Today is the day we need to do an
interview. We sit outside with nervous mind and nervousness. Also last week, I
had a meeting with Ajarn Andrew to prepare for the interview.

Last week, when I met Ajarn Andrew and
Ajarn Christos to discuss my academic problems. I have learned a lot from
myself. First of all, because I was so silent in the classroom that it was my
big fault. When I do not have a problem with a lesson that I do not understand,
I did not ask him to go home and find the material myself, but sometimes things
are not really right on the Internet or very difficult to get. understandable.
At the same time, finding material in my native language does not help me
improve English, but only makes me more dependent on it. The second thing that
I need to change in myself is that I have to be optimistic and laugh more. I am
a very rarely smile unless I play with my friends. In study and work, I am
quiet, and because of being quiet, I rarely have. You pointed out exactly what
many people have encountered before, including myself. I also realize that if
you work in a restaurant-hotel environment or in any service industry, we
always have to smile with our guests so that we can give our customers the
feeling of comfort. and as fun as possible. I’m still practicing and completing
it. The third thing is that I always bundle myself into a certain block. So I
can’t release my thoughts and do not create new things, but just follow a
certain standard. The next thing is the confidence. I lacked extreme
self-confidence, because lack of self-confidence led me to be shy about others,
and also led to the fact that I could not talk to the crowd because I was too

At the beginning of the class, he
would read the name of the teacher who would interview us, and I hoped he would
not be the teacher because he was the one who helped me prepare for the
interview. How to answer question 1 correctly, my attitude will have to be
like. He always reminded me that I have to laugh, smile and smile. Because it
would be good if I went to an interview somewhere else, not a school. At the
same time, I have to make difficult questions become easy to answer correctly
but equally logical. I need to give a simple answer. To keep things simple, I
can do well. He also reminded me to bring notes so that I could ask questions
that should be asked to the interviewer. After Ajarn Christos read my name in
the group of Ajarn Andrew and the truth is I prayed that I would not be in his
group, but the truth is that I was in the group. I am more anxious when I am
worried that I will disappoint you.

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It is probably the hardest thing in my
life to keep my mind relaxed and smiling. I do not know the exact reason
because I’m a quiet person, but for me, smiling all the time is extremely
difficult. People often tell me to laugh more but I can’t do it. Before the
2-day interview, I read all the information and answers that I wrote down.
Exercise with friends to add confidence. Before starting the interview, I also
had interview experience in many places. I do not know if this helps me or not.
Because the interviews were not related to the restaurant-hotel industry, it
was done when I was in Vietnam. Even so, I have some self-confidence. I just
want to try my best to finish well, get good grades and pass this exam. Because
if I could not pass the interview, I would have missed the subject and had to
repeat it. This is something that no one wants, including our teacher.

Today was a great challenge for me in
the past 22 years. We sat down together and discussed the hotel’s information.
Everyone is worried and afraid that they will make mistakes will be hit the
slider for the interview. Sitting outside the waiting room with his friends,
this person in, the other out with uncomfortable face and a little
disappointment appear on their face. When I talked with them, I realized that
this was a difficult challenge in this term. There were some people who looked
disappointed, but some people came out with a confident expression. They really
did a great job doing this.

Entering the interview room, I suddenly
realized a mistake can’t be made. I forgot to bring my note. In the interview,
I answered most questions but he did not accept my answer. My answer is almost
entirely wrong, unlike my thoughts. I thought that I would get a good score
because I could answer the question, laugh, and do everything I could, but in
return for hope I was wrong. My interview did not meet the teacher’s
requirements and I got a low score. This is a lesson that I have to take and
draw experience to if there are but next time, I need to prepare better and
more. Maybe it was because I was so nervous that it affected the interview. I
went out with disappointment about myself. I went out with disappointment about
myself. I lacked the confidence I needed, and the fact that I disappointed
Ajarn Andrew.

Having reached this stage, we have
worked hard to make everything possible. Some people will be paid off, but some
will not. For a time, I realized that no matter how much preparation, if not
practice well, or lack of confidence inherent. Everything will disappear, even
the opportunity to express yourself won’t be difficult. I learned a lot from
this semester. I will continue to try to break through this semester.



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