Tourism has long being considered as one of the biggest incomes for Indonesia. Rich cultural diverseness and the natural beauty of the lands is the chief touristry attractive force. The state recognize their possible and seek to advance it internationally, particularly to neighbouring states such as ; Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. Other than the natural and cultural attractive force, Indonesia is considered have a strategic location for concern development. With 1000000s of natural resources available in the state. Indonesia can pull concern tourers to come and see the state. However the Bali bombardment in 2002 makes the international tourer to be alerted and hence detrimental to the Indonesia tourer industry. Since so, the injury of the Bali bombardment continues to stalk the visitants. The heavy drugs Torahs and decease punishment as the worst penalty will besides scare and discourage the visitants that come to Indonesia. The study below will explicate the impact of Bali touristry on Indonesia economic and demographic factors. Furthermore it will analyse how the Bali bombardment and rough jurisprudence will impact tourer determination when sing Indonesia.

Historical history of Tourism and Bali

Rich local civilization, great nutrient, shopping, humanistic disciplines and trade and throbing night life is some of the factor that makes Bali an interesting finish for Australian tourer ( Bayes, 2007 ) . Other than several grounds mentioned above, great surfing topographic point besides have a important function in enticing the tourer to come to Bali. In add-on ; inexpensive monetary values of adjustment and services in Indonesia besides back uping the tourer determination when sing the island.

Large sum of tourer that arrives in Bali will increase the economic growing in the island even before they arrive in Bali ; by paying the revenue enhancement. The development of touristry sector will besides impact the development of the substructure in Bali. The touristry and cordial reception installation will absorb legion work forces and will make a figure of available occupations in Bali. Furthermore, Bali GDP has increased by 10 % from 2010 to 2011 and it ‘s recorded as 6.49 % growing in regional GDP. Amongst the addition ; service, trading, hotel and eating house is up by 18.62 % ( Balivillaholydays, 2012 ) .

Statistical information

Entire foreign tourer reachings to Bali in May 2012 hit 215,868 bespeaking a farther rise than May 2011 ( 204,489 ) . On a cumulative footing, Bali foreign tourer reachings for January through May 2012 1,131,462 showing growing of 9.71 % over the same period last twelvemonth with 1,031,316 foreign tourers.

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Now five months into the twelvemonth, Bali can now project more than 3 million foreign tourers for all of 2012. Bali should keep its current year-to-date of growing at 9.71 % through to the terminal of the twelvemonth.

The public presentation from major beginning markets that arrived in Bali on January-May 2008-2012 showed the biggest sum of tourers is from Australia. Australian tourers continue to see Bali with month-on-month reachings up 9.3 % at 61,266 for the month of May 2012. While this is a respectable growing, Australia ‘s ability to bring forth dual digit betterment in reachings month after month possibly stoping. From 2011 to 2012, Australian reachings for the first five month of the twelvemonth changed by 10.37 % . If the rate of growing is sustained, the Numberss of Australian tourer will remain up for the full twelvemonth.

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There are two large issue in Bali that affected Australian people greatly ; The Bali bombardment and Schapelle Corby instances. The Bali bombardment happened on 12th October 2002 and it ‘s categorized as an international incident ; as the decease toll is effected many nationalities. The incident destroyed 400 edifices and injured 300 people, the concluding decease toll was 202 organic structures and most of them from Australia ( Henderson, 2003 ) .

deceases by state

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Furthermore, the incident leave deep injury to any tourer at the clip, and greatly reduces the measure of tourer coming to Bali.

Bali Numberss

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The graph shows the demand of tourers reachings to Bali slumped dramatically following Bali bombing. In September 2002 the foreign reachings to Bali stood at 15,747. In November, it dropped down to 31,498 reachings. Indonesia ‘s Center Statistics Agency interpreter, Sudarti Surbakti observed that “ The diminution is a continued impact of assorted daze of happening in late 2002 and early-to-mid 2003 ” ( Russell Darnley, 2011 ) .

Schapelle Corby is an Australian citizen that has been convicted and imprisoned for 20 old ages because of drug smuggling. The instance is biased because Corby claimed that she knows nil about the drugs that were kept in her ownership. The consequence of Corby being in detention ; include the sentiment of the Australian to Bali, which lead to a boycott menace. The boycott has labeled Indonesian Justice as corrupt and it will go forth a bad feeling any visitants to Bali or any other finish in Indonesia ( Lindstrom, 2005 ) .

History of the current state of affairs

Even terrorist act decease punishment or Australians imprisoned make the images of Bali turn negative. Australians still pass money to see this island and the sum of tourer twelvemonth by twelvemonth are still turning, giving a clear apprehension of the inquiry why Bali remains a good pick of Australians ‘ vacation finish in this current clip.

First, the landscape of natural scenery and singularity of civilization still pull Australian tourers and besides give plentifulness of activities for them to make on their vacation such as swimming, surfing and snorkeling are the most preferable actions in Bali. Enjoying nature and tropical clime are the following preferable attractive forces. Interestingly, spiritual ceremonials sites and Balinese small towns are besides considered attractive by Australian tourers than earlier.

Second, Bali Island offers low-cost and acceptable monetary values to foreign tourers all over the universe including Aussies of all ages. The good value for money becomes a 2nd ground for tourers to make up one’s mind to go in Bali. This besides possibly because of a large difference of exchange currency rate of Australian dollars to Rupiah makes Bali an low-cost and inexpensive vacation finish for Australians.

On the other manus, the fright of terrorist act is the biggest factor that makes Australians experience insecure and avoid sing Bali. This besides may go an of import consideration for Australians before doing a determination to go to Bali.

Anyhow, the rate of Australians going to Bali addition twelvemonth by twelvemonth and this fact was supported by the graph above ( Bali major beginning markets January-May 2012 ) .


As the consequence, Bali is the most attractive finish for tourers and particularly for Australian tourers. The chief attractive forces ; including natural beauty, traditional civilization and low-cost monetary values stress the ground why Bali is the most popular finish in the universe. Even though the terrorist act has affected the image of Bali in a negative manner, the tourers still interested in going to Bali as the positive out manner the negative ground. Dr. Hill said “ Tourism is one of the fastest turning sectors globally and Bali has already established itself on the map ” ( Dr. Hal Hill, 2012 ) . This fact has confirmed the position of Bali which continues to turn in relation to a perfect finish.


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