The map of the universe is in stage of being redrawn, harmonizing to the surgical fortes and the Fieldss of intercession: plastic surgery, eyes and alveolar consonant in Tunisia, intervention of the tegument diseases in Turkey, organ graft, in peculiar renal and graft of the liver in Thailand, surgery of palpebras in the Panama, the in vitro fertilisation in Spain aˆ¦

The competition begins to ramp among finishs which invest in substructures, ordinances and communicating. All demand a portion of a really juicy bar. Professionals of wellness and touristry, every bit good as all the strategic surveies agree with sing the potency of this new scallop as “ tremendous ” . Tourism, the cross character of which in all other activities be it economic, ecological, agricultural, cultural, societal etc, can non do any more the dead terminal on the rules regulating its ain development and has to demo in the following old ages of invention and imaginativeness to reply a petition which has become increasing. For Africa by and large and Tunisia in peculiar, touristry constitutes a important control lever to lend to impulse the development. In Tunisia the quality of developing in wellness and in touristry every bit good as its next broadcast medium states can set up a competitory advantage at the degree of medical touristry.

Bing a turning niche these last old ages, medical touristry in Tunisia is widely going within the range of possible appliers. Strong of its entry to the zone of the free – exchange with Europe at the beginning of this twelvemonth, Tunisia is positioned as a spouse of pick. A broad plan is established to do of the state a pole of quality and hereafter in footings of export of wellness services. However this committedness is conditioned by the integrating and the raising consciousness of the assorted stakeholders in such equal steps.It is of this fact that most of the individuals in charge and the histrions runing in the tourer sector have to run into around a existent consensus on the construct of medical touristry, and launch the challenge in forepart of an unfastened to unfavorable judgment present and a more or less desirable and optimistic hereafter. The assorted stakeholders of the Tunisian tourer system set up so a relevant infinite of contemplations and exchanges towards the development of medical touristry, these are chief things of concern by the optimum direction, the wellness, the integrating of the population, the publicity, the fight, the quality and the lastingness and this can raise lone determinations and fixed attacks jointly on the footing of the advanced contemplations bring forthing the best scenarios which can take to better medical touristry in Tunisia.

Even if the construct of medical touristry was non every bit good of import as it is it today, the current state of affairs allowed to describe the necessity of better advancing it and of forming it to make the aims assigned by the undertaking of development of the tourer sector and that of the wellness, and so we are engaged in this research work which concerns at the same clip, the present and the hereafter to explicate and understand the worlds which allow to back up the possible developments to make a sustainable development. This work tries to stress a solution of the quandary to keep the development and the decision-making support by analysing the alteration of the attitudes of the stakeholders implied in the tourer system and that of the wellness in Tunisia.

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1. Current position of touristry sector in Tunisia and Methodology

1.1. Tourism in Tunisia: stock lists of fixtures

The tourer sector plays a prima function in the economic development of Tunisia, sing its of import part for the growing of the Gross domestic merchandise ( In 2009 it contributed to 7 % of the GDP[ 1 ]( Gross Domestic Product ) and 20 % of grosss in currencies, in the equilibrium of the balance of payments, in the polarisation of any sorts of the investings, besides the occupation creative activity and the energization of the economic activity by and large.

This sector knows a uninterrupted development and carried out a qualitative leap at every degree, thanks to the multiple assets which the Tunisian tourer merchandise has and which make of Tunisia a privileged tourer finish.

The geographical scene of Tunisia, which opens on two Bankss of the Mediterranean Sea, the wealth and the assortment of its cultural and natural heritage and its profound acquired experience on touristry, have made of our state a all-purpose tourer finish. The development which the tourer sector has known in Tunisia is reflected through the increasing rise of the figure of the tourers who reached about 7 million tourers in 2008, ( + 4.4 % with respect to 2007 )[ 2 ].

Within the model of the IXth program, the strategic orientations turned around four axes:

The variegation and the enrichment of the tourer merchandise and the location on the promising markets ;

The betterment of the quality of the services ;

The ascent of the substructure and the care of the tourer environment ;

The consolidation of the function of the private sector in the touristry.

1.2. Medical touristry in Tunisia:

Tunisia made a committedness in the uninterrupted betterment and development of the strategic sectors to be known ; the instruction, the wellness and the touristry. Indeed the wellness and the services which are connected to it are considered as a promising scallop and an of import engine of the economic and societal development. For some old ages Tunisia lives a kineticss of growing in this sphere which smoothed it among leader states on an international graduated table. So much so, it occupies the 2nd place in the field of the touristry of wellness after South Africa harmonizing to the African graduated table and the 2nd universe finish in thalassotherapy after France.

