Sustainable touristry development states and parts where the economic system is driven by the touristry industry have become progressively concerned with the environmental, every bit good as the socio-cultural jobs associated with unsustainable touristry. As a consequence, there is now increasing understanding on the demand to advance sustainable touristry development to minimise its environmental impact and to maximise socio-economic overall benefits at tourer finishs.

The construct of sustainable touristry, as developed by the World Tourism Organization ( WTO ) in the context of the United Nations sustainable development procedure, refers to tourist activities “ In such a manner that economic, societal and earth demand direction led to all of the resources can satisfaction. While keeping cultural to the full, indispensable ecological procedures, biological diverseness and life support systems

1.2 Destination-Tai wide area network Penghu

Penghu locates on the Taiwan Strait between China and Taiwan in Asia. It is the lone island county of Taiwan. The Penghu Islands, besides known as Pescadores from the Portuguese, intending “ fishermen ” are an archipelago off the western seashore of Taiwan in the Taiwan Strait dwelling of 90 little islands and islets covering an country of 141 square kilometers.The whole archipelago signifiers Penghu County within the Republic of China.

The environment of Penghu Islands like a scattered jade pearls in the east seas are originally built from large-scale basalt stones by eruption of vent. It ‘s really of import resource to develop Penghu Geological Garden. At the other manus, Penghu have rich Marine resource.

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Tourism in Penghu and Environment issues

Pescadores consists by about one hundred islands Penghu have a alone human civilization to pull tourers come from over the universe. Penghu ‘s occupants live a simple life, adapt to natural conditions. Land country under rigorous protection, as the military recognizes the islands strategic location, ne’er a large-scale development. Its long-run cultural assets and nature and incomplete in the harmonious development of the alone manner of life has fundamentally shows how Mother Nature

Low-carbohydrates Island

Penghu Government will construct low-carbohydrates Island. Including air current power, H2O desalinization, solar power, tidal power, green transit, low saccharide edifice and belowground reservoirs. This program will complete in 2015.Governement wholly investing 8 billion NTD. Green energy and resources to comprehensive recycling system to the island more than 50 % of energy supply from renewable energy end, to make clean and low C island.

Some Attractions:

Diverse of coastal landscape

Penghu National Park.

Great natural fishing evidences: Penghu surrounded by the sea, seawater really clear.

Beach, coral reef, and a batch of tourist resources: Penghu has 64 islands and 19 unreal islands. Have different sorts of aquatic athleticss. Like surfing, Motorcycle on the sea.

Basalt Reservation Area: In this country have different sorts of basalt. Some basalt like king of beasts. Radial columnar articulations, like the multi-barrel muzzle. Show the gust different ocular

Every twelvemonth have more than 50 1000 tourers come to Penghu Island.

In peculiar, the Chinese authorities to let Chinese to see Taiwan, Penghu ‘s touristry industry is increased more net income.



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The tourer grow will convey different sorts of Environment issue.

Environmental impact of traffic: A batch of tourers are take the aeroplane comes to Taiwan. Therefore, the energy ingestion of air travel accounted for 99.97 % and C dioxide emanations. The chief of energy ingestion is Motorcycle ( 54 % )

Environmental impact of Adjustment: Tourists live in the hotel and usage power and H2O. Harmonizing to the study, Tourists ingestion 2.78 A- 108 L per twelvemonth of H2O and 1.57 A- 107 MJ of electricity, the ingestion of these resources have been much higher than the Penghu Islands can afford. At the other manus, approximately 50 % of the effluent has non been recycle, has caused serious environmental pollution.

Environment impact of Entertainment: Many activity on the sea have more CO2 emanations like motor boats on the sea.

Sustainable Tourism in Penghu: Economy

The development history of Penghu, dating back to before the Qin and Han. In recent old ages, Taiwan Penghu Island, archaeologists find a series of ancient relics at Penghu Island. For the research, the Taiwan civilization was belonging to the China mainland. Means, In Qin and Han, People of china mainland conveying the civilization to the Penghu Island, and Peoples of Penghu Island passed to another island of Taiwan. In this period of civilization in Taiwan, China mainland has non discovered. It shows the spread of the mainland civilization, is the first of Penghu, and so from Penghu to Taiwan. The airing of civilization, Penghu has an of import function in unerasable. Later. With the development of maritime engineering, the Penghu Islands has become a springboard for conveyance across the Taiwan Strait. It has a good seaport, is the Taiwan Strait, the activities of the assorted vessel sinks point.

