C) plant cells contain a large vacuole that reduces the volume of the cytoplasm. D) animal cells are more spherical, while plant cells are elongated. E) the basic functions of plant cells are very different from those of animal cells. Answer: C Skill: Comprehension 3) Which of the following comparisons between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells is incorrect? A) The lack of organelles in prokaryote means that they are structurally less complex than eukaryote. B) The lack of internal membranes means that prokaryote cannot compartmentalize function to the same extent as eukaryote.

C) All membrane function in prokaryote is accomplished in the plasma membrane, while in eukaryote, these functions are more distributed among the organelles. D) The specialization of function in organelles suggests that eukaryote will contain a wider variety of phosphoric than prokaryote. E) The lack of organelles in prokaryote means that the basic cellular functions are different in prokaryote than in eukaryote. Answer: E Skill: Application For the following questions, use the lettered answers to match the structure to its proper cell type. Choose the most inclusive category.

Each answer may be used once, ore than once, or not at all. A. A feature of all cells B. Found in prokaryotic cells only C. Found in eukaryotic cells only D. Found in plant cells only E. Found in animal cells only 4) plasma membrane Answer: A 5) topmasts Answer: D Topic: Concept 6. 4 6) nucleoli Answer: B Topic: Concept 6. 3 7) Which of the following does not contain functional ribosome? A) a prokaryotic cell B) a plant mitochondria C) a chloroplast D) an animal mitochondria E) a nucleolus 8) Large numbers of ribosome are present in cells that specialize in producing which of the following molecules?

A) lipids B) starches C) proteins D) steroids E) glucose Answer: C 9) Which of the following compounds require the presence of the nuclear pores to move between the cytoplasm and the interior of the nucleus? A) ribosomal RNA B) messenger RNA C) proteins synthesized in the cytoplasm that are pa rat tot ribosome D) A and B only E) A, B, and C 10) Which of the following organelles is not a common destination for small vesicles that bud off the Googol apparatus?

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A) plasma membrane B) lissome C) vacuole D) endoplasmic reticulum E) all of the above 11) Under which of the following conditions would you expect to find a cell with a ordinance of free ribosome? A) a cell that is secreting proteins B) a cell that is producing cytoplasm enzymes C) a cell that is constructing its cell wall or extracurricular matrix D) a cell that is digesting food particles E) a cell that is enlarging its vacuole Topic: Concepts 6. 3, 6. 4 12) Which type of organelle is primarily involved in the synthesis of oils, phosphoric, and steroids?

A) ribosome B) lissome C) smooth endoplasmic reticulum D) mitochondria E) contractile vacuole 13) Which structure is the site of the synthesis of proteins that may be exported from the cell? A) rough ERE C) bloodstream D) Googol vesicles E) tight Junctions kill’ Knowledge 14) Which of the following structures is most directly associated with the secretion of compounds that will become part of the plant cell wall? A) smooth ERE B) rough ERE D) Googol-derived vesicles E) Googol apparatus 15) The Googol apparatus has a polarity or sidedness to its structure and function.

Which of the following statements correctly describes this polarity? A) Transport vesicles fuse with one side of the Googol and leave from the opposite side. B) Proteins in the membrane of the Googol may be sorted and modified as they move from one did of the Googol to the other. C) Lipids in the membrane of the Googol may be sorted and modified as they move from one side of the Googol to the other. D) Soluble proteins in the cistern (interior) of the Googol may be sorted and modified as they move from one side of the Googol to the other.

E) All of the above correctly describe polar characteristics of the Googol function. Answer: E 16) Of the following, which is probably the most common route for membrane flow in the endometrial system? A) Googol -?+ lissome -?+ ERE -?+ plasma membrane B) topmasts -?+ plasma membrane -?+ nuclear envelope -?+ smooth ERE C) nuclear envelope -?+ lissome -?+ Googol -?+ plasma membrane D) rough ERE -?+ vesicles -?+ Googol -?+ plasma membrane E) ERE -?+ chloroplasts -?+ mitochondria -?+ cell membrane 17) Which of the following cell components is not directly involved in synthesis or secretion?

A) ribosome B) rough endoplasmic reticulum C) Googol body D) smooth endoplasmic reticulum E) lissome In animal cells , hydrochloric enzymes are packaged to prevent general destruction of cellular components. Which of the following organelles functions in this compartmentalizing? A) chloroplast C) central vacuole D) promise E) glycoside 19) Which of the following statements correctly describes some aspect of protein excretion in prokaryotic cells? A) Prokaryote are unlikely to be able to excrete proteins because they lack an endometrial system.

B) The mechanism of protein excretion in prokaryote is probably the same as that in eukaryote. C) Proteins that are excreted by prokaryote are synthesized on ribosome that are bound to the cytoplasm surface of the plasma membrane. D) In prokaryote, the ribosome that are used for the synthesis of secreted proteins are located outside of the cell. E) Prokaryote contain large pores in their plasma membrane that permit the movement of proteins out of the cell.

