I wish to show my sincere grasp to many people who have been there for me to oversee, direct, help to assist in the completion of the thesis.

First and foremost I would wish to thank my coach Ms.Pupinder Kher ( Ms.Puppi ) for her sort aid throughout my thesis.

I would besides wish to thank Mr Saleem from the Faculty of Hospitality & A ; Tourism Studies in Maldives for supplying me with a batch of information on figure of misss who have studied in the module over the past 5 old ages which has enabled me to sum up the tendency of the immature adult females fall ining the industry through their higher surveies.

I am besides thankful to my immature respondents for giving their clip in order to make full up the study signifiers for which has enabled the most to carry through my aims in this thesis.

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Last but non least to my beloved household & A ; friends who have given me support and aid throughout my unmarried man degree plan at the Taylors University and believing in my research. Without their aid I would n’t hold been able to roll up this study. Thank you everyone although I could non hold mentioned every name, your aid is most apprehended.


General Introduction

With the rise of touristry sector in the Maldives in 1972 with one resort, it has improved to be the “ Ranbis alhaa kukulhu ” by the Maldivians or defined as “ The poulet that lays aureate eggs ” which made a gateway to the employment every bit good as a encouragement in the economic system of Maldives. The state with more than a 1000 pearl islands in the Indian Ocean depends to a great extent on the part of touristry to its economic system.

Along the old ages of the touristry development, the start of one resort in 1972 has changed to 91 registered operating resorts, 14 hotels, 23 guesthouses, and to more than 147 registered touristry vass in operation and many more in development, over the last 3 decennaries.

The touristry sector has developed over the old ages since the first resort emerged in the twelvemonth 1972 which besides created a encouragement gateway in the employment sector of the state. During the 1990 ‘s, it was 6 % of the employment which contributed to the touristry sector due to grounds such as deficiency of instruction in the field, un credence of the working environment since in Maldives its ‘one island, one resort ‘ construct and besides due to the spiritual facts such as working in topographic points where vino & A ; liquor are served are prohibited, and deficiency of foreign linguistic communication. Then, it was largely work forces who travelled to work in the resorts while the adult females were to look after the household and most were homemakers.

Over the old ages, the credence of adult females working in the touristry sector straight covering with the tourers have been increasing easy. it is believed the chief grounds which limits the figure of adult females working in the resort are due to the ‘one island, one resort ‘ construct where by a individual has to work all hebdomad in the resort for which they are besides accommodated on the same island and are able to see back to their household one time a hebdomad. This becomes jobs for most that have a household. And besides due to ethical beliefs among people for which adult female have to work among work forces far off from the households is still non being good accepted by the perceptual experience of the community.

As mentioned above, this thesis would concentrate on issues sing possibilities, grounds and chances which lack the immature adult females to work in the touristry sector, chiefly in the resorts which the little island state such as Maldives is good known for. Hence the subject chosen for this thesis is: An analysis on the reluctance of immature adult females fall ining the touristry industry in Maldives. The ‘young adult females ” is described as immature misss between the age of the 16 – 20 which is the most appropriate age for the misss to take a field to construct their calling either through farther higher surveies in a coveted sector or working.

The chief four aims to be covered in the research would be in order to happen the followers.

  1. What are the positions and sentiments of the fresh alumnuss from high school towards adult females working in the touristry sector?
  2. What can hospitality instruction plans or installations do in order to pull more adult females towards the industry?
  3. What are the factors that motivate them to fall in the industry? ( that is either get downing their higher surveies in the touristry sector or work )
  4. What are the factors why most misss are loath to work in resorts?

The undermentioned aims are to be covered on the primary informations collected.

This thesis consists of two parts. The first portion discuses the bing facts and figures of the adult females in the industry, construct and bing patterns in the community. Besides issues, challenges and barriers in the industry for adult female theoretically explained by different people which is related to the independent and dependent variables of the research.

The 2nd portion consists of the research methodological analysis, the findings and analysis.

