the capital of Russia is one of the universe & # 8217 ; s great metropoliss. Its name was foremost mentioned in histories in 1147. Since that clip M. has played an of import function in R-an history. Today M. isn & # 8217 ; t merely the political centre of R. but besides the contry & # 8217 ; s taking metropolis in population, industry & A ; in cultural importrance. M. stands on the M.R. in the centre of the huge field of E.R. The clime of M. is Continental. Winters are long & A ; dark with a batch of snow. Spring is instead short & A ; the temperature rises rapidly during late April. Summers are warm & A ; July is the warmest month. Rainy yearss are quite common but the summer rainfall frequently comes in heavy showers & A ; electrical storms. Autumn like spring is brief with quickly falling temp-s. M. is the largest industrial centre of R. The most of import industries are those bring forthing cars & A ; trucks, machine tools, wireless & A ; Television sets. M. workss & A ; mills besides produce nutrient, furniture, apparels & A ; footwear. The most of import component in M & # 8217 ; s metropolis conveyance is the metro metro. The system was begun in 1935 & A ; is still developing. M. has numerouse theaters headed by the B. theater. I know such theaters as the M. art theater, the province cardinal marionette theater & A ; the M. province circus. M. has some museums & A ; art galleries of international rank. Among them are the province Pushkin museum of all right humanistic disciplines & A ; the province Tretyakov Gallery with an exellent aggregation of R.paintings.


The UK of Great Britain & A ; Northen Island with an country of some 244sq. stat mis is situated on the British Isles, which are separated from the European continent by the North Sea, the Strait of Dover & A ; the English Channel. Britain & # 8217 ; s population is over 56 million people. The district of Gr. Britain is little. Yet the state has a broad assortment of scenery. The capital of Gr. Britain London stands on the Thames which flows into the North Sea. The Thames is the deepest & A ; the most of import river in Gr. Britain but isn & # 8217 ; t really long. The Severn, which flows into the Irish Sea, is the longest British river. The clime of Gr. Britain is mild. The Atlantic Ocean & A ; the warm Waterss of the Gulf-Stream affects the conditions of the British Isles. The summers are normally cool rainy. There is much rain & A ; fog in fall & A ; in winter. The bosom of Britain is England. It is the richest & A ; most populated in the state. The north & A ; the E. are cragged, but all the remainder of the district is a huge field. In northwest Tocopherol there are many beautiful lakes called Lake District. The smallest of Britain & # 8217 ; s states is Wales. The big portion of Wales is covered with bouldery mountains, which are hard to mount. Scotland is a land of mountains, wild moorlands, narrow vale & A ; fields, celebrated lakes & A ; no terminal of big & A ; little islands of the seashore. The Highlandss of Scotland are among the oldest mountains in the universe. The UK is a monarchy the caput of the province is a male monarch or a queen. In fact the sovrin rings, but doesn & # 8217 ; t regulation. The UK is governed by the Government. Parliament consists of 2 houses & # 8211 ; The House of Lords & A ; the House of Commons. The members of the House of Commons are election every 5 old ages. The House of Commons is really of import because it makes Torahs. The members of The House of Lords are lasting. The House of Lords can cancel & amp ; alteration Torahs.


The capital of Gr. Britain is London. It is an ancient metropolis many centures old. L. was built by the Romans many old ages ago. They built a town on the river Thames. The name of the town was Londinium. In Roman times it was a little town. In 1666 there was the Great Fire of L. After that people built a new metropolis. About 9 million people live in L. It is the place of authorities of the whole state. It is besides the centre of British cultural life & A ; celebrated for its topographic points of involvement. Trafalgar Square is a good starting point for any circuit of L. In the center of the square is Nelson & # 8217 ; s column. This square is the topographic point for all kinds of meetings & A ; presentations. On the north side of the square are the National Gallery & A ; the National Portrait Gallery. In the corner of Tr. Sq. stands the old & A ; well-known church of St. Martin-the-Fields. The most of import parts of L. are the City, the East End, the West End & A ; Westminster. One of the most beautiful sights in L. is Westminster Abbey. It is an outstanding illustration of mediaeval architecture. Many English male monarchs & A ; Queenss are buried at that place. In the south side is the Poets & # 8217 ; Corner where many of the greatest Eng. Writers & A ; scientists are buried. There are many memorials of great work forces here. Across the route from Westminster Abbey is Westminster Palace the place of British parliament. At one terminal of the castle is Clock tower with the largest clock called Big Ben in it & amp ; at the other terminal & # 8211 ; the Victoria Tower. The oldest portion of L. is called the City, it isn & # 8217 ; t really big but it is really of import, its fiscal & A ; concern centre. 2 chef-d’oeuvres are situated within the City: St. Paul Cathedral & A ; the Tower of L. The East End is the poorest portion & A ; an industrial territory of L. There are many mills & A ; big riverbank docks at that place with the port of L. The West End is the richest & A ; most beautiful portion of L. It is situated between the City & A ; Hyde Park of L. The West End is a symbol of wealth & A ; luxury.