In the visible radiation of the survey carried out by the Gallic Agency of development ( AFD ) in 2005 on the exports of wellness services of developing states, we notice that Tunisia is really competitory on the topic. The survey has henceforth highlighted a strong potency in the field of medical touristry which can hold more questionable public presentations in the hereafter. The recent survey of the World Bank on “ the universe integrating of Tunisia: a new coevals of reforms for hiking growing and employment “ on 2008, confirms this public presentation by placing medical touristry as one of the emergent battlements.

In fact non plenty dependable and elaborate statistics exist on the topic.

The statistics which exist show that in 2007 more than 100000 foreign patients of diverse nationalities visit Tunisia for wellness attention against 42000 in 2003

figure of kept up Tunisians abroad is crossed the 1.152 in 1987 to make 180 individuals in 2006.

24 % of the turnover of the private infirmaries deprived consequences from the export of wellness services with foreign patients. The Libyan patronage is dominant, that is 80 % of the kept up foreign patients, whereas the European patients constitute 11 % every bit good in figure as in turnover. This European demand can be the object of a singular development in the old ages which come with the ripening of the population in Europe and the mobilisation of the tourers with the purpose of intervention, attention or other similar services. The most nomadic of them are the Italians ( 68 % ) and the Germans ( 63 % ) .

The geographic expedition of the market of medical touristry brings to illume four large demands for Tunisia, as such:

The inter-Arabic and the mediterrean market: the importance and the regularity of the flows of Arabic patients coming from nearby states peculiarly Libya drove legion clinical Tunisian to form an offer of services specialized for this patronage. The qualitative advantage of Tunisia could be widened in the other local markets, in peculiar Algeria, which constitutes about 3 % in foreign figure of patients and in figure of concern exported of private infirmaries deprived. Besides, the other next African markets present a possible which begins to be exploited.

Henceforth, some private infirmaries of Tunisia signed understandings with Mauritian establishments. The presence of the African Development Bank besides contributes to better the celebrity of the private infirmaries Tunisians and to pull a new African patronage.

A niche to develop the tourers and the European exiles: the market of the attention to the European tourers is hard to gauge. Indeed, the figure of patients in private infirmaries seems really low compared with the flow of 2,8 million European tourers. However, the medical touristry of the European represents a strategic interest for the betterment of the medical and proficient degree and for the celebrity and the repute on the international program. It besides constitutes an of import factor for the development of the paramedical touristry and the well-being, such as thalassotherapy, massages, etc.

This method implies that the researcher case-studies his informations. “ The work of analysis is made as one goes along, of import parts of this analysis fiting the informations aggregation ” ( HOURS Becker, 1958 quoted by [ Aktouf1992 ] , p197 ) . Now, it is non the attack which we followed because we became a research worker on a well-determined topic ( the undertaking of development of the medical touristry in Tunisia ) . However, we shall utilize the techniques of the take parting observation viz. : the day-to-day observation accompanied with notes taking, with aggregation of archives and with retrieval systems ( Fortin1988 ) . The engagement entails inevitably dealingss of closeness, even an familiarity with the histrions of a given land. The observation constitutes in its portion a “ natural ” activity of every participant. But in its most strict academic significance of a word, it is supposed to tilt on a distant interest objectivized by these same human dealingss.

3.2. The active and semi-directive with no taking inquiries interview:

This technique could be interesting for the deduction of the research worker which it proposes. Harmonizing to Alex Mucchielli[ 3 ]: “ the care is opened and centered, it rests non on the reactions of the interviewee to precise inquiries but on the look free of its thoughts on a given topic ( aˆ¦ ) .In this technique, the interviewer does non inquire inquiries but contents with following the advancement of the idea of his middleman. He presents syntheses on a regular basis, but he is active at most.

3.3. The Mactor Method: important control lever of the strategic prospective.

The theory of histrions ‘ games supplies a set of tools of instead huge analysis but to the applications limited by the mathematical restraints and the frequently restrictive hypotheses. The method MACTOR ( Method of Actors, Tactics Objectives and Recommendations ) propose an attack of analysis of the game set of the histrions and some simple tools which allow to take into history the wealth and the complexness of the information to be treated, by providing the analyst with the intermediate consequences which enlighten him on certain dimensions of the job.


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