Tourism is every bit old as world on the Earth. Man at the beginning of his being seemed about the surface of the Earth in hunt off nutrient, shelter security and better home ground. Tourism is a basic and must desirable human activity wanting the congratulations and encouragement of all people.

In the past clip people are merely travel for some basic grounds like: Religious touristry, commercialism. They go to merely some pilgrim centres like: Haridwar, Vaishno-devi, Hajj etc. In the past clip people travel for long continuance like they travel for to particular finish for more the one month.

Harmonizing to general construct. Peoples travel in old age when they were free from their household affairs. They preferred to go to pilgrimage centers.A As the clip changed and new techniques are coming in touristry industry. They preferred to coachs, taxis, trains sails etc. Invention of planes changed the definition of touristry. Now people can travel from one topographic point to another with in few hours or with in few yearss. Now a twenty-four hours ‘s people are really busy. Because of the day-to-day busy agenda. They get bored with their day-to-day life modus operandis. So they move to another topographic point on hunt of peace of head and merriment.

Now the dimension of old age has been changed. This subject we can alter in 2 forms- 1. Govt.A 2. Attitude. Now the Government has cognize the historical topographic point are the icon of India and this our responsibility to protect them and do them safe and attractive. Govt. knows historical topographic point aid in signifier of fiscal support. Tourist brings their foreign currency with them and which remain good for the state. This Govt. responsibility besides that they protect our historical assets. Govt. Passed the strict regulations if any individual found to annoy the tourer take the speedy action and aid to tourist. For illustration the metropolis Agra is Tourism metropolis due to Taj mahal. Lot of tourer visit at that place. That ‘s why the Govt. passed a regulation if any job holding to tourist. That can reach to authorise individual or nearby constabulary station and ailment about that.

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It remains our responsibility besides that we protect our Historical topographic point and assets. Because it is our civilization icon and civilization reflect our thought and our state. To assist and back up tourer Govt. run a programme which name is Atithi devo bhava. Which means guest are as Devine. We should give a regard to our tourer as we give regard to our invitee. Rest of this govt. has run batch of programme to promote the touristry. They are motivated to see spiritual topographic points non merely for spiritual intent but besides from diversion intent.

Now a twenty-four hours ‘s many types of touristry have been divided like: –

Business Tourism: –

Peoples who travel in relation to their work come under the class of concern touristry. Business circuit is a new dimension in touristry industry. Lot of MNC organizes concern circuit for their new concern chance. Travel Agency got batch concern from this section. Because a new topographic point remain new for any company. At this state of affairs they wholly depend to tour usher and if the company got the educate cognition organize circuit bureau they once more give the concern to that travel bureau. So as this we can state it is good segment.A

Education Tourism: –

Peoples who travel to relation the instruction aim one finish to another finish or one state to another state come under the class of instruction touristry. Higher instruction gets from higher establishments for illustration Oxford University and pupil from whole the universe comes and acquire the higher survey. And the authorities to acquire fiscal benefits from this.A

Now a twenty-four hours all states are making attempts to advancing touristry industry for this touristry is being a due of import as it is the beginning of foreign exchange net incomes and contributes to the govt. for the presentation of the memorials of the rich civilization heritage.

INDIA ‘S World Heritage Sites: –

India is colourful state. There is batch of civilization, environment and topographic points. Which make it colourful. There is batch of natural topographic points and batch of holy topographic points. This ever remains an attractive force for the tourer. Tourist ever comes to India for peace

of head and to see the natural and godly civilization.

India has a rich architectural bequest dating to an efficient yesteryear. Timeless memorials, brilliant temples and breathtaking sites. India ne’er ceases to true the travellers. Of tonss esteemed memorials and natural admirations, 16 cultural and 5 natural sites of India have already been declared universe heritage sites by UNESCO.

Some stairss taken by the ministry of Tourism in India to advance and protect the touristry finish are: –

1. Tajmahal is being restored to its natural beauty.

2. In Ahemdabad, attempts are being made by the local govt. to clean the contaminated Sabermati River.

3. Now in India ministry of touristry has introduced the particular tourer security constabulary in Delhi and other chief finish for giving information and protection to foreign tourers. And in India, some govt. touristry organisation are protecting heritage edifice and memorials and they are retracing the destroyed edifice India govt. supply the tourer info. Center at finish and at airdrome and other major topographic points

Archeological Survey of India ( A.S.I ) has identified many memorials of universe heritage position and attempts are being made to conserve, reconstructed and protected them.

