Creative Intelligence- A Company should try to match requirements with abilities. Flexibility- Allow for the position to have flexibility this will motivation employee’s Recognize Accomplishment- Individuals enjoy recognition of their accomplishment by others. Encourage open organization- Open door policy, it encourage employees to ask question freely. Incentive program- rewarding provide commitment, among employee and it give them something to work for. Learning Leadership must ensure that the innovate goals or the same as the business goals .

First identify the business plans, to see if there is a need for new types of innovation in each company area. 2. Then identify the responsibility or roles that innovation will play. 3. Last leader most identify the incremental innovations that need to main what they have at the current time. Innovation must be aligned with the organization business strategy. 1. Select an innovative strategy that will align with the company business strategy 2. Identify the role of business model innovation in each area of the company 3.

Identify the technology innovation in each of the company area Leaders most make it clear who profit for improved innovations 1. Who is the targets from the innovation 2. Focus on increasing profitability by producing good product for the consumer Leader must assess the company innovation 1. Diagnose the company current situation 2. Make sure that the company mentality is going in the direction of innovation Leader must ensure incentives and metrics is followed correctly. 1. Strategy understanding (make sure incentives is clear) 2.


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