The topographic point where you live in is really of import because if you have a comfy level or a house to your gustatory sensation you can loosen up there & A ; bury about your problems, sitting in a worm cozy armchair with a cup of tea or java. Some people have a house others have flats. I would wish to populate in a house. There & # 8217 ; re 2 ways of holding the home: to purchase an flat or to construct an single house. I think I & # 8217 ; ll have adequate money to construct my ain house. There will be the door on the west side it can be half glass. & A ; there will be a way from the gate to the front door. On the west side of the house there & # 8216 ; ll be the garage. What about the outside of the house there will be xanthous bricks for the wall & A ; ruddy tiles for the roof. Now I & # 8217 ; vitamin Ds like to discourse the interior design. On the downstairs on the side confronting the route there & # 8217 ; ll be the hall & A ; kitchen. The life room & A ; dining room will be on the side confronting the garden. I agree to unite life room & A ; dining room. The devision can be made by constitutional book shelves on the life room side & A ; closets & A ; more shelves on the dining room side. I like constitutional furniture. It saves infinite & A ; is cheaper. Ofcourse, on the there will be a cloak- room with wash -basin in it & amp ; a toilet. What about the upstairs there will be 3 big sleeping rooms. Each of them will hold a big cupboard so there is no demand for separate closets. There will be the bathroom & A ; the W.C. following to it. I don & # 8217 ; t want standard lamps so I & # 8217 ; ve arranged for indirect lighting. The overseas telegrams will be built into the wall. There will be besides several power points at the lower parts of the walls for contraptions.


About everyone likes athleticss. Following to the conditions people likely speak more about athleticss than about any other subject. There is no uncertainty that athletics holds an of import portion in our life. It helps people to maintain tantrum to go stronger & A ; developed physically. It makes them to be more organized quickens our reactions & A ; sharpens our marbless. If you want to maintain tantrum you must make athleticss. To my head it must be an indispensable portion of our day-to-day life. A individual must work to be skil full in athleticss. Even if you do a set of forenoon exercisings every twenty-four hours you & # 8217 ; ll experience healthy & A ; cheerful for the remainder of the twenty-four hours. As for me I to the full support those parents who train their babes to swim from the cradle. As a regulation these babes grow sound & A ; healthy. Almost any pleasant activity aimed at exerting the organic structure may be called a athletics. What a athletics for one individual may be merely difficult work for another. Many of us play such games as volleyball football hoops or tennis. Sports is the most popular athletics. Peoples call it the queen of all athleticss. Great titles in athletics, which are organized every 4th
twelvemonth are called the Olympic games. The last Olympic games were in 2002. My friends prefer swimming, running, tennis. But as for me I & # 8217 ; m found of volleyball hoops. These games are really exciting & A ; I ever follow them on Television. I think our PT lessons do us a batch of good. We frequently have different competitions in different games such as pioneer-ball hoops volleyball. Of all outdoor & A ; indoor games I prefer basketball tennis hockey, but I & # 8217 ; m besides interested in other athleticss.

