The touristry finish I selected for this paper is Hong Kong which one of the most of import metropoliss of the universe. The touristry industry is one of the chief strong pillars of the economic system of Hong Kong. The inspiring expansion drift in visitants ‘ reaching is continued and every twelvemonth makes new record. ( Tsang 21-22 ) There are many points in Hong Kong which attract tourers from all over the universe including, Hong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong Wetland Park and the Ngong Ping 360.

The Tourism Commission ( TC ) of Hong Kong was time-honoured in May 1999 to set in order inside the authorities a assortment of touristry growing attempts and to give better policy hold up and leading on the portion of authorities to the growing of touristry in Hong Kong. The committee ‘s undertaking is to do Hong Kong Asia ‘s premier international metropolis, a first intent for leisure and commercialism tourers. For finishing the mission, consistently, the committee wants to do certain that touristry receives suited recognition as one of the chief sectors of the economic system, with the industry, the Hong Kong Tourism Board ( HKTB ) and the authorities working in understanding, and conveying in the community at great. It is indispensable for the trade and the authorities to work closely together.

Harmonizing to statistics, Hong Kong has over 118 hotels with about 43,866 suites. The mean occupancy rate is 85 per cent and the mean length of stay of nightlong visitants is about 4 darks. ( Kwong 9-10 )

Tourist Attractions and Facilities

Hong Kong has a wide-range of tourer attractive forces with a position to heightening the general cuteness. Development undertakings are being implemented to give a face lift to the accessible well-liked tourer countries. In add-on, the completed undertakings comprise betterment of the Sai Kung waterfront, minor betterments to Lei Yue Mun, development of the Central and Western District, and the Avenue of Stars which is a joint concern endeavor with the confidential sector. The Tsim Sha Tsui ornamentation undertaking has been completed and re-opened for public usage. The new convey nexus in Tsim Sha Tsui East, and the beautification mechanism for Stanley waterfront and the Peak were late completed.

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A Symphony of Lights has ever been a point of attractive force for visitants and locals. It was honored the universe ‘s “ Biggest Permanent Light and Sound Show ” by Guinness World Records in November 2005, credited on the foundation of the 20 edifices on Hong Kong Island together executing in a wholly coordinated visible radiation and sound show every dark.

The backup of touristry in this metropolis is non merely about edifice of modern installations. The authorities has non mislaid sight of the item that Hong Kong ‘s customary relics and assets, a few of which day of the month back 6000 old ages, present visitants a attractive imminent into the part ‘s history. ( Ingham 14-15 ) For giving travel installations around heritage touristry, the HKTB has improved its Cultural Kaleidoscope educational cognition plan by direct Tourss of Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Chinese cake-making and Chinese medicine categories. ( Paul 3-4 ) It published “ Discover Hong Kong by Rail ” to advance the attractive forces, including heritage sites beside the KCR East and West Rails. In add-on, the HKTB carry on to labour with trade operators to back customary Chinese civilisation and festivals such as the Tin Hau Festival emanation in Yuen Long, Tam Kung Festival in Shaukeiwan, the Cheung Chau Bun Festival and the Birthday of Lord Buddha revels at Po Lin Monastery. ( Barbara 1-2 )

The environment of Hong Kong is an plus for this metropolis. The Tourism Commission is taking onward a pilot program to back green touristry in the Northeast New Territories. In add-on, the program comprise a works plan in the Plover Cove and Tolo Channel country linking minor betterment of critical installations, publicity of an island-hopping sea circuit, and equilibrating protection and informative enterprises.

The HKTB continues to set into pattern the quality touristry services ( QTS ) strategy, which aim to develop the in general service criterions amongst retail merchants and eating houses. In add-on, the strategy was made stronger in 2003 to give visitants with improved quality confidence and a more complete and effectual ailment managing device. By the mid of twelvemonth 2006, around 6,200 mercantile establishments had received QTS functionary blessing, an augment of more than 11 per cent in 12 months, reflecting lifting trade and visitant recognition of the strategy ‘s value. The China national touristry direction has besides spoken its clasp up for QTS.

The support of a community-wide warmth civilization is indispensable for the sustainable growing of the touristry industry. The Tourism Commission will transport on running the territory-wide public learning plan entitled “ A Hospitable Hong Kong ” to back up a cordial reception civilization. This motion comprises a series of plans and behaviour, numbering the Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme, general advertisement strategy, service excellence seminars and runs ( Edward 1-3 ) . The Service Quality Study, which was finished in 2005, aimed to labour out by the touristry and related industries and pertinent authorities sections service rules for each sector. It demonstrates the most first-class pattern and service choiceness attained and helps endorse service excellence by and large.

In the twelvemonth 2006, a Hong Kong Year was celebrated to give a encouragement to the touristry industry of the metropolis. This world-wide selling motion used series of planned publicities and well-liked mega events to showcase the latest image of Hong Kong and endorsed it as a “ must-visit ” intent. Alongside advancing Hong Kong as a favorite tourer intent in Asia, the HKTB placed emphasis on lifting joint selling attempts with strategic spouses to back multi-destination touristry and spread out new markets. Constructing on the Pan-Pearl River Delta coaction agreement, a series of joint abroad selling program was conducted by Macau and the nine local touristry agency concerned.


In decision it can be said that Hong Kong has managed to pull visitants who come strictly for pleasance. Exports provide an influential stimulation for growing. Basically, exports represent a direct injection of buying power into an economic system. Without incomes earned from export, buying power has to come from within the economic system. Besides, the beginning markets can be impacting the touristry industry. The result of direct air links between Taiwan and the People ‘s Republic of China, which some people find bothersome, is expected to be little for obvious grounds. The benefits of the convention concern and the selling construct of the integrated Pearl River Delta, which greatly expands the range of tourer attractive forces to visitants ‘ markets and the turning convention concern are two new characteristics of the touristry industry that deserve reference. Tourism is in fact Hong Kong ‘s largest sector in the export of services, in front of transportation, insurance, finance, and trade-related services. The growing of touristry has led to the creative activity of new commercial composites and recreational installations that are popular among local occupants every bit good as tourers.

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