Oracle Sun Takeover Essay Example #3066

Oracle/Sun Takeover Strategic Corporate Finance FIN 501 June 06, 2010 Oracle/Sun Takeover The database software giant Oracle Corp. (Oracle CP-Analysis Report) announced the completion of its pending acquisition of Sun Microsystems Inc. , a provider of enterprise computing systems, software and services, for $7. 4 billion ($9. 50 a share) or $5. 6 billion net…

Human Resource Management and Employee Retainment Essay Example #10426

Determining success based on the level of post purchase retention and the integration of eely acquired personnel and intellectual capital. Cisco looks whether there is compatibility in terms of long term goals of the organization work culture and geographical proximity. 1. Q. Investigate the approach that Cisco Systems has used in its many successful acquisitions.…

Learnings from Sun Tzu Strategy (Art of War) Essay Example #3858

1. Go strategy * The example that I have selected for the Go strategy is that of Wipro Technologies. Instead of focusing and diminishing competition, Wipro launched into a new vertical. Thus, it expanded its horizons and followed the goal strategy. * WIPRO is one of the largest IT services companies in India. Established in…


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