Tourism is the fastest developing endeavor in Africa and presently one of the continent ‘s major investing chances, sing its 6 % growing rate for the last decade harmonizing to new wave Beek et Al ( 2008 ) . It is obvious that with the universe Cup coming to the continent in June 2010, the per centum of international tourer will drastically turn. Tourism is large concern gaining valuable foreign exchange, and authoritiess are progressively dying to promote investing in the tourer sector. Statisticss on African touristry are hard to obtain.

Land-based touristry is a major economic activity in Africa. It represents 1000000s of visitants to different sites across the part every twelvemonth and bring forthing 1000000s of dollars in foreign exchange in term of net incomes. Sites such as the pyramids of Egypt, the Great Rift Valley of Eastern and Southern Africa, Great Zimbabwe, Table Mountain in South Africa, Mount Kenya in Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania are some of the major attractive forces. These and other attractive forces contributed to the reaching of a sum of about 124 million international tourers in the last five old ages harmonizing to the World Tourism Organization, the visitants spent a sum of US $ 52 891 million in those five old ages ( 2009 ) .

The four chief tourer countries are North Africa ; East and Central Africa ; Southern Africa and West Africa. In cardinal Africa, Cameroon as many less developed states is spread outing its touristry industry and it is seen to be important to its economic development.


As I was chew the fating with some friends on a well-known societal web, they really inquire me many inquiries about my state, inquiries such as: What are the chief attractive forces in Cameroon beside the association football squad? When is the best clip to see the state? Is it possible and safe to develop a concern by conveying some friends to see your state? So after a long conversation, I was pleased and delighted to supply them with information. I started to look at Cameroon as a state where person can finally develop a concern that will bring forth money. Tourism does be in Cameroon but why is it non develop?

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I was so to carry on a research and bring forth a study for these potencies concern work forces. All they needed to cognize about touristry in Cameroon as they were coming in Africa during the universe cup 2010.

In this study, I am traveling to show Cameroon through its diversenesss, the touristry board statistics and the types of touristry that could be practiced on the one manus ; so, the strengths and challenges of the industry eventually I will supply some possible solutions.

Like the bulk of African states, Cameroon remains comparatively unknown to the general populace. Many travelers still have a baffled image of the typical characteristics among tourist Continental finishs.


My intent is to sketch touristry in Cameroon as an industry that can hike the economic system by working side to side its strong points and the challenges.

By making this research, I will wish to:

  • Show the strengths o touristry in the economic system through the attractive force sites.
  • Show the importances of touristry towards different signifiers of touristry that can be develop and organise.
  • Show the challenges that the industry face.
  • Provide suggestions as solution to these challenges.

Cameroon: Africa in illumination

Cameroon is located in the bosom of Africa, where West and Central Africa meet. It is geographically, ethnically, historically, and culturally diverse state, nicknaming its moniker, ‘Africa in Miniature. ‘ The Republic of Cameroon is the lone African state that has been colonized by three powers, Germany, Great Britain, and France and has two functionary linguistic communications, English and French. There are over 250 cultural groups in Cameroon. If these diverse characteristics do n’t do Cameroon dynamic plenty, look at its pristine beaches in the Southwest, exuberant woods in the East, huge comeuppances in the North, and hustling capital. Cameroon is home to many alone features and known for its comparative stableness.

Prior to the country going a German associated state in 1884, each people group had its ain system of authorities. After World War I, 80 % of the state came under Gallic regulation and the balance ( largely in the West and northwest ) under British control. Independence was gained in 1960. Because of this history, Cameroon has two functionary linguistic communications: Gallic and English.

Cameroon is place to over 19millions people harmonizing to the recent count statistics done in 2005. The state counts 10 states and the capital metropolis is Yaound & A ; eacute ; and the others largest metropoliss are Douala and Garoua. The following table contents others of import information about the state.

The state is called “ Africa in illumination ” because of the diversenesss found in the district: physical diverseness, economic diverseness, population diverseness and cultural diverseness.

Cameroon and its touristry

Tourism in Cameroon is a turning but comparatively minor industry. Nevertheless, the state stands out with a echt individuality showing diverseness and stableness, modernness and traditions, dynamism and composure, at one time. In short, the state concentrates all the beauties of Africa ; which explains why people consider that cipher could truly detect Africa without holding visited Cameroon.

The state is full of runing and contrasting positions, which provide tourers with a alone spectacle. This hereditary land relies on a mutualism between sea and desert, waterfalls and Sahara country, temperate clime in the South and great heat in the North.

The relation between tribal societies and modern metropoliss, the exceeding assortment of the vegetations and zoologies, the cohabitation of traditional and democratic leading… etc, this ever gives tourers the feeling that they are sing several states at the same clip. During the trip, they may experience in harmoniousness with art, nature and people, even give up to the Soul of Africa before happening themselves once more. Cameroon is both alone and multiple, it valuates ”the necessities of Africa ” .

Main tourer classs

The huge tourer wealth is based on many attractive forces and extremely diversified tourer merchandises. The perfect blend of homo, natural and cultural assortment has brought approximately assorted signifiers of touristry, open all twelvemonth unit of ammunition.

Cultural touristry

In Africa, Cameroon represents a state of its ain, enriched with a cultural diverseness. It concentrates the best of Africa. This exceeding heritage offers a mosaic of civilizations for the satisfaction of all tourer outlooks. In short, the outstanding originality of the state is expressed in its cultural diverseness. Traditional chiefs drama an of import function in the cultural and political Fieldss, and besides maintain a moral and spiritual order at their local degree. Cameroonian people are proud of their cultural hoarded wealths.