Theatre is one of the most popular humanistic disciplines nowdays. There are many different theaters in our state, but the most celebrated theater is the Bolshoy Opera Theatre in M. It was founded in 1776. Many outstanding vocalists, instrumentalists take portion on the public presentations. I & # 8217 ; ll ne’er bury my first visit to the B. Theatre. My friend & A ; I wanted to see the celebrated concert dance Chelkunchik by Tchaikovsky. We knew the secret plan really good. We besides knew some pieces of music from this concert dance & A ; decided to see the whole public presentation. We bought the tickets in progress & A ; come to the theater half an hr before the show. At 7 p.m. the public presentation began. From the really 1st
minute I was profoundly impressed by everything I saw on the phase. The playing was brilliant & A ; exciting. The costumes were all right the music was thrilling. The concert dance seemed to me a fairy-tale. I had ne’er seen anything more wonderfull. My friend besides enjoyed every minute of it. After the 1st
act we went to look over the theater. We saw the boxes the cavity, the dress-circle & A ; the gallery. There were many portrayals of celebrated opera-singers, ballet-dancers, instrumentalists & A ; manufacturers on the walls of the anteroom. We had disscussion about the drama & A ; went to our seats once more as it was the bell for the 2nd
act. When the drape fell at the terminal of the public presentation at that place came a storm of hand clapping. It seemed it would ne’er stop. The terpsichoreans received call after call. They were presented with big corsages of flowers. We besides applauded enthusiastically. The public presentation was a success.


Gr. Britain is one of the most beautiful states in the universe. Many tourers come over particularly look at the images landscape. Highlands turn into Lowlandss. Forests & A ; hills turn into hayfields & A ; fields really rapidly. There are many deep vale rivers & A ; waterfalls, hills & A ; mountains. England occupies the largest portion of the island of Gr. Br. The north & A ; the West of England are cragged, but all the remainder of the district is a huge field. The main rivers of England are the Severn & A ; the Thames. The Thames flows through L. & A ; makes it a big haven. There are many ports in England including Bristol Liverpool L. England is celebrated for its metropoliss for illustration, Starford upon-Avon & A ; Oxford. Starford upon-Avon is the place of birth of great W. Shakespeare. Oxford is celebrated for its university. In the Northwest of E. there are many beautiful lakes called Lake District. The Southwest is a extremely populated part of E. London is a capital of Gr. Br. & A ; such historical metropoliss as Windom, Dover & A ; Brighton are situated here.

The sou’-west is the part where the chief activity is farming. Although, there are some really large farms. Most of them are little household farms. The s-w. used to be known for its plagiarists. The romantic yesteryear makes it a popular topographic point for creative persons, authors & A ; tourists. Bristol & A ; Bath are 2 chief metropoliss of the part. The most western point of Gr. Br. Lands End is besides in the S-w. East Anglia is really level & A ; it is another agrarian part. It has beautiful metropoliss with all right historic edifices such as Cambridge. The North of E. has some of the wildest & A ; loneliest parts of the busiest industrial metropoliss. This portion of the state is rich in coal, which is of import for the part & # 8217 ; s industry.

Humanistic disciplines.

Art is a portion of civilization. There are 3 sorts of art: ocular including picture, sculpture & A ; arhitecture, audio-visual including theater, opera, film & A ; hearable, which consists of music & A ; literature. But we don & # 8217 ; T know, which of the humanistic disciplines is the oldest. We know that cave work forces drew on the walls of their caves. They carved grips of & A ; bone knives into the figures of animate beings. We know that Egyptians & A ; Babylonians planned & A ; built fantastic edifices many yeas ago. They decorated their apparels & A ; clayware. What people find around them has a great trade to make with how they try to convey beauty into their houses & A ; lives. North people carve beautiful figures out of the tusk & A ; from seahorse ivories. But they don & # 8217 ; t program & A ; built large & A ; fantastic edifices. In the same clip the Indians of the American sou’-west make silver jewellery set with turquoise. All art & # 8217 ; s plants are likewise in one manner. They all have some sort of design. Artist in his work frequently express some deep-feelings. It can be sorrow fear joy. It may a love of state or nature. It may be a feeling of composure & A ; exhilaration, excessively. The work of art should give the individual who sees or listens it the same feelings. As for me my favourite sort of art is painting. A resurgence of art began in Italy & A ; spread to other states. During the Renaisance there were more great creative persons than the universe had ne’er had before. The painters of Ren-ce tried to do things look existent. Some were noted for beautiful line, some for signifier, some for position. The painters of Kenice became noted for their superb colourss. Some creative persons have painted in fresco & A ; poster paint. Some have used watercolors or oi

cubic decimeter. Painters have worked out many ways of picture.