Now the ministry of touristry in India has introduced a programme which is called “ATITHI DEVO BHAVA” in India. The members of this organisation are taking attention of the foreign tourer at the airdrome and at finish. The foreign tourer feels comfy with them as they get right information about the topographic point. I think that it is really good measure introduced by the Indian govt. it will be certainly assist us to increase touristry potency.

Soon Indian govt. is taking acute, involvement to develop the touristry industry merely like other made industries.


As we all know that the Travel Agencies are image builder of the state, Infact they are the anchor of the Travel and Tourism industry. The success of the Tourism industry of any state is depend on planning and working capacity of the forces ‘s of the company to develop Tourss. The successful running of travel bureaus and tour bundle companies is wholly depend on the organisational construction and the merchandise cognition to the directors of the company. By and large there are four chief sections in the travel bureau which are-International rider engagement, Business Tours, Domestic rider engagement, Gross saless and publicity section but the construction is vary from topographic point to topographic point and it varies from one bureau to another.


( Mr. Ravinder Dua )


( Mr. K.S Dua )

Assistant Manager

( Ms. Komila Jain )

Gross saless Executive

( Mr. Ravi Singh )


1. Air Tickets

International and domestic ticketingA

2. Hotel Servicess

Three, Four, Five Stars

3. Package Tourss

International, Domestic and Business

5. Other Travel Related Facilities

Visa, Passport.


Preparation of Itinerary:

The junior executive for the bureau does the undertaking. The client sends enquiry about the bundle where he wants to see? All the topographic points of involvements and inside informations of the finish are mentioned in it.

Executive of the bureau makes itinerary by taking are of the undermentioned points: -A

# Clocking for visit the metropolis

# Avoid back tracking

# Information sing restricted countries

# Selections particular airfare or neglect fareA A

# Duration of circuit

# Purpose of circuit

# Number of people traveling

Costing of Itinerary: –

With the aid of confidential duty path is costed while bing an itinerary all undermentioned disbursals following are calculated:

# Adjustment charges

# Slight visual perception charges

# intercity travel

# Guide charges

# Air fare/ Rail menu etc.

Consequently, the rates are applied on the bing sheet and so rates are calculated as per battalions send to the agent or client.

Booking of Hotels:

After fixing the path, it is send to client and if he finds it competitory with others tour costs of different circuit operators are direct his conformation for the bundle or circuit now the following critical measure of booking of hotel comes. Request for adjustment is send to the broad spread hotels ironss have their cardinal reserve office in Delhi. They are booked. There are some of import points, which should maintain in head while doing booking in hotels:

# Status of booking

# Name of client

# Mode of travel

# Suites required

# Types of room ( individual, dual, suite )


1. Planning, Pricing and bing Tourss:

The travel fields can be both types i.e. seamster made every bit good as ready made. The demands and desires of the tourer are taken in to account and the travel planing machine is made. A figure of factors are taken into consideration e.g. clip, figure of yearss, budget, comfort etc. the specialize function of travel bureau is to fix that entire cost of the tour bundle that include the cost of transit, stay, amusement, nutrient, entry tickets, bodyguards and tourer usher fees.

2. Ticketing:

It sells tickets to his client on all chief manner of travel. A major portion of Travel bureau concern his agreement at travel both for man of affairs and vacationist. He does non bear down anything for client for this research worker but gets Cimmerians for roadways, railroads and steamer companies in international and agenda and add-on of new predicaments makes the occupation of the bureau one of remark challenge. It must stay up to.

3. Information of Finish:

It provides all the information about the finish hotels, conveyance manners, condemning topographic points, amusement, activities, shopping centres, tribunal and monetary values etc. it provide non merely the information but besides the spring the better option. Which remain remains good for the tourer.


Everything has its some aim or purpose without purpose everything is seems useless or meaningless. There must be some objective of this study which as follow.


It is the most of import aim of this study. The Course is uncomplete without submitted this study. This study is transporting my difficult work which is dedicated to my college and my well-thought-of staff.


We have to see the existent image of touristry in India. Because India ca n’t last in touristry industry unless we know existent status and available place of touristry in India. The university set a right construct of programme because of this we have to done our preparation at related companies and got cognition about the prevented construct of touristry in the market.

Practical Exposure: –

We seeking a regular sheepskin in touristry direction so we have non excessively much clip to acquire practical cognition.By the aid of this sort of study and preparation agenda we got opportunities to acquire trained and practical or existent work of industry. We got exposure such as -how to cover with clients, how to manage tourers and how create a right environment into organisation where we work and infect where we learn the industrial traits.

