Your target is skilled at disrupting others.
They could be an Escort, Transporter, or Consort.
Your target has sensitive information to reveal.
They could be the Investigator, Consigliere, or Mayor.
Your target is waiting for the perfect moment to strike.
They could be the Sheriff, Executioner, or Werewolf.
Your target owns a gun.
They could be the Vigilante, Mafioso, or Veteran.
Your target sticks to the shadows.
They could be the Lookout, Forger, or Amnesiac.
Your target knows your darkest secrets.
They could be the Spy, Blackmailer, or Jailor.
Your target is covered in blood.
They could be the Doctor, Disguiser, or Serial Killer.
Your target is not afraid to get their hands dirty.
They could be the Bodyguard, Godfather, or Arsonist.
Your target works with dead bodies.
They could be the Medium, Janitor, or Retributionist.
Your target keeps to themselves.
They could be a Survivor, Vampire Hunter, or Witch.
Your target may not be what they seem.
They could be a Framer, Vampire, or Jester.

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