Olympic touristry schemes and recommendations for London 2012

General Description of Tourism Strategies

Tourism industry is of expansive significance for the local or national economic system. As the most fast development industry, it has become a great subscriber to the GDP of a state. Take United Kingdom, its thriving touristry industry contribute a batch to the British economic system and is besides the biggest employers. The UK touristry industry is deserving ?114 billion and more than 8 % of the entire gross domestic merchandise in the twelvemonth 2008. ( UK touristry industry worth ?114b, 2009 )

Tourism industry covers more than scenic or historical musca volitanss, but besides all the related leisure and service industries which range from local eating houses to the brilliant hotels, from the sellers on the seaboard to the large shopping promenades in downtown country. When touristry schemes are to be defined, all these factors should be considered. Different parts or states may hold typical features and therefore use to assorted touristry schemes. However, the purpose of touristry is more or less the same, that is, to recognize maximal economic and societal benefits while better the national image. In the background of clime alterations and declining planetary environment, the purpose should besides aim to better the sustainability of natural environment and touristry. From this point of position, touristry schemes can be classified as:

  • Transportation system and substructure scheme
  • Service quality scheme
  • Visitors scheme
  • Selling and publicity scheme
  • Image scheme
  • Environment scheme

Olympic Tourism Strategies for London 2012

Olympic touristry is defined as touristry behaviour motivated or generated by the Olympic Games. ( Mike Weed, 2007 ) Olympic is a expansive event during which people from all over the universe compete, cheer and play together. Olympic Games have profound consequence on touristry industry of the host state. In most instances, Olympic Games added a great sum of money to the economic system during and after the Games, like Beijing 2008, China. ( Beijing post-Olympic economic system promising, 2009 ) Surly, the significance of Olympic to touristry is more than fiscal benefits. In the background of planetary fiscal crisis, nevertheless, London 2012 Olympic Games are a great chance both for London and the whole state.

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London, as one of oldest and most glorious metropoliss in Europe and even in the universe, has held Olympic Games twice, London 1908 and London 1948. More than half century passed, London is eager to show its new image to the outside universe. Combined the yesteryear, the present and the hereafter, the aims of touristry scheme of London 2012 Olympics are as follows:

  • Enhance transit and substructure of London and other tourer metropoliss of UK ;
  • Better service and adjustment quality ;
  • Improve accomplishments of touristry work force to function visitants from place and abroad ;
  • Attract more economic chances from outside universe ;
  • Recognize the sustainable development of touristry ;
  • Raise the image of London and UK.

Recommendations for London 2012 Olympic Games

1. Taking full advantage of the expansive event to heighten transit and substructure system

Keeping Olympic Games is a great chance for the host metropolis or state to break its conveyance and substructure. The Australian Tourist Commission obtained US $ 6.7 million from the Australian Government over four old ages ( 1997 – 2000 ) to maximise the touristry chances presented by Sydney ‘s theatrical production of the 2000 Olympic Games. ( John Morse, 2001 ) A great proportion was of class spent on conveyance and substructure constitution.

Conveyance and substructure are of import elements of touristry industry. Merely well-conditioned conveyance and substructure can fit the rich civilization, heritage and landscape of a state. It is particularly true for UK ‘s instance. So British authorities should set up new or refresh old conveyance installations and substructure of London and other tourer metropoliss, which includes widening the roads, developing the airdrome entree, bettering the interregional railroads links, increasing pubic conveyance vehicles, breaking the telecommunication system and bettering the installations in tourist musca volitanss. Since London 2012 is of such great value to the whole state, the investing is worthwhile. The fund can besides be raised from common citizens, because it is good for every Londoner and even every British. After all, tourers from abroad semen and travel, and it is the local people that can for a long clip enjoy the better installations. It can go forth a rich Olympic bequest for UK.

