However this models are not always correct, and because people get more and more depended on them on day or another the model will not work and full process of work might fail Just because of dependence on the models. There are two examples of the models: law demand in economics, and geographic maps in geography. Maps are being used in a lot of different ways, people use them to get from one place to another, to understand where they are, and what way they have to move during the trips. Soldiers use maps, geographies use maps. However are they so useful? If they are then why?

Maps is a smaller version of a place, maps can represent give and idea of how city, country or continent might look like, there are also maps such as globe that represent the full world: There is a map of Uzbekistan, globe of the world and map of Taken. Map of Uzbekistan shows the shape of the county, it also represents where cities are placed, by looking at the text (names of the cities (names of some cities are written different to another (larger))) it is clear that some cities are more popular then another, larger, and Taken if the largest there that represents that Taken is a capital city.

So his map is useful for people to know where cities are placed, which city larger or smaller. That might help to understand how far one city from another is. On the globe it’s a larger picture of the world, it represents counties, continents, oceans. By looking at the globe it is easy to find out that shapes of the continents, which continent is closer to another, it also shows the counties on this continents, so by looking at this it is easy to find out which how close one country to another, how big are the counties. And the last one is the map of particular place for example Taken. On the map above Taken is a map of the city.

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It shows some names of a big streets, shows some of the main places such as airport. However all of this maps are not so perfect, it is Just a rough idea, and by looking at this maps we can only see shapes, rough distances, or main places. This maps cannot help to get from Taken to Samaritan as well as globe cannot help to get from Uzbekistan to Russia and even the map that only represents one particular area cannot help to get from airport to the TV tower. All this maps can give a direction in which people who use maps should move, but there are not as many details included to get from one place to another.

In order to make that more useful maps must have a lot more details, but in order for that to happen, maps should be a lot more bigger and if those people will not be able to carry them around. Law of demand states that as the price for particular product decreases, the demand for this product will increase. It is true people don’t want to spend a lot of money for the product that they can get for a lower price. According to the graph above as the company decided to decrease prices the demand for the product has increased. Just EH. 30 have increase the quantity demand for the product by over 325.

This might work, only if there are some substitute products, for example if McDonald’s and Burger King will have the same price for the hamburger, then people will not care about the price and will go after both of them, however if one will decrease the price then people will start going more to the other one and demand will increase for this particular firm. But this is only a theory people’s behavior cannot be predicted, if they got used for McDonald’s hamburgers they still might be going to the same McDonald’s without caring about the price because they are loyal to this firm and their products.


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