With my observance I have seen many California citizens speed through red lights, make inappropriate lane changes, run through stop signs, make unauthorized lane changes and commit many other traffic violations all while in the presence of active emergency response team’s (Art’s). I have not heard of any specific laws set to regulate drivers who violate California traffic laws while in the presence of a responding RET vehicle. Without these laws being set strictly, police, fire, ambulance and other rescue Although it is violation if you do not pull right of the road and for repeat offenders a misdemeanors charge.

Often to many times do I see drivers drag about before actually pulling to the right. I am asking that the Corey town legislators make it a law to increase the fine and punishment of traffic violators while in the presence of RET. I am asking that violators be fined 5000 dollars but no less then 2500 dollars for all that violate these codes that will soon be set into play. I am drafting this law because I believe the following will prevent the amount of accidents that are caused on behalf of traffic violators but also give RET a better opportunity to make it to their destination w safely as possible but without losing time.

Below are a list of changes and improving the following areas should ART’S, safer but mainly cut timing down getting to the location of emergency. Expanding streets that are capable of enhancing the amount of space prohibited for driving areas Providing high tech computer equipment directing RET drivers away from traffic. Ex; will shire and Santa Monica Blvd are cluttered car to car during the hours of seven (7) to nine (9) am and again from three (3) pm till around seven (7) pm at night preventing RET from safely using these road ways.

Stop signs should be capable of operating the name way train rails do in high risk areas automatically slowing traffic down. Cut the timing on green lights.. Train more officers to be alert and ready to respond to vehicles who are in violations of breaking the follow ordinance above. Enforcing this type of ordinance will prevent many safety accidents as well machete streets a little safer then what they are providing fact any operating vehicle is to use the same street driving path. Section 17001 of the California Vehicle Code provides information on penalties for emergency vehicles that are the cause of accidents resulting death or in

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