About all of us have free clip, but some people don & # 8217 ; t. They are so busy that they can & # 8217 ; t allow relax themselves. & A ; that is the job. On the contrary some people have a batch of free clip & A ; they don & # 8217 ; t cognize how to pass it. Besides there is a job of choose: where to travel & amp ; what to make. How do immature people spend their free clip. Most prefer traveling to the nine & A ; coffeehouse. A batch of people devote their free clip to avocations. A avocation is smth. , to which a individual chooses to give clip & A ; energy & A ; which he is interesting in. Avocations differ like gustatory sensations. If you have chosen a avocation harmonizing to your character & A ; gustatory sensation you are lucky because your life becomes more interesting. H. are divided into 4 big groups: making things, doing things, roll uping things & A ; learning things. The most popular of all avocation groups is making things. It includes a broad assortment of activities everything from gardening to going. Making things includes drawing, picture, doing sculpture, handcraft. Almost everyone collects something at some period in his life. Some aggregations have no existent value. Others become some so big & A ; sovaluable that they are housed in museums & A ; galleries. No affair what sort of avocation a individual has he ever has the chance of larning from it. By reading about the things he is interesting in he is adding to what he knows. Learning things can be the most exiting facet of a avocation. To my head interest should be spend usefully. It can assist us to be utile for the good of our fatherland & A ; the people, to understand life better, to hold good wellness. As for me my free clip depends on the purpose of unrecorded the mentality of expression, spirital involvements, attitude to nature & A ; conveying up. That & # 8217 ; s why my trim clip is clip to develop for a future business to take up a avocation to take a remainder to travel on a field day.


R. Is our fatherland. It is one of the largest states in the universe. It & # 8217 ; s country is about 17 mln. sq. kilometer. More than 150 million people of different nationalities live in R.In thewestR.bordersonFinland, Ukrain, Byelarus, Moldova & A ; Baltic provinces. In the South it borders on Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China & A ; the Korean people republic. The Artic ocean & A ; the Baltic sea wash the state in the North, in the E it is washed by the Pacific ocean. The Ural mountainss divide R. into the European & A ; Asiatic subdivisions. The Asiatic subdivision includes Siberia & A ; the Far East. The Volga is the largest R-an river, which flows in the European portion of the state. The longest river in the Asiatic portion is the Lena. The deepest lake in Asia & A ; in Europe is lake Baikal. It is the largest fresh H2O lake in the universe. The state has an highly varied clime. The continuance of winter & A ; summer vary in different parts. Most of the R-an district is level but it is mountains in the E. R. is rich in natural resources. It has big modesty of oil, n. Gas, coal, Fe, gold, Ag & A ; other minerals. M. Is the capital of R. Russia is a parlamentary democracy. Head of province in our state is a president. The Government consists of 3 subdivisions: legislative, executive & amp ; judicial, The leg. Power is exersid by the Federal Assembly, which consists of 2 ch3mbers: the council of fderation & A ; the province Duma. The executive power belongs to the authorities. The judical power belongs to the system of tribunals.

My close friend


Acording to Oxford dictionary the word friendly relationship means the relationship between 2 or more people. I should state this relationship is based on natural regard, common involvements & A ; gustatory sensations, common avocations. A friend is a individual with whom you may be sencire before him you can believe aloud. I & # 8217 ; ve got a friend excessively. Her name is Ann. We got acquanted 5 old ages ago & A ; since there we have ne’er parted. Ann looks ayyractive ican say that she is capturing. She has slender cervix & A ; holds her caput high. This girl wears her sandy hear short, Her face is angular delicate characteristics. Her olfactory organ is snub & A ; her lips are full & amp ; well-cut. She has striking large bluish eyes. We are of the same ages & A ; have much in common. We have common involvements, common points of positions, common avocations & A ; gustatory sensations but we are different in character. Ann is modest devoted & amp ; sincere. I trust her & A ; she trusts me. She has good manners & A ; is attentive to other people. We help each other in hard state of affairss. Ann is resposible for her words & A ; actions & A ; ne’er forgets to maintain her promise. I can trust on my friend in any state of affairs. I appriciate such qualities of Ann & # 8217 ; s character as candor, earnestness, thoghtfullness, kindness & A ; generousness. Our parents O.K. our friendly relationship. I frequently visit Ann & # 8217 ; s household & A ; look up to how friendly they are. I like the warm ambiance which exists in their household. My friend feels fondness for her parents & A ; love them tenderly. To state the truth I can & # 8217 ; t conceive of my life without my friend Ann.


