Harmonizing to Tucker and Sundberg 1988 cited Loannides and Debbage 1998 Tourism is non an industry in ‘conventional ‘ senses as it does non hold a individual production procedure, homogeneous merchandise or a locationally confined market. Tourism might be considered as partly industrialized as it serves its visitants. He besides states that it is a mix of industries which provides services in varied signifiers Leiper ( 1990 cited Loannides and Debbage 1998 ) . Smith ( 1998 in Loannides and Debbage 1998 ) viewed touristry as a composing of concerns which facilitates concern, pleasance and leisure activities by supplying goods and services, and may be considered as an industry.

Harmonizing to Thomas Lea Davidson ( 1998 in Theobald 1998 ) specifying touristry as an industry is wrong. He states that it is a socio-economic phenomenon which assists economic and societal advancement and a sector which influence a broad scope of industries. In his position denominating touristry as an industry may be for many grounds like to derive regard, need for a sound model, analyze and publish informations or demand for some to derive self individuality. There have been long standing arguments on whether touristry is an industry or non.

The size and construction of the touristry industry made up of extremely fragmented and diverse constituents. The touristry industry is composed of different constituents such as circuit operators, travel agents, adjustment suppliers, bearers, touristry associations, finish organisations and consultancies ( Mowforth and Munt 1998 ) . As stated by Bhatia ( 2006 ) it is a aggregation of assorted industries with varied range of operation chiefly aiming gross generated from touristry.

Careful planning and execution is necessary for economic development of any state. In the touristry sector the demand for planned development is of great importance. It involves many industries working together in a complex manner and needs particular attending. Planing fundamentally attempts to assign limited resources between assorted rivals with a position to maximise end product, income and employment and to do certain different sectors have just growing.

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Tourism planning is a procedure through which the set ends can be achieved and the assorted picks linked to tourism development can be addressed. It is a long term and changeless procedure of preparing, upgrading and bettering a finish for tourer.

Communities are the basic elements of touristry. It chiefly depends upon the degree of credence shown by local communities. In the procedure of be aftering their engagement is indispensable ( Khan 2005 ) .

Role of Government in Tourism Planning:

As stated by Hall ( 2008 ) the engagement of Government in touristry planning is really indispensable. The Government and private sectors play a really compelling function in the planning of touristry ( Cruz 2005 ) . It facilitates by supplying Infrastructure, educational demands, launch of regulative milieus for operation of concerns and participates in publicity and selling of touristry merchandises.

Strategic Tourism Planning:

The demand for strategic touristry planning arises to manage crises at touristry finishs ( Kerr 2003 ) . The indispensable stairss for strategic touristry planning are

Puting aims

Explore of touristry development factors

Pulling decisions about an finishs potency

Bringing new thoughts for touristry development

Making recommendations for finish development ( Gunn 1988 )

Issues and Constraints for Planning:

Cruz ( 2005 ) outlined some barriers for planning

Small endeavors view touristry planning as an invasion into their field and uncertainty about its value.

It is considered to be expensive as analysis and market research is required.

The complex and diverse construction of the industry.

It is differentiated big and little endeavors.

The touristry contrivers should be after strategically maintaining the barriers for be aftering in consideration along with the short term impacts along with the long term impacts on the finish ( Gunn 1988 ) .

Tourism Impacts:

The development of touristry creates impact on chiefly environment, socio-culture and economic system of the host community at any finish. These impacts produce both negative every bit good as positive impact. Planning is necessary to cut down the negative impact and hike the positive impact for sustainable development of a finish.


The domestic economic systems are supported by touristry and are considered to be a agency of trade. The economic impact can be assessed at three different levels- the direct, indirect and induced. Direct impact is the value of tourer outgo after subtracting the imports which was necessary for supplying the service. The houses that straight receive the tourer outgo spent on other sectors like H2O, electricity etc to supply the services. The coevals of the economic activity through these frequent unit of ammunitions of outgo is called as the indirect impact. The money which is re-spent in the economic system by the community which was gained through the touristry in the signifier of salary, rewards etc is called as induced impact. The positive economic impact of touristry is accessed by sing all three degrees of impacts. ( Cooper et al. 2008 ) . Tourism besides creates negative economic impact like employment due to seasonality ( Youell 1998 ) .