Cameroon promotes ecotourism in order to let the largest figure of tourers discover different modern and altered ways of sing the state. Presents, their ”adventure at the furthermost bounds ” of Cameroon occurs in safe conditions. The Mount Cameroon flora day of the months from the Quaternary, and the site is registered in the World Heritage list for its ascent.Cameroon is a Eden for ecotourism, hosting legion and celebrated Parkss and natural militias.

Seaside resort touristry

With a 400 kilometer coastline that is unfastened to the Atlantic, Cameroon has a contributing terrain for resort touristry. We are looking at the natural flaxen beaches of Kribi and Limb & A ; eacute ; , the Rhizophora mangles every bit good as the falls that empty straight into the sea.

Altitude ( mountain ) touristry

The concatenation of mountains lying to the West offers a suited environment with the Cameroon Mountain which peaks 4092 m above sea-level, Mt Manenguba at the junction between the Littoral and South-West states and the Dschang Climatic Centre built on a tableland 1,800 m. high. The Adamaoua Province is besides reputed for its thermic springs.

Sports touristry

Apart from football on which Cameroon ‘s repute is built, other tourist-related athleticss exist: athleticss angling off the coats of Douala, gulf classs in Yaound & A ; eacute ; and Tiko, one-year Cameroon mountain race, non go forthing out the horse-riding nines of Yaound & A ; eacute ; , Douala and Garoua.

National Parkss for Safari touristry

In the country of the campaign, there are seven national Parkss. The most interesting and best developed is the Waza National Park, located in the northern part of the state. These Parkss have a big figure of representative animate beings of the typical African wildlife ( elephants, king of beastss, camelopard, black rhinos, leopards, American bisons, antelopes, Hippo, hyaena, gorillas, hartebeest, chetah, etc… ) . On the map and the tabular array are the major delightful sites for eco-tourism and campaign.

Cameroonian touristry: the challenges

Despite all the good potency and resources that Cameroon has, the touristry sector is still non developed. The major obstructions or challenges to the development of touristry in Cameroon are deficient tourer substructure, hapless publicity of the finish Cameroon, an absence of a dynamic private sector, deficient funding and the dearly-won air ticket to Cameroon.

Poor Transport Infrastructure decelerate down Travel and Tourism Growth

The conveyance substructure in Cameroon is non to the full developed and merely allows for limited entree in many cases.

  • The rail web in Cameroon is really developing. With the exclusion of those transposing between northern and southern parts of the state, where the route web is hapless, really few people take the train. This is because services are nonexistent in most vicinities and most trains are beging for redevelopment. Coachs are old, at the same clip as the trains themselves are slow and irregular.
  • In add-on, high ticket monetary values make Cameroon an expensive finish, non merely for international travelers, but besides for domestic travelers. Airport revenue enhancements levied on tourers are besides a concern for many circuit operators and touristry boosters.

New force for the Hotels Sector

  • The deficiency of hotel direction and preparation schools in Cameroon has resulted in hapless quality services in hotels. Faced with a deficit of trained work force, hotel owners are left with no option but to engage untrained forces. The solitary regional school for hotel direction in Ngaoundere merely trains senior staff to work in high echelon direction places in the travel and touristry industry. Merely the privately-owned Buea-based Opportunities Industrialisation Centre ( OIC ) offers hotel direction preparation classs for junior-level forces, which is grossly unequal for a sector that is in rapid enlargement.

Tourism Lacks Competition

Despite its immense ecotourism potency, Cameroon has continued to dawdle behind the WTO mark figure of 500,000 visitants per twelvemonth to do it measure up as a tourer finish. The good image of the state is non sufficiently projected on a planetary graduated table, and this has led to a little inflow of tourers sing the state. The industry has been unable to pull a lasting inflow of tourers and bring forth significant gross, which, in other states, constitutes one of the chief beginnings of national income.

Insecurity, entree to the sites and communicating

Insecurity fails touristry in Cameroon. Insecurity remains a major menace to the touristry with the impact on the closing of a major route web taking particularly to the Northern Circuit.

The handiness to the sites is hard and in most of the instances, is about nonexistent. This is a immense job for the industries of touristry. there is first of all a deficiency of political will to all the degrees.

The deficiency of communicating and selling makes that the state is non good promoted as a tourer finish both inside and at international degree, this mkes the finish to stay unknown.


Competitive adjustment

Because of this great wealth of involvement in touristry, Cameroon needs a competitory adjustment system, capable of back uping the monolithic influx of visitants ( about 500,000 per twelvemonth ) . In Cameroon, the combination adjustment & A ; catering is an independent economic sector.

In an effort to interrupt the spread bing in the lower rounds of this critical sector, the authorities must make more schools for hotel direction and touristry as those created in the coastal resort towns of Kribi and Limb & A ; eacute ; . These will develop junior and intermediate professional staff to function the turning demands of the travel and touristry industry in Cameroon. These schools will besides be expected to offer preparation in other of import countries of touristry. Offering a professional service is one manner of guaranting the proper development of the sector, and there is no better manner of accomplishing this than acquiring immature people to develop an involvement in touristry directly after secondary school. If decently managed, this could be a really critical foreign exchange earner for the economic system.

By placing and advancing sites in Cameroon, the state could shortly go more attractive to travelers. Issues to see are cut downing the figure of security cheque points, modernizing visa services and bettering the substructure and response for tourers at assorted points of entry. Presently, the Ministry of Tourism is entirely responsible for marketing touristry in Cameroon. The authorities must look at ways to put up a commercially driven administration to advance touristry, which will be supervised by the Ministry, but wholly focused on commercial demands.

The authorities must besides market the Cameroonian finish, by showing an attractive image of the state abroad through engagement in international trade carnivals.


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