The household trdition is lost for a batch of people. & A ; it is one of the grounds why most of people have no sence of household honor & A ; pride. A group of people who have the same name & A ; sit together in forepart of a Television set is non yet a household. Every twelvemonth more so 1 mln. Families break up. Many immature households have material troubles. As a consequence immature twosomes frequently have to trust on the aid of their parents. The lodging deficit is another job of many immature households. Most immature people don & # 8217 ; t wish to populate together with their parents after they got married but about half of them have to make this. As a consequence these immature people have no necessary experience in household life. They don & # 8217 ; t cognize: how to run a family, how to pull off the household budget, how to convey up kids. The resurgence of the household should get down with the Restoration of its traditions.In

my sentiment household is one of the most imprtant things in our life. Almoust all our life we live within a household. My household International Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; t really big, it consits of… My male parent is really sort, but sometimes rigorous. My female parent is really busy she works a batch. She is really catching & A ; energetic adult female. My sister is really witty with good sence of wit. I like to pass my free clip with her. But I know that a batch of households have jobs. I think that people can trust with these jobs if the household is friendly. If, members of the household aid & A ; support each other.


Language belongs to each of us. Every one uses words. There are non less than 3 thousand life linguistic communications on our planet. The involvement to foreign linguistic communications has greatly increased in recent old ages. There are many grounds why people undertake the survey of foreign linguistic communication. More than 750 million people all over the universe usage English. English is the chief linguistic communication of concern. So it is for athletics: the official linguistic communication of the Olympics. Sometimes English is a computing machine linguistic communication. I think it is one of the richest linguistic communication. I have been larning Eng. For about 7 old ages. I learn eng for half an hr 6 times a hebdomad. English grammar International Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; t really hard. I think we should understand it & amp ; all will be O.K. I know that grammar is a foundation of any linguistic communication. One of the jobs for scholars of eng is phrasal verbs. I have jobs larning new words & A ; parlances. I think parlances are really hard excessively. I know the English modulation is atrocious. I mean, I think it is the most hard portion of pronanciation, because if you get it incorrect people think you & # 8217 ; re rude. I find reading really helpful for people who merely get downing to larn eng. Peoples should & # 8230 ; & amp ; other periodicals. If they want to cognize eng they can listening to start music, but people must cognize that some vocals have such cockamamie words.

Learning a foreign linguistic communication International Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; t a easy thing. It is a long & A ; slow procedure that takes a batch of clip & A ; attempts. I hope that my hereafter will be connect with English.



is the biggest island in R. S is situated near to the eastern seashore of Asiatic mainland. It stretches from north to south. The island is 948kms long. In the North & A ; in the east S is washed by the cold Waterss of the sea of Okhotsk. In the West & A ; south-west the island is washed by the warm sea of J. S is separated from the mainland by the Tatar sound & A ; the Nev. Channel. The surface of it & # 8217 ; s district is covered with in-between mountains. In the eastern portion of the island Zap-s mountains are situated. The highest mountain is mountain Lopatina. It is 1609 m high. In the suburbs of Y-S Chekov extremum is situated. The largest Lowlandss are the S. & A ; M lowlands. The clime in S is monsoon. It is characterized by cold winters & A ; cool rainy summers. About a 100 cyclones base on balls over the island yearly conveying with them winds & A ; cloudy conditions with precipitation. The typhoons bring to S strong air currents & A ; heavy precipitation. The warmest portion of the island is it southwesterly seashore. In the North the clime is terrible. Forests cover 2- tierces of the S district. Wide assortment of animate beings inhabits S. Marine zoology is particularly variet. S is rich in natural & A ; mineral resources. S can literatury called a hoarded wealth island. In fact about all the elements of Medeleev & # 8217 ; s Periodic Table can be found in its deepnesss & A ; the island & A ; its environing coastal shelf are besides rich in oil & A ; natural gas every bit good as coal. Ecology jobs: utilizing of coal makes, the pollution of air ; cutting woods has an influence on crossing rivers ; jobs deal with transporting oil.


