4.1 Transformation of Old Building to New Building

For the transmutation of the old edifice to the new edifice, average transform is an thought forepart loaded with duty – although the designer may non typically be involved with a edifice destruction, but one time the building’s after life being determined by the program and subdivision provided by designers and applied scientist, therefore they will hold the duty of the building’s after. Method of destruction for constructing transmutation as desired, either through a backhoe and bust uping ball or through dismantlement, designers and applied scientists must responsible for the determination devising. No affair what procedure being done, all determination doing brands by designers and applied scientists must aware of the sequence of their determination devising and to responsible for it.

Due to some of the edifices being abandoned so long, the judicial admission of the edifice will acquire worst and safety concern may necessitate consideration. To avoid unsure happen, transmutation of the old edifice is involved, it brings fresh spirit and activities into it, at the same clip, and it besides kept the edifice from destruction. Old buildings/New Forms can give comfy manner, where the prowess of architecture can at the same time be with historic saving confines, existent or supposed. A successful designer and applied scientist to give successful at the old edifice, it has n’t merely needed well-conceived in new design but besides well-considered in old form. It is hazardous to make transmutation of old edifices because old edifice had its ain historical value, its ain specific demands and non one can foretell after transmutation.

There is some technique on how to reconstruct old edifices to the new edifice. First, to maintain the whole edifice as old image ; 2nd, maintain external image, modify the inside layout to fix it more comfy ; Third, fiting the cloth to utilize for reconstructing termite-infected lumber, but to retain and reconstruct all original and traditional ornament characteristic such as picture, carving, luxuriant wood carvings.

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Normally, there will be three inquiries will be asked on old edifice transmutation:

  1. What and which portion of bing should be kept?
  2. What changes should be made of?
  3. What is the cost and benefits associated after redevelopment?

The success of transmutation on old edifice is depending on the execution of the policy by local bureau. Proper edifice codification should necessitate to clearly province in edifice codification, otherwise, the edifice may destruct or retrace for flats or markets by fiscal encouragement in term of subsidies, grants, and revenue enhancement policies.

Harmonizing to Le Corbusier’s doctrine that new epoch should do its ain individuality of architecture. Forward advancement is good in his believing. “Ifa adult male does non travel frontward, he will ruin.” ( Ver ne Architecture, p 101 ) . He feels that clean interruption from the yesteryear is necessary in the modernism, by virtually get downing with a clean slate.

Some other theory from Le Corbusier’s that architecture relates to repair world-social nines. From Ver ne Architecture:

Architecture is a thing of art, a phenomenon of the emotions, lying outside inquiries of building and beyond them. The intent of building is to do things keep together ; of architecture to travel us. Architectural emotion exists when the work rings within us in melody with a universe whose Torahs, we obey, acknowledge and esteem. When certain harmoniousnesss have been attained, the work captures us. Architecture is a affair of “harmonies, ” it is a “pure creative activity of the spirit.”( Versune Architecture, p 23 )

He understands and further survey of the past Western architecture, utilizing Greek, Roman and other periods magnify his statement on a new architecture. He enjoys looking through the procedure and organizing his cardinal thought.

4.2 Organization and Different Activities of Space

For those old edifices maintain its usage as residential, the spacial agreement is non a great trade unlike. Meanwhile, old edifice transportation into commercial, infinite will transform every bit good. A common observation is verandah, where becomes infinites of architecture important as they complement the broad semi-open into the usage of societal function. Patio in Penang as an illustration where antecedently was early period commercial edifice, so transform the facade and infinite into modern design with retaining its original building and kind image. Steel constructions have been added in into the edifice construction to keep the extra burden of the edifice.


To cut down the struggle of the transmutation of old infinite into new infinite on life style, equality of compromising between traditional and new should be balanced to carry through the modern life style while still keep the traditional value and wonts.

There are few successful old edifices turn into new constructing around in Malaysia. One of the illustrations is Cheong FattTze Mansion ( Blue Mansion ) were located in Penang, Malaysia. The house originally was an office and place for Cheong FattTze. That is two storey modern sign of the zodiacs with courtyard interior is constructed for traditional Chinese place. The edifice stuff is imported from Scotland. Business meeting, administrative of the Vice-consul Generalship and formal salutation of invitee will be held at the Centre hall of the sign of the zodiacs. Rear portion of the sign of the zodiac is the topographic point for household members every bit good as a supplication room.

After constructing being transmutation, most of the infinite maps still remain, but, the overall intent of the edifice being transformed into another use like commercialism and touristry. Besides, at the forepart of the sign of the zodiac where antecedently were retainers quarters built which have converted into eating houses and bars. Besides, courtyard being served as a public infinite of activities likes exhibitions, Tourss, concerts, nuptialss, and other. The extensions gave been transformed into 16 alone subjects flats with 19th century manner ornament and are unfastened to lease.

In the building phase, building with attention deficit disorder in minimum modern intercession such as waterproofing due to they want to retain the entire unity of the sign of the zodiac with the application of traditional methods. In the doctrine of “treadinglightly and touching quietly, ” the Restoration returns with followers:

  1. Restrain Repair – fix merely as necessary portion
  2. Reproduction the old – utilizing lone traditional methods and stuffs
  3. Reuse and recycle – small was discarded, peculiarly in the lumber and tiles
  4. Practically and attending to inside informations
  5. Research and confer withing – work with peculiar advisers and craftsmen craftsmans

4.3 Degrees of Transformation of Old Buildings/New Buildings

The transmutation of a edifice is inevitable as they are dynamic and of all time changing, nevertheless, such transmutation varies harmonizing to the proprietor demands ; their comfort ; continuance of life ; and above all the term of office security. There are four classs of old edifice transmutation, such as little accommodation, add-on and division, entire transition, and Reconstruction.

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