On behalf of the Mayor of Pattaya City, a local decision maker from the straight elected local executives from the populace. I am straight describing to Chonburi Provincial Governer. My duties toward the Pattaya community and all abodes are as follows:

To guarantee that the abodes are holding a good quality of life and good criterion of life.

Develop schemes and supply an chance for the development of the Pattaya community.

Maintain and advance the local cultural, tradition and imposts to the tourers.

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Conserve and protect the bing natural resources such as beaches, animate beings and trees.

Presents, Pattaya is known for its night life. The metropolis has 100s of beer bars, A go go bars, discos and dark nines every bit good as several big massage parlor, are locales for sex workers ( Purnell, 2009 ) . Therefore, Pattaya has become the Centre of all sorts of dark side where tourers can easy entree all illegal things such as drugs taking, offenses, sexual concerns and harlotry. These have led to all the serious jobs buttockss, such as unprotected sex ( HIV, abandoned kid ) , force, societal jobs, deceases etc. which barely be resolved by any peculiar organisations From the community of local Pattaya people, it has changed bit by bit to the community of drug traders, chancing and cocotte.

Therefore, it is an award to be the trusting individual on fixing a study and proposal of touristry programs and policy to the development of Pattaya City. And base on balls on those messages to the Chonburi Provincial Governer for the farther consideration and executions to do Pattaya City go the sustainable desire finish for local Thai people every bit good as all tourers around the universe.


Pattaya City, Bangkok nearest seaboard town, is located on the eastern seashore of the Gulf of Thailand, merely 147 kilometres from Bangkok. The country is uniting the natural resources, which are highlighted by delicious beaches, traditions, daintinesss and fresh seafood. This is a popular resort among Bangkokians who seek the nearest flight from the busy metropolis in Bangkok. And it has been promoted domestically and internationally as a close-to-Bangkok tourer attractive force.

Pattaya presently integrates the excellent beach resort, memorable dining, shopping, and dark amusement installations ; 1000s of stores, eating houses and bars. In add-on, there are figure of athleticss and recreational activities including beaches, golf classs, tennis tribunals, go-kart and Thai-boxing cogwheel. During the twenty-four hours, one may bask siting elephants or driving low automatic mini-bikes, monstrous bikes, or even monster multicolored exchangeable Jeeps. On the other manus, at dark, there are eating houses, bars, theatres, nightclub shows, dark nines, sweat room & A ; massage parlours, non to mention its perfectly unbelievable shopping which is available all twenty-four hours and dark.

In Pattaya, the most visited topographic point is Pattaya Hill ( Khao Phra Bat ) where it is a vantage point to acquire the best bird’s-eye position of the curving bay of Pattaya either in the twenty-four hours or atnight ( Thaiways Magazine, 2002, pp. 35 ) . And Alcazar & A ; Tiffany Cabaret is one of the most celebrated tourer attractive forces in Pattaya to all Thais every bit good as globally. The shows performed by female caricature creative persons. Both Tiffany and Alcazar have been in concern for more than twenty old ages now and are renowned worldwide for their antic and professional ladyboy shows and public presentations. During the twelvemonth, Pattaya besides has supplying many events harmonizing to the Thai occasional. The most well-known festival in Thailand is called “ Songkran Festival ” which is a festival to chill off the heat and observe it as the Thai New Year. In Pattaya City keep its Wan Lai Festival yearly on April 19th with activities such as H2O pouring for the seniors, emanations and the merriment of dowse and another with H2O, a clip for Thais and aliens likewise.

From the twelvemonth 2000-2007 there was the rapid growing of touristry in Pattaya as shown:

Beginning: Tourism Authority of Thailand ( TAT ) , 2007

Pattaya remains a favorite finish for both local and international tourers, with a sum of 6.2 million tourer reachings in 2007. This figure represents 9.1 % twelvemonth over twelvemonth growing, and tourer reachings have about doubled since 2000, underlining the continual development of Pattaya as both a tourer finish for aliens and a weekend pickup for occupants of Bangkok. A considerable portion of the activity in the Pattaya belongings market is driven by Bangkok occupants looking for a 2nd or weekend place ( Tourism Authority of Thailand ( TAT ) , 2007 ) .

