The right to own a firearm is protected under our constitution as illustrated by the previous sentence. Many people want to take this right away from us. They attempt to use crime statistics and tragedy as their points of argument. Stricter gun laws do not make our cities safer; in fact they do the opposite. The city Of Chicago has some Of the strictest gun laws in our nation, yet it is considered by some to be the deadliest city in the world. Gun control advocates get going in the wake of tragic mass shootings.

They fail to mention r bury the fact that these incidents come to an end when armed law enforcement officers arrive on the scene. In December 2013, shooter Karl Pierson took his own life after being confronted by an armed off-duty Sheriffs deputy, in the Arapaho High School library. Even though Pierson was heavily armed, he chose not to proceed when faced with armed resistance. In 2005, the Centers for Disease Control concluded that more stringent gun control laws had no measurable effect on crime rates, Thurman, R. 2005). This is just one study that reaches this conclusion, many more come to the same inclusion. Gun Control advocates continually lobby for stricter laws or an outright ban of firearms; even though the evidence is clear. According to Heartstrings, (2013), California had the strictest gun control laws in the United States. At the same time, it boasted over 1 800 murders (“FBI . Gob”, 2012). Most gun control laws are targeted at the point of sale; state background checks, waiting periods, and federal background checks.

These laws do nothing to deter criminals from acquiring guns, only law abiding citizens. In 004, the Bureau of Justice Statistics found in a study of state inmates who possessed a firearm at the time of their crime, less than 15% of them purchased them where a background check was required. In that same study, more than 75% of those polled obtained their weapons from family or illegally. Since 1 993, the estimated number of firearms has nearly doubled to an estimated 310 million. In that same time gun, related crime has dropped almost 40%.

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Many contribute this to an increased number of states passing legislation to allow law abiding citizens to carry firearms. A growing number of citizens carrying weapons makes those intent on committing crimes worry about being confronted by an armed victim. As a gun owner myself, feel safer, and confident that my family could protect themselves in my absence. When I was growing up, my father educated me on the safe handling and use of guns. As a father of three, I educate my children the same way my father taught me. We regularly take our weapons to the range to shoot; each time we discuss proper safety.

When we are done instruct them on the safe and correct procedures required to perform maintenance on the guns that were fired. I also teach them the proper way to store weapons and ammunition. This training leaves me confident that can have home defense weapons at the ready in my home, and worry about my family being injured. It is the lack of exposure and the proper instruction that leads to most gun related accidents. The general public is lead to believe that gun related incidents are on the rise in America. That is exactly what the mainstream media wants them to think.

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