For the research methodological analysis, the research consists of primary and secondary informations collected. The primary informations would be the Questionnaire signifiers which would be filled up by the sample ages group which is misss between the age of 16 – 20. The analysis on the primary informations would finish the aims to be covered in the research every bit good as give the consequences of the hypothesis in this thesis. The research methodological analysis would be more briefed in the 2nd portion. The hypotheses to be tested are:

  • H1: The positions and sentiments of the fresh alumnuss from high school towards adult females working in touristry industry would be an acceptable factor in the heads of the modern coevals ; hence they may be non able to work due to household influence in taking their calling or the perceptual experience of the people towards misss working.
  • H2: The positions and sentiments of most fresh alumnuss towards working in the touristry sector would be unstable and would necessitate counsel from enlightening beginnings about their calling way
  • H3: The resorts guaranting the adult females every bit good as the parents of them on the safe and security of the on the job environment would pull adult females towards the industry
  • H4: Factors such as households influence, the perceptual experience among people towards misss working in resorts and spiritual beliefs are chief grounds why most misss are loath to work in the industry

The importance of the chosen subject is due to several grounds such every bit, as per a study conducted by the Ministry of Tourism in the twelvemonth 2006, it showed that it was a per centum of 54 % employed are locals in the resorts, among that merely 3 % represents the adult females in the industry. The importance of feminism gender in the industry is really much needed in the touristry industry today.

Today, due to the dominant of the male gender in the touristry sector over the old ages since the beginning of touristry in Maldives, it has been a failure to enroll or to pull the female gender non even tantamount, but non even near to being tantamount to the male gender to work in the resorts.

If the touristry industry ignores this job today, in the hereafter, there may non be any opportunities of calling edifice for a adult female in the industry which has become the chief business of the state.

Besides one ground that motivated me personally in taking this research subject is that I have seen my friends who studied with me, chose another calling due to several barriers which they faced that changed their calling go forthing the cordial reception industry after their higher surveies in the touristry sector.

Part 1 – Literature Reappraisal

Existing state of affairs in the industry

As per a study conducted by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & A ; Culture in the twelvemonth 2006 shows that a per centum of 7.876 % is the sum of adult females, both local and foreign working in the industry while the remainder 92.124 % are male, both local and foreign.

The study besides summed up that there were more foreign adult females in the industry so locals with a difference of 2 % .

In order to happen the bing jobs that are faced by the adult females to fall in the industry, the chief theory focused in this thesis would be the “ Glass Ceiling ” theory ( Knutson & A ; Schmidgall,1999 ) and Human Capital Theory ( Becker,1975 ) .

The ‘Glass Ceiling ‘ is described as an unseeable barrier which cause the adult females troubles or are unable to make higher stations. These barriers either limits the farther growing of a adult females ‘s bearer in an organisation or consists of de-motivating factors for which most chose non to work long term in the industry.

This may be happening in the Maldives since over the old ages, the touristry sector has been dominant by the male gender that the adult female are non provided with higher places unless with long clip work experience or by higher surveies, and for a long clip, with the males working in the resorts, the adult females have largely been homemakers or been in other Fieldss of work.

The Human Capital Theory ( Becker, 1975 ) , describes that the differences in the income every bit good as the occupations offered are based on a individual ‘s experience, instruction and preparations. And that it involves no gender favoritism.

The glass ceiling is besides caused by different other factors such as sexual torment, restrictions in ‘the old male child web ‘ , work and household balance,

Describing sexual torment, ( Dunwoody-Miller and Gutek 1985 ) . Sexual torment could besides be described in a work topographic point other so mistreating, but besides such as humiliation in forepart of other people. Largely within a work force with a larger figure of work forces, the adult females could be humiliated for what they said in a crowd which they could experience sexually harassed. In most instances, it could be their seniors making it. But unluckily, most are un1ware of the policies of an organisation on whom it has to be reported for which some chooses to go forth the organisation.

The informal societal group which has the high connexion with the direction leting them for easier publicities and higher places are described as ‘The male child web ‘ ( Oakley, 2000 ) . Therefore in the cordial reception industry, a batch of adult females complain that they are excluded from this informal groups where by the old boy cyberspace work besides limits the chances of growing to the adult females.

Unlike the work forces, the adult females are besides largely responsible for the household every bit good as work. In order to equilibrate out their work life every bit good as household life, the adult female either attempt to happen assistants or nursemaids to pull off the places or chooses occupations with lesser duties and clip that has to be spend in the work. ( McGrath, 1999 ; Higgings et. Al, .2000 ) .


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