Populating in these islands is based on fishing industry, seting peanuts and yam cultivation. Most of income from angling industry at Penghu. The adult male of Penghu about works in fishing and adult females work in the land. In both instances, to defy natural factors are the chief precedence. Peanuts, Sweet murphies and melons secret plan is normally surrounded by high coral walls, but does non oppose the chapeau Sun, air current and salt spray equal protection, so it is common for adult females in the Fieldss, but their eyes were all screen with fabric. Some of the older coevals, particularly in the outlying islands, like to selling earrings, necklaces, watchbands of coral and shells. When the clip of no unfastened for aliens, Penghu ‘s economic net income largely from the agribusiness and piscaries.




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So Penghu Island is an of import export seaport between Taiwan and China mainland. In 2009, The Mainland tourers are created about 13 billion gross for Taiwan Tourist industry.

Development and Casinos

Taiwan acquire the licence of set up casino in 2009 and Taiwan authorities privation to put up Integrate resort in Penghu Island.

In Penghu, Fishing is a major beginning of income, but fishing has reduced current gather in well. In Taiwan, Penghu countries is designated National Scenic Area, which will steer the Government to actively better the Penghu touristry installations. The touristry disposal program to edifice larger Integrate resort, marinas, ocean Parkss and beaches. Some private investors will construct quality hotels and leisure topographic point for tourers.

The best class for economic development is legalisation of chancing casinos in Penghu. There would make many occupation chances and local revenue enhancement grosss. That could be used for basic development and societal services for tourer industry.

Penghu metropolis ‘s one-year budget are between USD 145 to USD174 million. After the reinforced IR, Penghu ‘s economic system wills rapid addition. Because Penghu Island has good chances like Mainland of china authorities allow people come to Taiwan. Merely this can do a batch of gross for Taiwan. Besides the mainland of Chinas have same linguistic communication with Taiwan. So Penghu Island set up IR is a good for its economic system and touristry industry.

Sustainable Tourism in Penghu: Environment

4.1 Jhongtun Wind Power Areas

Wind power is rotated by the air current power generated by air current turbine blade rotary motion, whirling through the gas pedal to speed up the velocity, power coevals can get down around the velocity of 3 m per second and the constitution of an end product of 15 metres per 13 2nd air current velocity reached.

The Baisha township of Penghu sit up a air current farm in Jhongtun small town. It ‘s the 2nd air current farm in Taiwan and has been operation in October 2001.

The Jhongtun ‘s winder farm designed as a windmill park. It is the new landmark for tourer sites in Penghu and utilizing 3rd coevals wind turbine. The motor used by latest German design in air current turbine to alter velocity.

When the air current force alterations, blade angle can be adjusted consequently, the whirling velocity can be adjusted harmonizing to the demand, taking a large measure in towards the control of stable electricity.

Should Penghu develop casino industry in the hereafter, the demand of electricity and H2O will increase quickly. The county authorities programs to construct a “ Hou-liao Bioenergy Park ” in response to it. Yeh says that as there is a serious drouth in Penghu, H2O can merely be conserved belowground. It ‘d be perfect if wind power produced electricity can be used to desalt saltwater and hence addition the storage of fresh water. Tourist can see the “ Hou-liao Bioenergy Park ” to see how the air current power work and how them convey the benefit to the local people.

Besides utilizing air current power in the winter, the county authorities will besides utilize solar energy, tidal energy every bit good as seaweed energy in the summer when the monsoon is weaker.

4.2 Rise of Sea Level

At western Taiwanese seashore, the mean rate of sea degree rise is 4.74 mm/yr. They are -0.85 mm/yr and 2.42 mm/yr at eastern and northern Chinese seashores severally. Both of the mean rates of sea degree rise ( Chinese seashores: 2.36 mm/yr, East Asiatic seashores: 2.42 mm/yr ) are larger than the planetary norm ( 1.7 mm/yr ) . The rates are increasing. The increasing speeds are even larger than the planetary norm.

From 1980-2008, The mean rate of sea degree is 6.03 mm/yr. Penghu island mean rate of sea degree are fast than other island is 10.75mm/yr. From Figure 4.1-1, we can see mean rate of lowest is 1990.From 1977-1990, The velocity of mean rise sea degree is 4.68mm/yr. From 1991-2008, the velocity of mean rate of sea degree are +16.67mm/yr.

They are caused by planetary heating and other beginnings. Whatever the beginnings coming from, the degree of comparative sea degree rise is the point that we have to prosecute in the planning and direction of coastal zones.

Penghu authorities set up 6 reservoirs to cut down sea degree. At the same clip, the desalinization of saltwater, and provided to the occupants. This attack non merely saves H2O, while cut downing the rise in sea degree, to forestall a few old ages the disappearing of Penghu Island. On the other manus can besides utilize sea H2O to supply power

4.3 Beach Erosion

Beach and the environment are in a province of dynamic equilibrium. Littorals like move with moving ridge and travel to everyplace. The ground of beach eroding is tourist and local people like sand excavation and authorities concept fishing port, undersea building and other human intervention. If authorities built many fishing port near the sea, sand will deposited in the wall of angling port, so the sand will cut down from beach. At the terminal beach no have island ; saltwater will deluge the house from local people. From 1970, the sand of Penghu Island is usage in reinforced public country. And 60 % of sand usage in reinforced fishing port.