Interaction: –

Everything is uncomplete without interaction ability of the people of any peculiar field. When we are of our occupation developing programme we have to straight interact with clients of tourer and we besides give provender back of their questions, In this manner we learn how to interact with tourer or client in the market or while working in an organisation


To boom our managerial power is the chief purpose our trainer and do us capable to work in disputing and dynamic industrial ambiance. By working with such sort of travel companies and in carnival we got opportunity to do our accomplishments negotiable and to go an expert in our profession and we have to our ego in a manner that we may confront any working atmosphere and to do our direction and communicating moral forces.


This undertaking process helps to foreground my weak musca volitanss and give the justly chance to carry through my weak countries by change overing them in to my ability. This besides helps me to cognize about all my strong country of my direction. If I am missing someplace so I could happen a better manner to better my failing by such sort of occupation preparation programme.


By this preparation programme I make myself able to work in an organisation right after my completion on graduation because if I got right counsel in developing so I will able to work everyplace without any vacillation and fright because we have the basic cognition and capableness to function with any company in any sector related to touristry. This sort of undertaking study remains much beneficial and helpful for us to acquire the cognition and professional accomplishments. I got lot ofA cognition and professional cognition from this undertaking study.

Company Profile

  • Beach Comber Tours started its operations In twelvemonth 2000 in India.
  • Beach Comber Tours Introduce themselves as one of immature taking Tour Operator in Delhi and in other parts of India backed by a squad of extremely qualified forces ‘s & A ; Multilingual staff ( Spanish, German & A ; others ) .
  • They are a squad of 6 travel professionals, taking attention of assorted functional countries to guarantee smooth travel experience for tourer. They maintain a high criterion of Quality of services by providingpersonal attending to the clients.
  • They are good equipped with all the extremist modern appliances like on-line air hose reserves systems, hotel reserve systems and many other tools to guarantee prompt and updatedtravel services.

Merchandise Doctrine

  • They purely specialize PREMIUM QUALITY TRAVEL EXPERIENCE. So, consequently they target their section of providers every bit good as their clients.
  • While outlining a merchandise, their staff has been trained to experience the pulsation of TOURIST outlooks from travel experience, and consequently they beginning the merchandise for tourer.
  • Their productrange is one of the largest inentireregioncoveringthe merchandises like Eurail Passes ( Europe Train Passes ) , Mountain Excursion Passes, Best Western hotels, assorted sail line drives Star Cruises, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Norse Cruise Liners to P & A ; O Cruises etc, all major international anddomestic air hoses. Besides that, GTA System ( World ‘s No 1 Hotel Reservation System ) , DOTW ( Destinations of the World System – specialising in hotels of in-between E and far east ) , Traveco – specialising in European hotels and many more tools like this. All these merchandises non merely demo the on-line handiness along with engagement options, they besides offer complete hotel inside informations with exposure, belongings characteristics, its location etc. Besides that, Amadeus Airline System
  • Tourist can besides anticipate us to outline a customized concern, vacation or honeymoon bundle for any finish in the universe including India ‘s premium belongingss like Taj, Oberoi or Leela etc.
  • They besides provide free consultancy to shortlist what is the right merchandise mix for you in instance you want to go in a group. They specialize in consultancy and sourcing of SOTC, Cox & A ; Kings, Thomas Cook, Cosmos and Raj Travels packages.A


I got an chance to work with one of the Young taking Tour Operator. I was sent to the Beach Comber ToursA for developing to hold good cognition about Tourism. There I have learned many things to increase my experience and exposures. I gave my best attempt to larn the travel constituents. I experienced a batch during my research.

This sort of research plan truly helps a touristry pupil to accomplish flawlessness in touristry industry in every facet. During my developing the most utile experience I have learned are as follow:

  • I came to cognize about the practical facets of touristry industry by which a touristry pupil can non cognize to be useless. He can see such a sort of preparation programmed during term of office of his survey of class. I have learned such sort of things which helps me to be a travel professional in the market.
  • I use to larn about the on the job country of direction such as ; where it has to adhere his bounds, when it has to take important determination sing concern, what sort of counsel needed by forces in the company.
  • I learned about the country of operation of a circuit operator in the industry. The work of circuit operator is non merely to sell their Tourss and earn money but besides to fulfill the clients with their services provided them to the sellers. Its work is besides to prosecute the client to see once more through their peculiar circuit operator.
  • I experienced and notice the positive and negative points in travels industry. I learn at that place how to take restraints in the touristry industry and how to do related policy effectual by doing good contacts with authorities and political famous persons. Any sort of industry is non running successfully unless it has support of political policies and subsidies.
  • I learned the sort of personality traits and hygiene criterions is require by the employee of an bureau, and sort of professionalism and working ability he need to work with reputed company.
  • I came to cognize that how to work in a squad or how to work with coaction and execute the multi undertaking occupation by doing healthy dealingss with co-workers and work with cooperation with the other employees of the company in the company involvement for successful running of the company.