Furthermore, in the twelvemonth 2008 Tourist reachings in Pattaya have decreased by more than 50 % in this high season from the figure this clip last twelvemonth and the mentality is non encouraging ( Pattaya Business and Tourism Association ) . Asiatic tourers particularly are remaining off in droves fearing political force. Visitors from elsewhere are besides being kept off by the high monetary value of fuel directing up air travel costs. Arrivals from the European and Russian markets have besides dropped by 50 % and there is no positive mark that the state of affairs will acquire better shortly.

Because of the beaches, many interesting tourer attractive forces and being the sex industry Pattaya metropolis can convey a batch of net income to the local people and Thailand. Therefore, it has many cause and consequence widely to Pattaya metropolis every bit good as the people who live in. The undermentioned issues are the jobs that we could easy happen in Pattaya and it seems to be more serious.

HIV – Pattaya is being promoted as the sex industry, keeping a high figure of sex workers and immature people where sapphic, homosexual, and bisexual can easy be found. This is unsurprising as Thailand was the first state to see an HIV epidemic, and in peculiar one idea to be fuelled by backing of the sex industry ( Buavirat et al 2004, Vanichesi et al 2002, Srirak et al 2005, Beyrer et al 2004 ) .

The drug job is besides the large job in Thailand every bit good as in the Pattaya which seem to be even more serious in this peculiar topographic point. From the Pattaya People Weekly newspaper reported the determination of tourers, who were under the influence of drugs with grounds of marihuana and ICE ( Pattaya People, 2009 ) . And this shows that many tourers have brought more jobs into Pattaya society. And from the drugs taking, this could take to other jobs.

Child sex maltreatments are raised from structural force traditionally placed in Pattaya City ( Thairath, 2007 ) . Thai society is a male dominated society where the civilization allows their male members to freely hold irresponsibhale sex, adulterous sex, and to pattern really small consideration when there is a sexual demand. This construction and cultural force leaves other members of the society with insecure life conditions and with hazard of sexual force. Besides the authorities action as the authorities does non implement Torahs on forbiding adult stuffs which are frequently found to be an of import stimulation for sexual offenses.

Prostitution is besides really well-known in Pattaya which has destroyed the original good cultural image of Thailand. Petty larceny and sedation of frequenters of cocottes, every bit good as legion slayings of those who visit cocottes have occurred in Pattaya. Many aliens in Thailand are extremely leery of constabularies collusion with cocottes. Harmonizing to The Guardian, Thailand has the highest decease rate of any state for Britons on vacation, some 224 Britishers died in Thailand between April 2005 and March 2006 ( Jeffries, 2007 ) . However, Thais are besides victims of harlotry related offense ( D’augelli, 2002 ) .

Demographical jobs – Another facet is that Pattaya has become denser when more tourers decided to traveling in for long stay or their retirement. And this could do the country to go more unmanageable and possible offenses or accidents are barely detected. In the past Pattaya was one of the not-to-be-missed locations when visits Thailand. A popular tourer topographic point for both Thai and aliens likewise, it offers all the comfortss of Bangkok plus all the sand, sea, and Sun you can desire ( Tourism Authority of Thailand, 2008 ) . However, nowadays the resources such as beaches, mountains and waterfalls have been used and spent accidentally or without careful thought. For illustration ; the beaches in Pattaya are now full of all rubbish and extremely polluted. All the people can no longer swim unless all trash are eliminated ; so tourers have now shifted their finishs to where else.

The above intelligence and statements supports that Pattaya City, being a touristry topographic point by advancing in sex industry instead than Thai cultural, tradition and imposts could convey more cons than pros to Pattaya every bit good as the overall state.

