The American Dream is defined in many ways in both of these plants of literature. What is the American Dream? It is the thought that with difficult work anyone can win in this state. Succeeding is largely defined in mercenary footings. like holding a house in the suburbs. a new auto. etc. The American Dream is besides about being able to back up a household in a more-than-basic manner. It may besides be defined as populating a fulfilling life but of class. one needs a small money to make even that.

In Boyle’s Tortilla Curtain. the American Dream is shown as perfectly unachievable to some people. chiefly illegal immigrants. unless they are willing to interrupt the jurisprudence. In the film Crash. the spectator sees illustrations of people who “make it” every bit good as people who don’t. and even some people who are in between. However. in both these pieces. characters must fight and work hard for even a opportunity at the American Dream. But the inquiry remains. “why is the American Dream attainable for some and non for others? ” Overall. the thought of the American Dream is shown as a myth or semblance for most people.

The American Dream exists in many ways in this film. In Crash. the spectator is shown a successful character like the Latino adult male named Daniel. Daniel lives in a little house. but it is his house. He lives with his married woman and girl. He works difficult every twenty-four hours. and while he will ne’er be rich like Jean. he is able to last and to prolong his household. The spectator would non precisely view him as a success narrative because there likely isn’t much money left over at the terminal of each month. However. the spectator recognizes that Daniel has what is genuinely of import in life and is “making it” even thought that might be twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours.

On the other manus. the Iranian adult male who owns the store is unable to achieve the American Dream. Or instead. he is on his manner when the store is destroyed by vandals. With the insurance company declining to pay. he has lost everything. Due to the fact that he has been ripped off before in America. he does non believe Daniel when he is told to acquire a new lock. Therefore. he basically loses his concern. Both of these characters must fight through stereotypes and bias and racism on a day-to-day footing to even hold a opportunity at the American Dream.

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Now. Jean’s character in Crash shows another side of the American Dream. She truly has the plush lifestyle that most people would believe of when specifying the American Dream. She has the beautiful house. the autos. the amah. the manicured lawn. the glitzy apparels and jewellery. etc. She is clearly unhappy. All of the stuff ownerships have non made her happier ; they have perchance made her suffering. She has no friends. no one she can truly number on. for most of the film. she is a despised character. and yet she is person who lives the American Dream.

The spectator does non cognize whether the twosome has earned all this money or inherited some. but the spectator sees Jean’s character fundamentally making nil. She does non work while Daniel and Farad struggle day-to-day to do a life for their households. Clearly. Crash says that the dream is non come-at-able for everyone no affair how difficult they work. Neither one of them is lazy characters at all and still. life is a battle. But those who have the “life” want to protect it and protect themselves against those who don’t.

In Crash. there are those who sort of unrecorded the dream outside the boundaries of the jurisprudence. The spectator assumes that Ken Ho lives the dream. he is an immigrant who has “made it” in America. But how has he done this? He traffics human existences.

He wholly compromises any values that he had in order to do money. Ludicirs and Anthony kind of unrecorded the dream although they ever must remain one measure in front of the constabulary in order to maintain what they have. They steal autos which earns them money to purchase nice things. These characters show the American Dream gone amiss. However. there is a world here every bit good. Many people in this state experience that the Dream is unachievable to them any other manner than interrupting the jurisprudence. So. they break the jurisprudence in order to acquire the things that others already have.

Basically the film Crash shows the spectator state of affairs after state of affairs where people struggle to populate the dream and that is precisely what it is for most people. a day-to-day battle. To acquire to the top is difficult plenty. but to remain there is about impossible. And it isn’t approximately difficult work at all. being a difficult worker warrants nil in this life. It doesn’t warrant that a individual will of all time acquire anyplace financially. It doesn’t warrant that person who hasn’t worked at all won’t take your life off from you all of a sudden. It doesn’t even warrant that a individual will hold a topographic point to populate or money to purchase nutrient no affair how difficult he/she works.

This brings us straight to Boyle’s Tortilla Curtain. which is yet another name for the boundary line between the United States and Mexico. In Tortilla Curtain the duality between rich and hapless is shown rather clearly. Kyra Menaker-Mossbader and her hubby and boy have the American Dream. They live in an sole lodging development called Arroyo Blanco Estates and seem to hold all the luxuries of life. below their house. Candido and America Rincon live. They came to America illicitly from Mexico in order to keep the American Dream. they find that no affair how difficult they work. they merely can non achieve the Dream. In fact. they can non derive adequate money to populate any gloss of a nice life.

