it is more converting that they are non precisely every bit new as the general public might believe.


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