Answer: C Refer to the following five terms to answer the following questions. Choose the most appropriate term for each phrase. Each term may be used once, more than once, or not at all. lissome A. Vacuole B. mitochondria C. Googol apparatus D. . promise 20) produces and modifies polysaccharides that will be secreted Answer: D 21) contains hydrochloric enzymes 22) helps to recycle the cell’s organic material 23) one of the main energy transformers of cells Topic: Concept 6. 4) contains its own DNA and ribosome 25) a compartment that often takes up much of the volume of a plant cell Answer: B 26) contains enzymes that transfer hydrogen from various substrates to oxygen, producing Answer: E 27) a versatile plant compartment that may hold reserves of organic compounds or inorganic ions Answer: B 28) Of the following, what do both mitochondria and chloroplasts have in common? A) TAP is produced. B) DNA is present. C) Ribosome are present. D) B and C only E) A, B, and C are correct. 29) Grain, ayatollahs, and storms are all components found in A) vacuoles.

B) chloroplasts. C) mitochondria. D) lissome. E) nuclei. Organelles 20th ere than the nucleus that contain DNA include A) ribosome. B) mitochondria. C) chloroplasts. 31) Which of the following statements incorrectly describes common structural features of an animal secretors cell and a photosynthetic plant cell? A) Both cells have Googol apparatus. B) Both cells have mitochondria. C) Both cells have chloroplasts. D) Both cells have a plasma membrane. E) Both cells have a nucleus. 32) Which of the following is a place where both DNA and ribosome are unlikely to be found in any type of cell?

A) storms of chloroplasts B) mitochondrial matrix C) nucleus D) cytoplasm 33) All of the following are correct matches of the location off protein and the location of its synthesis except A) plasma membrane protein-rough ERE. B) mitochondrial membrane protein-free cytoplasm ribosome. C) cytoplasm proteins-free cytoplasm ribosome. D) chloroplast stroll protein-chloroplast ribosome. E) mitochondrial matrix protein-rough ERE. 34) A cell has the following molecules and structures: enzymes, DNA, ribosome, plasma membrane, and mitochondria. It could be a cell from A) a bacterium.

B) an animal, but not a plant. C) a plant, but not an animal. A plant or an animal. E) any kind of organism. 35) Which of the following is not a known function of the cotyledons? A) to maintain a critical limit on cell size B) to provide mechanical support to the cell C) to maintain the characteristic shape of the cell D) to hold mitochondria and other organelles in place within the cytology E) to assist in cell motility by interacting with specialized motor proteins Answer: A Topic: Concept 6. 6 36) Motor proteins provide for molecular motion in cells by interacting with what hypes of cellular structures?

A) sites of energy production in cellular respiration B) membrane proteins C) ribosome D) cotyledons E) cellulose fibers in the cell wall 37) Cells can be described as having a cotyledons of internal structures that contribute to the shape, organization, and movement of the cell. All of the following are part of the cotyledons except A) the nuclear envelope. B) misconstrues. C) microorganisms. D) intermediate filaments. E) cacti. 38) Which of the following pairs is mismatched? A) nucleolus-ribosomal RNA B) nucleus-DNA replication

C) lissome-protein synthesis D) cell membrane-lipid belayed E) cotyledons-misconstrues kill’ Comprehension 39) Which of the following contain the 9+ 2 arrangement of misconstrues? A) cilia B) controller C) flagella D) A and C only 40) Cells would be unable to form cilia or flagella if they did not have A) compresses. B) ribosome. C) cacti. Topic: Concept 6. 7 41) Which of the following possesses a macromolecular structure similar too basal body? A) controller C) nucleolus E) ribosome 42) Microorganisms are well known for their role in which of the following?

A) amoeboid movement B) formation of cleavage furrows C) contracting of muscle cells 43) Which of the following statements about the cotyledons is incorrect? A) The dynamic aspect of castellated function is made possible by the assembly and disassembly of a few simple types of proteins into large aggregates. B) Microorganisms are structurally rigid and resist compression, while misconstrues resist tension (stretching). C) Movement tot cilia and telltale is the result tot motor proteins causing misconstrues to move relative to each other.

D) Chemicals that block he assembly of the cotyledons would prevent many different processes in cells. E) Transport vesicles among the membranes of the endometrial system depend on the function of the cotyledons. Answer: B 44) All of the following serve an important role in determining or maintaining the structure of plant cells. Which of the following are distinct from the others in terms of composition? A) misconstrues B) microorganisms C) plant cell walls D) intermediate filaments E) nuclear lamina 45) Which of the following relationships between cell structures and their respective functions is not correct?

A) cell wall: support, protection B) chloroplasts: chief sites of cellular respiration C) chromosomes: genetic control information D) ribosome: site of protein synthesis E) mitochondria: formation of TAP 46) A cell lacking the ability to make and secrete globetrotting would most likely be deficient in its A) nuclear DNA. B) extracurricular matrix. C) Googol apparatus. 47) The extracurricular matrix is thought to participate in the regulation of animal cell behavior by communicating information from the outside to the inside of the cell via A) gap Junctions. B) the nucleus. C) DNA and RNA. D) interring.


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