TO: Human Resource managersFrom: Rosemary Galipalli  Date: January 29, 2018RE: How help managers who are stuck in their jobs or feel underutilized. Baby boomers have a very experienced background in their jobs and have ascended their professional ladders to diverse management positions. The job market is engaging young adults into the management positions based on current global trends. A lot of businesses and operations find younger managers, ranging in their 40s and 50s as good resources in management, following their dynamicity. The groups are casually replacing baby boomers that are mainly in their 60’s.  Baby boomers are great assets in cases where employees have less family responsibilities are required. They have more flexibility and can work aboard. Baby boomers feel underutilized towards their retirement (The Wall Street Journal, 2013). This article views the challenges of employing the ageing employees against the younger employees, and suggests the best way to deal with the issue.Challenges• Baby boomers feel that their full potential is not being taken serious. After many years of excelling in their jobs, they feel their experience should be used to its full potential, but they feel underutilized. • There is a lot of competition in management positions.  There are not many baby boomers in management position, but those positions are for young and dynamic managers. • Companies feel motivating all their employees is a huge challenge. The feel the best way to motivate is by giving a promotion in management. Younger employees are eagerly looking management opportunities, but the baby boomers are stuck in the seats. • Having too much experience is an issue. Since the baby boomers have completed their work for many years, they feel that they can take on all the responsivities. They have failure to assign some duties to the younger employees. The result of this is a work load and underutilization of the rest of the employees.• Lack of promotions is another challenge. Although baby boomers are experienced, companies feel it is difficult to offer them promotions based off the current requirement of dynamicity in the world. Finally, dullness leaves them feeling bored in their work. A person who has done one things for many years may have the urge to want to move somewhere else to seek out new challenges and a change of scenery. Relocating baby boomers to new jobs is a challenge, since they don’t seem as long term placements (The Wall Street Journal, 2013).RecommendationsI think Baby boomers should be provided duties that demand employees with fewer responsibilities. At this age, most of them are done raising and having family responsibilities. They can should be able to leave their country for other countries with ease, no difficulties of carrying/leaving their family behind. Traveling can bring up new challenges. Baby boomers should not reside too much in their specialization and promotions. They should consider taking their talents and do things they feel comfortable doing. They may feel underutilized, because they have too much focus on their work and work-related issues. This can reduce the feeling of job dullness and feeling stuck. Finally, companies should hold seminars to talk to their employees and help each one of them understand that there are limited vacancies of promotion, and they all deserve considerations. They should insinuate that the company need the experienced employees as well as fresh-blood managers, and if promotions opportunities are limited, everyone is appreciated. The best performers should be given other incentives other than job promotions. 


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