As an the Mayor of Pattaya City, I have found out that there are many serious jobs from the tourers and to the tourers are being neglected and unmentioned by the concern / authorized organisations. Therefore, the strategic planning and policy are needed when managing these issues every bit shortly as possible.


The sex touristry can convey a batch of net income to Pattaya metropolis, however by keeping the same place, Pattaya would convey more bad people from around the universe who do non come to Thailand for the travelling intents alternatively ; they come for misbehaviour such as drugs taking, kid sex maltreatment, harlotry, offenses and Mafia. In the long-run, Pattaya can no longer be a tourer finish when all the resources are being destroyed by Thais and tourists themselves. We have to equilibrate both sides of being tourist finish ( hike up Thailand ‘s economic system ) and the environmental preservation ( Wayne, 2008 ) .

By utilizing the touristry programs and policy for the development of Pattaya under the construct of “ White Pattaya ” , I am trusting that it will bring forth the better place of Pattaya in the international tourers ‘ position every bit good as to the local Thai people. “ White Pattaya ” would set more concern to any actions done in beer bars, A go go bars, and dark nines in Pattaya so that there will be more control and accordingly less figure of offenses and misbehaviour. The related parties that would be involved in the action as follows:

Government of Thailand – The authorities could step in by utilizing some types of instruments through Pattaya community such as Advocacy, Law. Using the white Pattaya run through the selling channels such as community intelligence so that the local people can easy make the message which under control of Chonburi Provincial Governor. Besides give a duty to the Minister of Commerce of Thailand to establish the advertizements on Television plans and topographic point wirelesss can capture many audiences in a clip. Besides educate enterprisers, proprietors in Pattaya on the bing Torahs for illustrations ; all right and punishments of selling intoxicant to the underage, Keeping an oculus on the closing clip of those nines, bars etc.

Businesss should hold a opportunity to back up each other in researching interesting investings in an exhibition, runs for all houses, developers which can advance Pattaya and Thailand more and more. The undertakings in Thailand under the Department of societal development and public assistance could perchance organize or has involved the local Pattaya people for illustration ; the undertaking to protect the right of adult female in Thailand so that the local people could recognize the effect from those force actions done. Tourism Authority of Thailand could put exhibition uniting all booths from the travel bureau, resort and hotel can give more chance for the local houses to advance their merchandises and services. When the bing concerns are able to do a net income at break even point, they barely shift to other sorts of concern. Illegal plants can non last everlastingly. It might do a immense on net income hence many people ‘s lives would hold collapsed or ruined. And in Buddhism, we still believe that every life has a value in it.

Pattaya community – More investings from concerns are besides taking to the higher employment rate in Pattaya and even impact to the flow of labour to Pattaya. The community should supply the appropriate infinite for these sorts of ware. The local people would hold more opportunity to sell things and acquire higher income which will subsequently take to the better quality of life. Pattaya is already occupied with section shops, shopping Centre, street stores and stables and has tended to increase twelvemonth by twelvemonth. Whatever tourers are looking for – such as treasures, silk, garments, bespoke suits, leather ware, furniture, handcrafts, keepsakes and gifts, etc, these can be found in Pattaya.

International tourers – When tourers are coming to go in Pattaya, beaches, temples and have built a good repute of Pattaya and go word of oral cavity to unobserved tourers ( Balter, 2009 ) . A recommendation from person familiar and trust-worthy is the easiest way to a merchandise sale ( Travel to Pattaya as a merchandise in this instance ) . Recommendations are by and large perceived as incentive-free, unlike the obvious motive of advertizers.

If the proposal were non undertaken, there would be more and more victims whoever it could be ; local Thai people, Pattaya community and international tourers in Pattaya which subsequently will destroy the good repute of Thailand. International tourers would set more consideration into coming to Thailand. If those jobs are protracting, it takes longer clip to the recovery until its original place where it used to be and it would be even more.