I besides experience some negative facets during my preparation such as- proper counsel, deficiency of willingness in forces of company to give cognition of company merchandises to the trainee. But there is perceptual experience that every thing has its negative and positive facets. So, eventually the positive facet of our preparation plan good plenty to conceal weak musca volitanss of preparation.


I am really to glad to work with the Travel Buddies because the informal attitude of forces in the company. But as it is immature company so sometimes they fail to give equal clip to us and there I besides have faced some jobs which are as under:

Poor Scheduling for Trainee:

In the company there is deficiency of proper clip tabular array or you can state the company makes no proper agenda for the trainee came to them for developing from many institutes or colleges. We suffer due to this ground in our preparation. The staff was staying busy in their ain occupation and they do n’t hold clip for trainee. If we ask to them inquire to them for something foremost they does non assist us. But after some clip they give some response to trainee but up to that my study was made.

Lack of Professionalism

The company ‘s employees are missing in their professionalism. They do n’t hold the full and equal cognition about the personality traits of touristry professionals. This leads to make a really helter-skelter status in the company and this was the chief job to make the undertaking at that place. I face so many jobs. Because stating to us, they do n’t believe it is our duty.A The employees of that company do n’t cognize the value of study and this study can be good for them besides. Because my study work as a SWOT analyses for that. But they do n’t demo any attending to my repot.

Poor Segment of Market

Each and every type of company has a fixed mark market but in this company there is deficiency of the cleavage of the market, it leads to make a hurdle in publicity of company sale.

Lack of Discipline

The company besides a negative facet in this manner There is Lack of subject. The pupils learn subject in there developing but there is deficiency of subject.

Lack of Proper Guidance

We are gone at that place for larning and derive cognition about touristry industry of India and its constituents but we have to endure in this facet because of the company ‘s hapless direction of trainer. They do n’t hold any right teacher for us. Which give us the proper guidelines and cognition. It was the chief job which I face at that place. Preparation of my undertaking study this was the chief job.


There should be some suggestion for travel companies and by following these they had better their place and criterion in the market and besides among the educational institutes:

  • The travel companies must seek to better their contact with the educational institutes that ‘s why they used to name best pupils for preparation in the company.
  • The directors of companies must seek to keep proper research and development section for the proper acquisition of trainee and besides for the development of the company ‘s concern.
  • The travel company besides need to develop their HR section for giving right counsel to the trainee and helps them to construct their hereafter bright and do attempts to supply them occupation arrangements after completions of their survey class and preparation. This will take to increase the figure of touristry professional in the state.
  • The circuit operator should supply preparation to the their employees by the clip because they are normally missing in this facet and give them right counsel to increase the criterion of their professionalism to keep and extent the company ‘s market size and besides the figure of clients.
  • The company must hold their ain frock codification that ‘s why the trainee usage to larn the subject and personality traits from the forces of the company where they gone for their preparation.
  • The trainee are must be treated as trainee halt abuse of their preparation by giving them over work. Give them right and proper work and state them how to make that work, give them right counsel and learn them how to publicize a merchandise in the market.
  • The company has besides used to do agreements for trainee for adjustment and comestibles ; in fact they used to follow inducements policies to actuate the trainees to work consequently and enthusiastically.


India has a batch of possible and new dimension for touristry industry. But deficiency of direction and careless the touristry concern impacting twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours The Govt. of India should go through some new regulations and programme and which encourage the tourer industry.

Tourism authorization of India should see every topographic point and Discuss to the employee and tourer which sort of the job they are confronting at that place and what should be the regulations at that place.

Finally, I summarized that such sort of undertaking plan are usefully for a pupil to do its calling bright and helps to larn them personality traits of touristry professional required in the this planetary industry. By such sort of preparation we got a batch of experience and practical exposure which is really of import which helps us to construct our calling in touristry and makes ourselves capable to work in disputing and dynamic environment of the relevancy.

I besides used to larn many positive every bit good as negative facets besides and I learn how to manage the loose state of affairss and critical ambiance in touristry industry.


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