Question 1

What legal issues does this state of affairs rise and what are the possible legal effects?

Issue 1 responsibility of attention

The civil wrong of carelessness to be constituted depend on whether the suspect violate the rule of ‘Duty 0f Care’ . Because of the instance of Donoghue v Stevenson [ 1 ] . ‘Duty 0f Care’ has been established in common jurisprudence: 1. Defendant whether or non carry through the responsibility of attention. 2. That suspect whether or non breached that responsibility. 3. whether Breach the responsibility of attention is the chief ground to ensuing in violation. 4. Whether the complainant suffered practical harm as a consequence of the breach.

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The bank operators have a responsibility of attention towards the clients if they should hold known about the danger around the workplace. in other words. the operators have to see the likeliness of happening before suffered hurt. The responsibility of the bank in this state of affairs was that return such attention for safety as was sensible in the fortunes. and to protect that clients from hazard of hurt which could be foreseen and avoided.

The consequence of some carelessness instances was depend on whether suspect owed the complainant a responsibility of attention or non. In this scenario. the complainant was a aged adult male who slip and autumn on the floor keeping his articulatio genus and evidently in hurting. did Sam ( trainee employee ) . the director or the corporation owe a responsibility of attention to the client ( the aged adult male ) ? And did they breach their responsibility of attention? Was the brank corporation and the Adelaide subdivision director apt for the carelessness of its employees ( surface-to-air missile )

In this instance. the aged adult male in order to accomplish a successful result in this state of affairs have to turn out the bank owed a responsibility to its client and breach that responsibility. so besides need to turn out that the bank breach of the responsibility caused the aged adult male hurt and that the hurt caused he amendss. In other words. but for the defendant’s actions. the aged man’s hurt would non hold occurred. The hurt must hold been moderately foreseeable by the suspect. non the aged adult male because of he could non be able to anticipate the hazard and ne’er put themselves in danger.

Since the aged adult male slipped and fell near the entryway. and as a consequence of that faux pas and autumn. he injured his articulatio genus. And besides found out that the H2O was on the floor without cleaned up. and there was no mark warning clients of the slippery. The tribunal may be more likely to happen that the suspect owed a responsibility to the old adult male. Especially Sam and other trainee were non concerned about the aged adult male. the tribunal should be see that Bank for as a fiscal concern service organisations. its should be guaranteed the safety of the clients around the workplace. However. on the other manus. the aged adult male demand to catch the coach and run up besides leads to steal and fall. in this respect he has a portion of duty which should cut down the liability of bank.

Here is a carelessness instance that likewise to this scenario that may helpful to analysis this instance. Strong 5 Wool-worths Limited [ 2012 ] HCA 5 [ 2 ] : High Court confirms retailer’s duty for stealing jeopardy. Ms Strong were disabled and required to utilize crutches to walking in the shopping Centre and she was suffered hurt. her crutch touch a oily bit that was lying on the floor. She slipped and fell and hurt earnestly. In the prime of instance. the tribunal judge-ment dismissed due to the powerless prove that wool-worths caused he amendss.

In exceptional there was no grounds that cognizing precisely how long the bit had lying on the floor. However. she appealed in the high tribunal and it was successful because of the tribunal found the prove that the Wool-worths ‘s responsible country had non been look into up in the 4 hours between the shop gap and the clip of Ms strong faux pas and autumn. Wool-worths done’t have a sufficient system of cleansing and look into up without a uncertainty. Finally. the both instances are negligent instance and both respect to steal and fall. It could be a really helpful mention for this instance. that the tribunal might more likely to In favour of the complainant.

Issue 2 Negligent misstatement

In this scenario. Global Banking Corporation decides to engage more new trainees that could be cut down the wages costs and besides give the chance to immature people. The Adelaide subdivision arrange its new junior recruits on its question desk to function new and bing clients. two hebdomads ago. the director was truly satisfied. From the current state of affairs. The new staff are immature and enthusiastic and state of affairs was first-class and surprised. But if we follow the state of affairs that had developed we could establish that since new recruits merely like Sam was immature and lack experience. they might Look efficient. but the quality of replies was low in fact. And the trainee giving advice to clients really owes a responsibility of attention earnestly which because that they should cognize that the aged adult male ( complainant ) intends to trust on the advice and the advice is a serious nature that the aged adult male can non afford the hazard evidently. it is difficult to believe that they have adequate strength of account to offer professional and accurate advice for the investors particularly for the investing consultancy work. Finally. the legal position of trainee remains controversial. Sometimes can non properly protect their legitimate rights like the corporation whether follow the minimal salary regulations.

Issue 3 Vicarious Liability

Was the brank corporation and the Adelaide subdivision director apt for the carelessness of its employees ( surface-to-air missile ) ?According to the common jurisprudence that vicarious liability is expressed in three chief signifiers. there are Employability. the chief duty and parental duty. In this instance. the aged adult male can action the employees or the proprietor. if the employee injure the clients during their employment. the employer should be take the duty. Most of the victims sued the latter. this is a really practical attack. because the employer frequently rich than their employees.

Question 2

Discuss possible defense mechanism and other legal rules which might be raised to avoid or decrease liability. holding respect to all the facts.

A successful defence for the suspect could be exempt all or portion of the amendss liability. Therefore. an effectual defence is to turn out that the suspect did non conflicting.

In this instance. to set up contributory carelessness that the complainant was carelessness in neglecting to look after themselves. the aged adult male demand to catch the coach and run up besides leads to steal and fall. in this respect he has a portion of duty which should cut down the liability of bank. Is deserving adverting that the criterion of the contributory carelessness has been criticized for being excessively rough in Western states. This is because sometimes the mistake of complainant is much smaller than suspect have. Of class. the comparative carelessness rule has been criticized excessively. which is due to if person who filed a case in order to obtain the 2 % of the amendss and the staying 98 % was due to their ain foolhardiness or carelessness. the jury frequently compassion for the weak and back up the proceedings therefore lose their the rule of equity.


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