The Rincon’s semen to the United States illicitly to work for a better life. The Rincon’s genuinely believe that in American society “everyone. even the poorest [ has ] a auto. a house. and a TV” ( 26 ) . They do non understand that even Americans are hapless ; that is why America is so disquieted when she meets Mary at the labour exchange. If citizens of this state can non accomplish the American Dream. where does that go forth her household? Throughout this book. America will come to believe that her whole thought was observing but an semblance. an semblance that will non be met.

They have already reduced their life criterions to the bare lower limit and are hardly grating by. While America is pregnant. she has had to bivouac out in the unfastened air with no clean H2O or any kind of sanitation system. This twosome has no wellness insurance for the birth of their babe. nor do they have chances in acquiring a occupation in order to obtain and keep this wellness insurance. They work as twenty-four hours labourers until they can’t even find work at all. America is like many others. She dreams of the United States we typically see in the films. She would wish a “clean white house” with some modern comfortss and a small pace.

Like some of the character in Crash. America commits a offense. although on a much lesser graduated table. She steals fruit from a garden. She has ne’er earlier committed a offense. But the desperateness of seeing those around her thrive while she struggles to eat is excessively much. Sadly. besides like many of the characters in Crash. they are besides unable to support themselves from onslaughts. They are out in the unfastened air and have a difficult clip with the linguistic communication. First. some childs smash up their cantonment for merriment. Then America is raped. They go to the metropolis where Candido is robbed. and they eat refuse to last. They return to their campground in the vale and things are looking up until Candido by chance sets the whole vale on fire. Their nest eggs are burned up. and they must get down over one time once more. Their girl is born blind.

Kyra Mossbacher and her household have achieved the American Dream. Have they worked harder than the Rincon household to accomplish this dream. The reader can clearly see that they have non. It is merely that the dream is unfastened to this household and closed to others. Kyra Mossbacher has a dream of possessing even more. she wants the Da Ros topographic point which is a immense sign of the zodiac “in the manner of an English manor house. consisting 11 thousand square of life space” ( 222 ) . Kyra must replace her “dream” after this topographic point is destroyed by fire. they live a captivated life with their immature boy and their pets. They are sheltered from the barbarous worlds of what many others face in this life.

While Delaney calls himself a “liberal humanist” ( 3 ) . he has some opportunity brushs with Mexicans that easy turn him into a racialist. First. he runs into Candido with his auto. he is guilty at first and so angry at this illegal for being in the route. Finally he hands him a $ 20 and calls it even. Apparently this is what an illegal immigrant’s life is deserving. $ 20. As other things happen. Delaney become angrier at Mexican illegals. First. a prairie wolf takes his Canis familiaris. so his Acura is stolen by stealers.

His vicinity besides becomes angry and begins to palisade in his community. they are protecting their American Dream. but in making so. they are halting others from dishonoring this dream. Ironically. the people constructing these fencings are the illegal immigrants themselves. like Candida and his friends. Kyra’s lobbying closes the labour exchange. he wants retribution on Candido. He goes to the campground with a gun and a mudslide starts. While Delaney saves Candido. the babe drowns. The calamity in the terminal of this book is beyond comparison.

What the film Crash and the book Tortilla Curtain teach the reader is that there are no easy replies. Illegal in-migration is non rationalized or approved of in any manner. and yet. these people need to last. We all battle for the American dream. and we all want to protect ourselves against people who want to take from us. That is human nature. In Crash. the thought is that we crash into people because we are so starved for human touch. Therefore. we have these opportunity brushs with people we ne’er would hold met otherwise ; some of them are good and some are bad. The mean individual struggles mundane and life isn’t easy.

There is no such thing as equal chance in this state and difficult work is non even remotely close to all that is necessary to accomplish the American Dream. In Tortilla Curtain. the same sorts of lessons are taught. Delaney and Candido meet rather literally in a “crash” scene. and Delaney describes himself as a broad until he starts to fear those seeking to acquire a piece of their ain dream by interrupting his. Then. he fights back. It isn’t America and Candido’s mistake because they want to do a better life for themselves and their babe. and it isn’t truly Delaney’s mistake because he wants to maintain the life he has. The narrative ends about every bit tragically as one could.

Both of these pieces tell the reader/viewer something about empathy. Possibly if everyone could seek merely a small harder to understand the narratives of others. to understand where others are coming from. we could work out some of our jobs. Everyone wants the same things in the terminal.


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