Harmonizing to Mathieson and Wall ( 1982 cited Hall 2003 ) the touristry industry is environment dependant. There is small range for touristry to boom if a finish is non environmentally attractive. The positive impact of touristry on environment includes, saving of ancient memorials, sites and historic edifices ; creative activity of national Parkss and wild life sanctuaries ; safeguarding of reefs and beaches and care of woods ( Cooper et al. 2008 ) . The negative impacts are waste disposal, H2O pollution, deforestation etc ( Youell 1998 ) .


Harmonizing to Hall ( 2003 ) the manner in which touristry brings alterations in the value system, behavior, life style and quality of life of the local community can be termed as Socio-cultural impacts. The major positive impact of touristry on society includes creative activity of employment, resurgence of hapless and non-industrialized countries along with revival of local humanistic disciplines and trades. Tourism creates negative impacts like harlotry, offense, lose of tradition etc. In countries where touristry is the major employer, traditional activities like agriculture may deteriorate. It may besides pave manner for ‘demonstration ‘ consequence where host communities try to copy the life manner of visitants. The host communities have to set their everyday harmonizing to the seasonality of touristry which might make perturbation in the host community ( Mason 2008 ) .

Planing to extenuate the impacts:

Tourism by and large brings positive impacts on host communities but besides carries some negative impacts ( cooper et Al. 2008 ) . The construct of planning is really critical to give high-quality benefits out of touristry. English ( 1986 cited Gunn 1988 ) gives a series of thoughts to minimise the negative impacts and heighten positive 1s. Measures can be taken to help local ownership and command foreign touristry services and installations. He states that promoting autochthonal design and soaking up of local transit, circuit companies, adjustment and nutrient services can increase attractive force to tourers and can take down dependence on foreigners. The authorities needs to advance little and average size concerns so that the escape from local economic system can be sealed. This in bend will guarantee local engagement in touristry development ( Equations 2008 ) . Harmonizing to Youell ( 1998 ) both public and private sector should work together to develop sustainable touristry. Environment is the base of touristry and has to be protected. The importance of sustainable touristry is turning among tourers. Thus proper planning is necessary for accomplishing sustainable touristry ( Edgell et al. 2008 ) . The public sector should be after and implement policies to maximise the usage of renewable beginning of energy ; waste H2O intervention ; infrastructural development and usage of cleansing agent engineering which reduces pollution ( WTO ) . Proper legal planning and keeping control over society would cut down offense and other harmful societal activities. Educating and giving consciousness to local community about touristry will heighten positive impacts and cut down negative 1s ( Hall 2003 ) . Advantages of touristry can be obtained merely by be aftering, sing the hereafter and covering with awaited effects. These points should be carefully studied with regard to the local environment as it can impact the quality of the touristry merchandise and may besides no longer fulfill the targeted audience ( English 1986 cited Gunn 1988 ) .


The construction of the touristry industry is really complex with different sectors such as adjustment, travel, attractive forces and support services working together to make the concluding merchandise. Due to this fragmented composing it is really of import to hold planning for sustainable development. In traditional sense it can non be called as an industry but can be termed as a aggregation of little and average size concerns. For the long lasting and hereafter of these concerns sustainable development is necessary. The essay underlines the importance of planning in touristry industry every bit good as the restrictions to be aftering due to assorted external factors.

Tourism can be considered as a really diverse and complex signifier of industry which has impacts on the community. It carries long permanent economic, socio-cultural and environmental impacts. Both positive and negative impacts are induced in a finish through touristry. Strategic touristry planning can extenuate some of the

negative impacts but some have to be accepted as the donees portion of touristry development.

Strategic planning is really critical as it tries to pull off crises. It attempts to heighten the positive impacts and cut down the negative impacts. The study emphasizes the importance of planning by giving attacks for sustainable touristry.


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