I & # 8217 ; m a citizen of R & A ; have the right to instruction which is guaranted by the fundamental law & A ; enshured by the wide development of compulsory secondary instruction vocational specialized secondary & A ; higher instruction. I started school at the age of 7. It is a specialised English school. It became a secondary school a twelvemonth ago. The primary school course of study included R. M. E. Dr. M. Pt & A ; Nature lessons. Schools in R. are by and large controlled by the authorities. Recently they got some independency. Now each school is free to take topics to be taught beyond a nucleus course of study. So we have History & A ; comp. Prog. lessons from the 5th
signifier in our school. There is no unvarying now. Classs last 40 min. As a regulation pupils go to school 6 times a hebdomad. After 3 old ages of primary school categories I went on to secondary school. Primary & A ; secondary school together comprise 11 old ages of survey. 9years of categories are mandatory. At school we have categories in R, L, M, B, G, Physics, Ch, E, H, C-pr, PT lessons. My favourite topic is English. Our school is 3-storied edifice. On the land floor there are administrative offices, workshops, a canteen, a place economic systems room, comp categories, a cloakroom. On the 1st
floor there are a big assembly hall, a gym, categories of primary school. On the 2nd
floor there are P, Ch & A ; biological science labs. We normally have a batch of prep & A ; it take me several hours to make it. I like my category. I ever feel at place here. I am on good footings with my category Masterss & A ; we frequently spend our free clip together. I want to state that after the 9th
signifier I must take 5 scrutinies in & # 8230 ; But to come in a university it is necessary to analyze 2 old ages more & A ; take 6 scrutinies on fishining the 11th


In my sentiment household is one of the most imprtant things in our life. Almoust all our life we live within a household. My household International Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; t really big, it consits of… Besides we have a Canis familiaris, called Jack. My male parent is 45 old ages old. He is an applied scientist. He works in the office of an American technology company. He is ever busy. He has really small free clip. In my sentiment he is a fine-looking adult male of medium tallness & A ; strong physique with a suntanned face. His dark brown hairs is merely get downing to travel Grey. My female parent is 42 old ages old but she is really pleasant looking adult female. She is an applied scientist excessively. By character my male parent is a quet adult male while my female parent is an energetic & A ; active. My sister & # 8217 ; s name is Katya. She is 24 old ages old. Like female parent Katya has blue eyes & A ; just hair. My sister expressions attractive I can state that she is capturing. My name is Alexandra, Sasha for short. I & # 8217 ; m a student of the 9th
class. I & # 8217 ; m good at schhol & A ; acquire merely good & A ; exelent Markss. My favourite topic is chemical science & A ; I want to go through it on exem. In future I want to be a dantist. My household is really united. We like to pass clip together. In the eventides we watch Television read books listen to the music or merely speak about the events of the twenty-four hours

Y-S & # 8230 ;

Y-S is situated in the wide & A ; beautiful vale of the Susuya R. In the seashore the metropolis is enclosed by the Susunay m, in the West it is surrounded by the Mitsulsky Ridge. In the suburbs of Y-S Chekov Peak & A ; Bolshevic m. are situated. Y-S is a modern metropolis with the population of about 170 thousand people. There are some workss & A ; mills in it. Y-S is a cultural Centre. There are many schools, colleges, cinema-houses & A ; libraries in it. The museum of Local traditional knowledge & # 8230 ; The house of was built in 1937 by the Jap. It is an alone illustration of the J, architecture. The park & # 8230 ; The tourer centre G.V. is situated on the inclines of the Bolsh.M. It & # 8217 ; s the point to acquire a good position of Y-S. Victory Sq & # 8230 ; The memorials to & # 8230 ; are situated in tree public garden along Sakh. Street. They remind of those who were the 1st
to research S. There is a m. to Checkov in forepart of the Regional library. In 1890 he visited S. & A ; compose a book about it.


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