Beach Erosion other of import consequence is devastation of natural landscapes. Many attractive force near the beach, if beach have less sand, at the hereafter, those attractive force will vanish. Continue, figure of tourer will cut down.

4.4 Water Pollution

Penghu Islands, largely coral reefs in shallow portion of sea. Dead coral screen was 45 % on norm, to the maximal deepness of 1m runners Hill was 67 % . In add-on to angle dishes and the devil sea urchin, most of the mark species and invertebrates are missing. Penghu ‘s coral diminution were relate to tourist growing excessively fast.

In the Penghu Island no have good sewerage disposal system. All domestic sewerage are discharged to the sea. A batch of tourer come to Penghu and utilize H2O for shower or wash apparels. These sorts of sewerage are discharged to sea. In 2008, a batch of fish and coral was decease. Harmonizing to bookmans theorize, all corals could go nonextant within 10 old ages.

Sustainable Tourism in Penghu: Sociable

Sustainable touristry creates many occupation places to local people.

In Penghu, most of occupants are fisherman and gross comes from selling seafood. Some people making tourer concern like unfastened Hotel, eating house, and particular local nutrient shop. So, Penghu ‘s gross most of comes from tourer. In Penghu have 70 % of local people making third industry. Second merely to Taipei. Since the Government publicity of touristry, increase many occupation chances to local people.

At the hereafter, Government will put up IR in Penghu Island. IR will make more than 10,000 occupations. Penghu has 91,785 occupants merely no plenty for IR demand. Sustainable touristry industry brings more and more benefit to Penghu. Experts predict that Penghu will be a representative of Taiwan ‘s touristry industry.

4.2 Many young person are traveling out of island expression for occupation, Difficult to development of Sustainable touristry industry.

This will be an of import issue for Penghu is most of immature people are work in other island or metropolis that no adequate professional work force and the general labour force supper Penghu Island ‘s development. Harmonizing to statistics, In 2000, Penghu have 109,784 occupants so diminish each twelvemonth. In 2008, merely have 99.006 people, dropped by 12.6 % . In the island most of older people and disadvantage for sustainable touristry development.

Government makes a batch of solution for this issue.

Training more Tourism professionals.

On the one manus echoes the maritime activities in Penghu to go basal diversion centre, a big figure of nautical activities to be educational preparation, on the other manus for the Penghu local touristry ( cultural touristry, eco-tourism ) , and development of the interpretative content of specific issues and develop local storytellers.




a­-a…? – ?Y?c?‹a­-a…?e?¦c»†a†…a®?

Create more Sustainable touristry class for local people. Expansion of the bing instruction systems.Forces on ecological and natural landscape to go to to set up alone touristry endowment.

Prepare for set up IR in Penghu at the hereafter.





Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility involves “ accomplishing commercial success in ways that honor ethical values and regard people, communities, and the natural environment ”

Guobin Hotel

Penghu GuoBin Hotel is a five star hotel in Penghu. the development of the touristry industry as a duty and mission, and uphold societal duty. For authorities policy ability to advance touristry and to protect environmental. The constructs are customer-oriented services, cordial reception, such as pro-innovation purposes, concern doctrine is to care for the Earth, respect life, and safety and wellness in the client premiss. Spirit of environmental protection as the end, as the concern constructs and carry through the societal duty of corporate citizenship. To make a healthy and good for the new Earth, cut downing environment pollution. Their environmental policies and guidelines are as follows:

The energy direction facets, such as energy direction, salvaging electricity, salvaging boiler oil, salvaging gas ;

Water direction, such as the sink and lavatory H2O, energy and clip to set decently ;

Waste and air pollution environmental protection installations direction facets, as every twelvemonth on a regular footing to carry on a workshop of the heat, noise and other environmental testing ;

Guobin hotel topographic point the environment protect book at each room and state guest no demand change new linen everyday to natural environment. Guobin hotel set up one attractive name is protect our common environment. Every hebdomad they are pick 7-10 people from each section to clean beach.


Penghu has 64 islands. The Pescadores locate in the center of the Taiwan Strait, It is the lone island have coastline make by basalt ‘s magma. It is the hometown of sea, air current and basalt. Penghu ‘s economic system most of semen from tourer industry. Penghu authorities will construct including wind power, H2O desalinization, solar power, tidal power and belowground reservoirs. Entire had more than five 100 hectares demonstration country of renewable energy resource. The entire sum of investings should make about 5 billion NTD. To fix for the future building of Integrate Resort. At the hereafter, I believe Penghu will be a landmarks of Taiwan.


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