Town planning is a science as well as art ? Town planning is a science as well as art . The art and science of ordering the use of land and sitting of buildings and communication routes so as to secure the maximum practicable degree of economy, convenience and beauty within available resources and time frame. If all artistic sense is forgotten in planning we start to build places that lack culture. Sure we can add an institution that may bring culture to that area, but the area itself lacks its own identity.

If we didn’t have one balancing out the other we would have strict expressionless order or meandering urban undergrowth. So either on their own cannot produce great development, though they can create development. With advance of science and technology and demands for a adequate active the abstraction of boondocks planning has admiring abundant absorption in today’s world. Adventitious city-limits ability arm-twists abundant abhorrence besides applied problems like bus line hassles, baptize problems, bottleneck etc.

The incept, boondocks planning involves able acreage use forth with bus line planning to advance the attending and feel and socio-economic ambiance of the city. If you come from the “artist” side of the spectrum you will find it much easier to grasp and hopefully ever reproduce that myriad of tangled connections that a single building has with its surroundings. In knowing this you will be able to control how a building functions, to a large extent, then be able to build developments with life and vibrancy feelings of welcoming, comfort, – home.

But this ability without the scientific view point will lack the order necessary to function properly. Q- Write a short note on growth of town also defines it according to direction. A town is known as linear, rectangular, radial, star, circular or radial and circular according to their road system. The towns behave like living creature and have their own methods of growth on account of new industries, factories, educational institutions aided by transport facilities etc. The city grows horizontally in all directions, to accommodate the growing population. It is clear that such horizontal growth is economical at places where the land is cheap. Advantages of horizontal growth * Since the building has only one or two story, the wall could be made thinner and foundation shallow using the load bearing structures. This results in saving the money. * It does not require high technical personnel. * It is possible to have roof ventilation and maximum use of roof lighting.. * There is a lot of economy in space and cost since there is no necessity of a lift or surrounding columns or walls.

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The density of the population is generally low. * The marginal space surrounding the building can be used for garden. Disadvantages of horizontal growth * It requires more land for the same areas. * The foundation cost per unit areas used is more, since area is spread throughout. Uneconomical winner Lana Is costly * There is absence of group living.


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