This subdivision identifies the usage of the tools, plans, techniques and instruments to accomplish the ends and aims.

Since, Pattaya has many powerful people who to the full own those dark concerns such as saloon ‘s proprietors and those people are barely controlled by any specific organisation so that the Compulsory instruments will non work out in this peculiar topographic point. The categorization of instruments might be organized in moderate degree as “ Assorted instruments ” and utilize a combination of step such as voluntary acceptance of criterions, ordinance, subsidies and revenue enhancements to accomplish certain results.

First, I will province on the usage of Advocacy instruments which use the information and educate to pull strings behaviour of the local people. Introducing an ecotourism to the new enterprisers and local people so that they could hold more thoughts and understanding alternatively of making other sorts of concerns which could harm to the bing environment or hold an impact on the local people. The well direction could turn a batch of net income to the proprietors. Besides giving the cognition on the impact of being sex industry and explicating on how it has effects to other factors such as demographical, economic and societal etc. A instance survey of planetary heating may pull an attending to the local Pattaya people. The related houses which are bing successful houses in conservative concern in other municipals and states could hold an engagement into this by giving the tips and the method to pull off all resources. The educated people would hold more consideration to any action to be done.

Second, the usage of money instruments as a subsidy to the developer who has came up with interesting new investings which support local people and has nil to make with intoxicants, bars or any related products/services. By utilizing this instrument, it can promote the developers to the right way of making concern. Furthermore, the new concern surely need to use, engage the local people so Pattaya metropolis would hold lower unemployment rate which could intend the better quality of life and higher criterion of life of the local people who can now hold ability to purchase/consume the good merchandises and services. Consequently, the more money flows in the handbill ( money multiplier ) . Puting the equal mulct and punishments to those stores which sell intoxicant to underage and able to revoke the licences. Using this instrument is besides giving the income to the state every bit good. Therefore, the authorities may put up party, organisations which to the full have a duty into these issues. So, the ordinances can be efficaciously usage in all countries in Pattaya. When the ordinances are efficaciously used, this could diminish the figure of offenses or robbery in the metropolis every bit good.

Last, the usage of authorities actions such as selling and publicity runs through the selling channels could strongly hold an impact to the industry in Pattaya. The community newspaper may give the particular publicity to whomever those who go to the temples or museums in off-peak clip. Furthermore, utilizing the advertizements on telecasting plans in peak clip and advance about Pattaya in another facet such as Khao Phra Bat, WAN LAI FESTIVAL which can demo the Thai traditions can decidedly capture more clients in different mark market groups.

PROPOSED Procedure

For the better apprehension on how the Pattaya can be developed into the better place advancing Thai cultural, tradition and imposts under this proposal. The linkage between the policy rhythm and written proposal will be developed as follow ;

Designation of issues

Analysis of issues

Designation of policy solutions and instruments


Choice of preferable alternate


Evaluation of policy solutions

Policy Cycle

Sourced by: Dredge & A ; Jenkins ( 2007: p.196 )

Figure 1: The policy rhythm of the development of Pattaya City under construct of “ White Pattaya ”

This policy rhythm is a theoretical account for using the jobs work outing of the recent state of affairs of Pattaya which has been the Centre of drugs taking, kid sex maltreatment, harlotry and many more. The first measure is get downing from the designation of issues which is being the sex touristry of Pattaya which leads to many jobs behind. Furthermore, educate the impact from above state of affairs to local people and affecting the authorities ‘s intercession and instruments which would assist the metropolis to accomplish its end and aims. Besides consult to any authorised people every bit good as to the local people to the choice of the best option which will has the best of all consequences and less negative impact to the overall. And subsequently reach the better quality of life scheme which is a sustainable development of Thailand. It means accomplishing societal, economic and environmental aims at the same clip. It will give more inclusive society in which the benefits of increased economic prosperity are widely shared, with less pollution and more efficient usage of natural resources ( House & A ; Place, 2000 ) .


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