Particular substructure should be established for handicapped and old tourers, particularly during Paralympics. Olympics is for all, and touristry is for all. In add-on, supplying particular demands for handicapped tourers means a great net income. ( Third International Tourism Development Forum for People with Special Needs, 2009 )

2. Bettering the service quality of eating houses, hotels and other touristry related entities

Tourism industry is more than sceneries and historical musca volitanss. Food, adjustment and other services for visitants besides play a critical function. There will be 1000000s of tourers from place and abroad traveling to the same topographic point before, during and after the Olympics, it is disputing but besides of import to function them clean and delightful nutrient and comfy adjustments. Food is an built-in portion of civilization, it is a great opportunity to present people from other civilizations the local nutrient and local civilization. They come, they experience and they enjoy. Again, the betterment of service quality is besides good to local people in the long tally.

Bettering service criterions is the key to a service industry or sections. Not merely for the eating houses and hotels, other service entities like Bankss, constabularies Stationss and even the local authorities besides need to pay full attending on quality control. For this intent, a scope of regulations and legal agreements shall be made to beef up service qualities.

3. Better the accomplishments of work force to better service the visitants

Ushers and voluntaries of London 2012 is an of import group of boosters of UK, because they straight communicate with tourers. They shall be good trained to function visitants, particularly abroad visitants. When oversea tourists come, they may cognize small about English. Even they know, it may still hard for them to understand the speech patterns of local people. It needs forbearance of them to pass on with foreign tourers. Knowing a small spot Chinese, Spanish or other linguistic communications must assist to go forth foreign tourers a good feeling.

Not merely the voluntaries but besides the common citizens need to be friendly adequate to abroad tourers. They all symbolize their glorious state so. Courtesy and elegance are ever of import qualities of most British people, and it is a great minute to show them to the whole universe.

4. Concentrating on green Olympics and recognizing sustainable touristry

Green Olympics were the advancing words of Beijing Olympics, but may be applied in the back-to-back Games held after in the background of clime alteration menaces and other planetary environment issues. Tourism is most closely related with natural environment. Greater attempts shall be made to keep sustainable touristry since recognizing the maximal net incomes is ever regarded as the first end of most host state.

The first measure is to work out some serious pollution in London and other major metropoliss and do them green and clean. Then, make the consciousness into the deep Black Marias of common people. Tourists, whether from place or abroad, should besides be informed of the construct. Awareness of protecting environment differs from state to state. It will be a tough occupation to educate them non to throw trash in the tourer musca volitanss, non to ptyalize on land and so on. Climate alteration is nowadays one of the hottest issues around the universe. UK can take this opportunity to keep a planetary forum to discourse the job and happen the ways out and to name on the whole universe to contend against it.

5. Taking every chance to market and advance UK and set up a new image

There are so many beautiful metropoliss in so many astonishing states, why UK is the ideal finish for tourers, merely because it will keep the Olympic Games? What else the Games stop? Take UK as a trade name, hosting Olympic Games will be a great chance to advance the trade name both to British people themselves and to outside universe. Effective selling does assist in pulling visitants ( Eric Laws, 1991 ) , investors from place and wide, and besides pulling international meetings and forums. These activities shall convey great possible benefits to UK.

Marketing shall be conducted strategically and visitor-centered. Assorted ways can be implemented to market and advance UK efficaciously, like keeping festivals on streets and exhibiting typical merchandises and services. Whatever the manner is, the nucleus is to give visitants pleasant experiences and joyful feelings, doing them believe UK is rather different from what they would believe and it is a land full of hopes and potencies. Selling and advancing activities can besides concentrate on pulling investors and concern collaborators. Opportunities exist everyplace. In the long tally, the new installations shall pull assorted international meeting to be held in UK, non merely in London. Every metropolis can show itself and demo its advantages.

UK was, is and will ever be the land of glorification, thaumaturgy, impressiveness and promotion. 2012 London must be a perfect event to set up a trade name new image and show it to the whole universe.


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